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The innovative Ascend® H10 Sit-In Hybrid Kayak delivers the unique blend of performance, storage, and rigging characteristics in the longer H12 model but in a nimbler 10' build for the most adventurous among us. This true "all-species" angling kayak features a fully updated design perfect for overnight expeditions, yet sports an agile and balanced build to handle those short day trips easily. The advanced Hybrid Tunnel-style hull improves secondary stability and creates a standing and fishing platform that allows the angler unprecedented standing capability throughout the entire cockpit opening. The unique stepped bow/stern keel design integrated into the tunnel will punch through surf or slide smoothly into the backwaters, all while delivering great maneuvering in tighter waters. Soft-storage saddle bags hold a full trip's worth of fishing gear or accessories. Adjustable footbraces on the Ascend H10 Sit-In Hybrid Kayak keep you snugly in place. Extreme "all-day" comfort was designed into the advanced seating system. Plentiful storage features throughout the boat, combined with simple entry and exit and a bonus payload up to 400 lbs. make this Ascend kayak a true hybrid and one of the most versatile fishing vessels in the industry today.

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I've had the Ascend H12,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/4/2020
I've had the Ascend H12, which I was absolutely impressed with. I sold the H12 because I needed a lighter kayak for my Thule load assist, so I purchased the Ascend H10 based upon reviews & my experience with the H12. After having the H12 I'm a little disappointed in the H10, but not because it is lacking. My disappointment comes with a smaller craft, not the H10 itself. The H10 is comfortable for all day use, with exception of the seat. For me a bit more padding in the base of the seat & the use of aluminum over a steel frame would be great. The kayak performs well in wind, chop and of course in calm waters. For a 10 foot kayak it tracks well & is stable. I hear of people standing up, but I lack the guts to try it. I personally don't care for the tackle bags, except for holding keys, glasses, sunblock. When used with fishing tackle I felt the bags were in the way of my legs just enough to be annoying. The foot rests are fantastic & easy to adjust with intent, not by accident. One of my major & really my only complaints is the factory rail mounts on the sides of the cockpit. They would not secure my Scotty or Yak Attack items & stuck up just enough that occasionally I hit the ends of them with my hands. Additionally, in a hard paddle, all but the last two inches, bow end, were useless for equipment. I ended up removing the rails, put rubber liquid tape in the "ditches" left behind & they have been an excellent place to temporarily place lures, hooks & weights. I have added on each side two rails, two & three inches each. I also don't care for the bow & stern covers as they can/will fly off during transport. I replaced the covers with custom made covers made of boat tarp & boat locks secure them. Additionally, the covers have two zippers allowing easy access & they can be rolled up & secured with velcro. I've also added bow & stern anchors & Scotty anchor locks mounted on an added rail. Based upon my experience a friend sold his Pelican Catch 100 & bought the H10, as of yet because of Covid he has not been able to use it. With seat improvements, rail mount changes & with better bow/stern cover securing this kayak would be a 5 star plus!

I've read a number of…

Submitted by: North-Of-60 on 11/15/2019

I've read a number of reviews outside of this forum, and most rate the H10 fairly and highly. I purchased it to replace my SOT fishing kayak to something I could portage in rough country. Firstly, my impression is, this is NOT a kayak but a solo canoe. Despite it's short length it glides well and I have found it handles very adequately in wind and waves, providing you adjust the seat forward or back to trim the boat so the bow is not riding too high or low. Most reviews rightly note the positives of stabilty, maneuverablility, comfort, capacity, accessory rails and cup holders. Many short comings mentioned in reviews appear to relate to the H10 being more canoe than kayak. Others can be dealt with by accessories or minor DYI mods. This is a fantastic watercraft for it's price point and one must bear in mind that a solo canoe with this capacity will cost at least twice the cost of the H10. Happy Paddling.


Stable, Stable, Stable ! The…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/7/2018

Stable, Stable, Stable ! The tunnel style hull makes for a safe platform, standing with ease and comfort to fish enhances the fishing experience. The stepped keel can tackle any surf with surety of control and direction. The saddle bags along with storage in the bow and stern make this kayak perfect for long trips. This is one Fish Kickin' Kayak !!


Picked up an Ascend H10…

Submitted by: paddler431848 on 5/14/2018

Picked up an Ascend H10 Hybrid at Bass Pro for $599. And Ive gotta say I am very impressed. Overall the kayak is an excellent all around choice. The physical characteristics of this yak make it seem like it would handle like a bathtub. Only used it in a lake so far and it tracks well, minor trouble in crosscurrents. Tracking Id give it a 8/10, glide a 8/10, stability 9/10, comfort is a 10/10.

The negatives: Being so open leaves your lower body very exposed (I was dumb and got massive sunburns, not a problem if you make the wise decisions. It has absolutely no dry storage built in. The seat adjustment slips a bit as it only has a single buckle. The claim of "stand and fish" is exaggerated in my opinion. It might work for smaller paddlers, but I am 6'1, 260. I would not try it.

Overall, this boat is stable, comfortable, and fairly versatile for rec or fishing. At only 55 pounds its easy to load even on top of my Grand Cherokee. Definitely a good option for beginners looking for a versatile boat.


I already own a D10 and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/13/2018

I already own a D10 and decided to pick up this Kayak for my wife. I am thoroughly impressed to say the least. For the price I don't think you can purchase a better kayak. It is super open and roomy, plenty of leg room and air flow with tons of room for ice chests and equipment. The seat is extremely comfortable and makes a long day on the water very enjoyable. I am a big guy, and having a 400 lb carrying capacity means I can actually carry gear with me and not be overloaded. It is a little slower than some of my previous kayak's but that is to be expected with the width, the extra stability is worth it to me if it keeps me from flipping when I slide over a cypress knee at full speed. We are using it primarily for recreation in the bayou's here in Louisiana and I haven't found anything else that I think would do a better job. I wish it would have come with a paddle holder and a few other options for the price but because of the railing system they will be easy to add on at a later date.