Recreational Canoes

Guide to Recreational Canoes

Think of a recreational canoe as your all-around, everyday canoe. Perfect for paddling flatwater, lakes, and calm rivers. They are stable, sturdy canoes that are great for general purpose canoeing- be it family paddling, day tripping, or fishing trips. Often times a recreational canoe will be wider than a tripping canoe, which makes them stable and less prone to tipping over. If you don't need to prioritize speed or agility and want a stable canoe suitable for all experience levels, a recreational canoe is for you!

Recreational Canoe Reviews

As you peruse recreational canoe models, you'll want to pay attention to basic specs like canoe length, width, and weight. But by reading through the hundreds of recreational canoe reviews submitted by your fellow paddlers, you'll glean insights about how folks load or transport different models, how stable that boat performed on an inland lake, or how it's held up to years of wear and tear.