Fishing Canoes

Fishing Canoe Buyers Guide

If you're in the market to buy a fishing canoe, there are a few key benefits to fishing from a canoe. Canoes are great vessels for fishing and hunting alike as they provide great stability for rugged conditions or hauling fishing tackle. The flat bottom and wide beam allows you to stand and see fish. You can look for a canoe with a square stern to accommodate a motor. 

Fishing Canoe Benefits

Fishing from a canoe can be one of the most blissful paddling experiences you'll ever get. Though many folks opt for a fishing kayak, a canoe should not be overlooked as it has some amazing features that make it the fishing boat of choice. A few of the benefits of a fishing canoe are:

  • Since canoes are designed to portage, you can access some smaller, harder to reach fishing spots.
  • A canoe will haul more gear than anything else. A SOT kayak might be 12ft long and 34" wide. Whereas a canoe will be 15ft+ long and 38"-50" wide. That's a lot of gear.
  • Some canoes designed specifically for fishing will have built-in rod holders. But either way, you can bring multiple rods.
  • The flat bottom (keel) and wider boat makes them phenomenally stable. While standing and casting from a canoe is not for everyone, it can be done.
  • You can make tons of canoe modifications for fishing. Tons of gunwale to clamp gear, the canoe thwarts, and plenty of room for a cooler!

Fishing Canoe Reviews

Browse fishing canoe models above or select one of the top fishing canoe manufacturers below to view all of their canoe models. Always consult the experts and read through fishing canoe reviews!