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Name: Hancockbs

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The 2016 Bass Pro Ascend FS12T has changed significantly from 2015. During the 2016 production year, there was a shift from placing a rod holder on the starboard gunwale to placing tracks on both the Port and starboard. This is a very positive change that provides considerable flexibility in what and where owners may place accessories. In addition to this change, the center weathertight hatch has been raised slightly to make it more weathertight. Again, this is a positive change. The FS12T is a very good value, priced at $599.99. Military members generally get a 10% discount at Bass Pro, making it an even better value. The kayak is quite usable, including for fishing, straight off the showroom floor. In addition to the items mentioned above, it has bungees front and rear for holding gear, a very generous crate well, two flush rod holders, paddle clips, and a seat renounced for its comfort. However, it lacks an anchor trolley, which most anglers will quickly add. All in all this is a quality kayak at a good price point. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get into kayak angling or kayaking in general.