Square Stern Canoes

Square Stern Canoe Buyers Guide

If you are a canoeist or angler looking for a canoe that can be motorized, then a square stern canoe is for you. Typically using a small outboard motor or a trolling motor, you can mount it directly to the stern of the canoe to power your hunt or expedition. Many come with 3 seats, making them great for fishing or even family trips. Added support into the hull designs give the square stern canoes a reputation for being phenomenally stable. Check the manufacturer details to get information on the suggested motor size/power and whether or not that is included.

Square Stern Canoe Reviews

Square stern canoes are the craft of choice for the hunting paddler. Perfect for duck hunting and fishing alike, a square stern canoe gets you moving but allows you to access those shallow waters and hard-to-reach hunting locations. Read the many square stern canoe reviews for tips on what type of motor was used with each or what type of water it was used on. And when you're done making your decision, be sure to come back and leave your own review for the rest of us!

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