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Redesigned with updated focuses bow to stern, the Ascend® FS12T Sit-on-Top Kayak lets thrill-seekers push themselves, and their gear, further than ever. A modified dashboard, part of the new midship dash design, improves the overall layout for enhanced comfort while sitting or standing; the weathertight storage hatch now appears midship on a redesigned landing. The new layout improves rigidity through the entire vessel, allowing far better standing capability for enhanced paddling or fishing. The custom-crafted tunnel hull design increases stability for easier handling in challenging waters and smoother entry/exit at shores. A deluxe, removable seating system lets you take the padded seat off your Ascend kayak and right into camp. The large, molded stern tankwell features integrated D-rings designed to secure a full-size cooler—perfect for bringing your favorite refreshment on a memorable trip. A weathertight storage hatch in the updated midship dash keeps your vitals protected. Flush-mount paddle holders, adjustable foot braces, scupper drains, cutting-edge gaskets and fasteners, and performance-grip handles bow and stern set the Ascend FS12T Sit-on-Top Kayak apart. Accessory rails allow for attaching extra gear for even more storage versatility. Dimensions: 12'L x 31"W. Weight with seat: 77 lbs. Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.

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People rating this Kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/9/2020
People rating this Kayak unstable and unable to stand, that'a on Them and Their own balance issues. I can stand and literally jump side to side on the edges on this kayal fully loaded and remain stable/my gear fine. I weigh 225pnds. My son has and can do the same on his, he is only 140pnds.

Well, I bought this kayak to…

Submitted by: paddler798872 on 6/14/2020
Well, I bought this kayak to fish extremely remote lakes and I didn't buy it to stand up in. Caught a ton of fish and for the money, it fishes great. Tracks good in the water and gets me there n back. Not sure why people wanna stand up, I would've bought a jon boat if I wanted to stand up. All around kayak is a fishing machine for the money

Not a fan! Bought this kayak…

Submitted by: paddler447739 on 6/28/2018

Not a fan! Bought this kayak a few months ago. After reading many reviews I figured it was the best bang for my buck. Not the case! At 31" wide this is not a stable kayak. Those who say this is stable need to try a Pescador 12. Night and day difference! If you reach around to the rear storage well on the Ascend 12T you better hang on as it's extremely tippy. The thickness of the hull on the Ascend 12T is also disappointing. Again when I compared this to the Pescador 12 be purchased (which was less expensive) there is a night a day difference. The material on the Pescador is a lot heavier and overall much better built. The tracking is average at best. When paddling at a comfortable pace it does walk side to side. If you compare the Ascend 12T to a Sundolphin from Walmart I'll agree it's a better kayak. However it gets outclassed quickly when compared to a comparable kayak line. Folks there are better options. Look at what the kayak's overall weight capacity is and that'll tell you a lot about how well it is built. The Ascend 12T is a decent backup kayak but that's all I recommend it used for. Much better options available (for less money).


I have a 2017/2018 model,…

Submitted by: Jfamyak on 6/12/2018

I have a 2017/2018 model, very few cons with this particular kayak. Stability for me was a huge factor in purchasing a fishing kayak, I was apprehensive to purchase this one due to some people on youtube trying to stand up in it and looking like they were riding a unicycle for the first time and quickly saying that you can't stand in it. I got a great deal on it so I decided to go for it. my first time out, I tried standing and was a little shaky but I stood up with a 3 yr. old in the front for 30 seconds or so. the next time i went out I started fishing standing up, and by the end of that trip, I was having no issues whatsoever fishing on my feet for extended periods. Like anything it takes practice, once you get used to the secondary stability on this kayak its incredibly stable. I love the amount of deck space, the track system, and storage. I could have used another storage compartment but It willsuffice. The seat is really low, and I raised mine after my first trip out. The biggest con with this yak is the weight. ITs rather difficult to put it on the car by myself, but you can make it happen with some strategy. Excellent fishing yak at a great price. You won't be disappointed.


Great kayak overall

Submitted by: Big_Buzzard on 8/21/2017

I have had my Ascend FS12T for a touch over a year. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It has had water up to the gunwales tops. Kept paddling in high winds, and the water kept going out of the scuppers. Extremely stable in rough water. Been in 3' swells from ship wakes and just rolls with the flow. The seat was replaced about 4 months ago. The support straps broke. Easy time doing that with warranty people. The bolts I have replaced and the metal tubing does corrode from saltwater despite washdowns after each trip. I used pipe insulation on the back and this has taken a little of the stress off the bolts. I have remove the tracks on the side and welded the holes up. I do have a small track that I put my anchor winch on and remove my winch after every trip. I wish they had an access in the front and stern. I'm in the process of installing a rudder as this kayak does track towards the wind when paddling. Not a major complaint just a fact of life. I'm planning on installing a vertical panel in the back to run steering cables inside. Enough stuff is outside already. I replaced the front hatch gasket today with a silicone 1/4" x 1/4" adhesive back gasket. The front hatch leaked because of poor workmanship installing the original gasket. Both upper and lower original gaskets had a 1"+ gap due probably to stretching the gasket during installation and then it returned to original length. (Had to be careful doing that when I used to work). I have added anchor trolleys on both sides. I changed the paddle clip to the side because that works for me. The changes I made are what works for me. I would emphasis that fact. The Ascend kayak is a great kayak. I have rubbed oyster beds, trolleyed it to launch and if it was about 30#'s lighter that would be great, but I wouldn't trade that for the thickness of material. For those younger folks, # is not a hashtag it equals pounds. 🤣🤣🤣All in all it is a super great kayak.


My First Kayak. 100% satisfied. BEST bang for your BUCK!

Submitted by: paddler281070 on 1/21/2017

This thing is an absolute fishing machine, and NOTHING can compare for the price. It's the best bang for your buck guaranteed.Like others, I did plenty of research and came down to the FS12T (instead of FS128T too). So much value with this kayak.

This kayak is extremely stable in all/most situations. I feel comfortable saying that after this past weekend and is pretty much why im taking this time to write a review. I headed out expecting 10-15 mph winds, which I have dealt with before and winds ended up being 25 mph! Stupid weathermen! I was in the middle of the lake when the worst hit. It was super sketchy and stuff didnt look good.....but the damn kayak was taking things like a champ! I did end up flooding the whole kayak where there was constant water in the kayak up to just about an inch or so under the upper parts of the kayak.....but just kept paddling, and the kayak just kept moving. I have a fear of open water and shouldve been (pooping) bricks, but the stability of the kayak and it ability to take waves an moved through them....I even took a few beer breaks while paddling I was so confident despite conditons! lol Paddling against 20+ mph winds is a great workout....thats greater with beer breaks! lol

So yea. This thing is stable. Has plenty of storage with the hatch and front and back areas where you put you crate/cooler. Has rails for accesories. Tracks well. Has a comfortable seat. Is good for a FAT GUY (235, 5'7'' male). Is priced for any budget...wanna be a baller? buy it and trick it out. Wanna get off the can save $600 for it. its worth it.


Stable best kayak

Submitted by: paddler274250 on 12/13/2016

I am 5' 6" 160 pounds I can stand on the edge and it will not flip. Not that slow compared to my Sun Dolphin sit in 10 foot kayak


Length is 12ft. Width 31…

Submitted by: Cowboynation on 8/24/2016
Length is 12ft. Width 31 inches. Weight 77 lbs. Max weight capacity 350 lbs. for the price at $599 this kayak is the way to go. I have paddled in lakes, rivers, and the ocean and it holds up great in all three. The material is really durable and thick. I leave it out in the sun at the house and it hasn't negatively affected it. I have also scraped the bottom across oyster beds, and dragged it through river beds when the water was low countless times. Never had a hole or any compromise in the hull. The big front hatch leaks a bit, especially when going through the surf but its not a dealbreaker. Its kind of hard to turn and although I have taken it just btb I wouldn't recommend it, not the most stable. Overall though it's a great, durable yak at a great price

The 2016 Bass Pro Ascend…

Submitted by: Hancockbs on 8/11/2016
The 2016 Bass Pro Ascend FS12T has changed significantly from 2015. During the 2016 production year, there was a shift from placing a rod holder on the starboard gunwale to placing tracks on both the Port and starboard. This is a very positive change that provides considerable flexibility in what and where owners may place accessories. In addition to this change, the center weathertight hatch has been raised slightly to make it more weathertight. Again, this is a positive change. The FS12T is a very good value, priced at $599.99. Military members generally get a 10% discount at Bass Pro, making it an even better value. The kayak is quite usable, including for fishing, straight off the showroom floor. In addition to the items mentioned above, it has bungees front and rear for holding gear, a very generous crate well, two flush rod holders, paddle clips, and a seat renounced for its comfort. However, it lacks an anchor trolley, which most anglers will quickly add. All in all this is a quality kayak at a good price point. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get into kayak angling or kayaking in general.

I purchased the FS12T 2…

Submitted by: Johnb on 4/28/2016
I purchased the FS12T 2 months ago, I did a lot of research and for the money I couldn't find anything that offered the stability, storage and available deck room. The seat is great, both adjustable and comfortable and unlike the competition does not need to be replaced. I have had it out on windy days and it tracks great and I was dry when I got back to shore.

There is plenty of room for tackle storage below and room for a cooler and crate on top. I have the latest model and I love the cup holder in the center as well as the dry storage. No water in the hull after taking her out.

I gave it a 9 because I had to have a second one sent to me as the first did not have a rod holder on the front but rails on both sides and BassPro didn't have any accessories to offer such as a rail mount rod holder. Also, the seat does not stay in the selected position on its own, I chose to add a swim noodle to the back rail of the seat and this lifted it and holds it snugly in position. ($3 at dollar general)!

I would recommend this to anyone looking to get started with kayaking ad I look forward to getting many years of use out of it.


I just bought my 2015 ASCEND…

Submitted by: paddler236471 on 8/31/2015
I just bought my 2015 ASCEND FS12T about 2 months ago (my first kayak) and I am very happy with it. The ASCEND has 3 for rod holders, 2 mounted behind the seat and one front rod holder. There is plenty of space behind the seat for sizable ice chest or tackle box, there is a convenient hatch between your legs for tackle plus a screw on lid pocket (water proof). The ASCEND drink holder also in between your legs. I find the boat extremely comfortable; however, I haven't spent more than 10 hours fishing in it. The high back seat is really nice and adjustable. In the far front is a small area which is good place to keep small tackle boxes. I have found it's very stable however only been in a small lake with wind and current so far.

Cons: seat bracket bolts will bend due to space between the back seat bar brackets (floor) doesn’t rest on the floor of the kayak. The fix was easy by installing two rubber neoprene washers (7/8") to support the back seat bar taking the pressure off the guiding pins to prevent the seat movement. Another item would be nice is cleats were installed on both sides mid-way.

The bottom line: I feel this is a great kayak for fishing alone and is worth the price as the ASCEND SF12T. I would recommend this Kayak, ASCEND FS12T SOT by Bass Pro.


The Ascend FS12T is best…

Submitted by: paddler236447 on 8/25/2015
The Ascend FS12T is best "Bang for the Buck" in its price range. Any other boat in this range needs an upgraded seat for comfort. I have sat in the FS12T for 4-6 hours with no discomfort. The ability to stand is also a great feature on those longer trips. The only negative mark is that the scupper holes don't drain properly in the middle section. You are not sitting in water by any means, but there is always a little there. Not a big issue. This is the Kayak for anyone looking in the under $600.00 range.

This is a special boat for a…

Submitted by: paddler236353 on 7/13/2015
This is a special boat for a specific purpose. It is a wonderfully stable fishing platform with great storage. The reason I only rated it a 6 is because it is very heavy both in and out of the water. It tracks great but, I was frequently left in the dust of my friends in smaller lighter boats. Also, during a recent Oklahoma hail storm, a chunk of baseball sized hail punched a hole in the keel. In her defense, not many boats could do better with that kind of pounding.

If you are just fishing small farm ponds I think you will really enjoy this boat. If exploration or rivers are your thing go with something lighter. I replaced this Yak with Bass Pro's FS10 sit inside that is 20lbs lighter and handles better on rivers.


I purchased the Ascend FS12T…

Submitted by: 23Daniel23 on 7/2/2015
I purchased the Ascend FS12T a few weeks ago and have had it on the water 3 times and have loved every second of it. Its a great stable kayak. I have no fear at all when it comes to flipping it over. I've even stood up and fished a few times. Had no issues with it so far. Every time I take it out i get compliments on how nice it is. I would definitely recommend this kayak.

After a long research project…

Submitted by: paddler235687 on 7/3/2014
After a long research project and trying to keep costs down I purchased the FS12T Sit on Top. very good boat at a good price. very open deck front and rear and large openings. 1 nice sized hatch mid ship. great seat, but there are reported issues on other sites, but I haven't experienced any issues. stable and can even stand. 31" wide. the rod holders are 2 clips, instead of a bungee wrap and I hit the rear one when paddling once in a while.
I would recommend this kayak.