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Name: Cowboynation

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Length is 12ft. Width 31 inches. Weight 77 lbs. Max weight capacity 350 lbs. for the price at $599 this kayak is the way to go. I have paddled in lakes, rivers, and the ocean and it holds up great in all three. The material is really durable and thick. I leave it out in the sun at the house and it hasn't negatively affected it. I have also scraped the bottom across oyster beds, and dragged it through river beds when the water was low countless times. Never had a hole or any compromise in the hull. The big front hatch leaks a bit, especially when going through the surf but its not a dealbreaker. Its kind of hard to turn and although I have taken it just btb I wouldn't recommend it, not the most stable. Overall though it's a great, durable yak at a great price