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The updated Ascend® FS128T Sit-on-Top Angler Kayak with below-deck storage access delivers more cubic storage space than almost any kayak on the market today, among dozens of other upgrades. This 1-person watercraft allows the paddler the ability to stand up and fish or paddle. This redesigned hybrid fishing vessel strikes the perfect balance for the hardcore fisherman who wants a stable platform with open-top deck storage and plentiful below-deck storage to float in comfort with a lot of gear. This sit-on-top kayak performs best in open, slower waters. Accessory rails allow for attaching extra gear for even more storage versatility. Non-skid EVA marine-grade midship foam covers flat surface panels. Always listening to paddlers' requests, Ascend further upgraded this longtime-favorite kayak with with improved deck rigidity, butyl waterproofing and through-bolting of all secondary hatches, and die-cut EPDM foam gaskets for flush-mount rod tubes. Designed with the ultimate seat-adjustment capability on the market today, the Ascend FS128T Sit-on-Top Kayak lets you float or fish all day in exceptional comfort. Length: 12' 8". Width: 33". Weight with seat: 96 lbs. Max. weight capacity: 350 lbs.

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Great boat. Its incredibly…

Submitted by: paddler516000 on 6/12/2019

Great boat. Its incredibly stable for fly fishing. Handles itself very well on the river. My only issue is that its just a huge boat. Hard to handle by yourself. Other than that, no complaints. I will probably stick with Ascend.


I'd give it no stars if I…

Submitted by: paddler456131 on 7/25/2018

I'd give it no stars if I could. Hull leaks profusely, warps, rod holders are not well laid out, and the caps to the hull space are virtually impossible to turn to open or close. Crazy heavy makes them a royal pain to transport. Other than that its fine.



Submitted by: paddler237101 on 9/10/2016
DO NOT BUY THIS KAYAK!!!! SPEND THE MONEY FOR A MUCH BETTER BRAND. I purchased a leftover fs128t. I loved the options it had and was comfortable on the water. The price was cheaper than I expected as well. That should have been the warning sign. I have owned it just about 2 years and it now has a warped hull and deck. It leaks like crazy even after I revealed all the hatches.i work on boats for a living so I know how to properly Seal them. But I can't find the leak in the hull. I empty the kayak and go out for awhile on the water and bail out the water. Just getting by until I can purchase a native kayak. The price is more but my mother's kayak is 6 years old and still straight as an arrow. The ascend company told me I was out of luck and to set it in the sun and sit on it to try and get the plastic deck to flatten out. No luck. Do not buy this kayak!!

I purchased the Ascend FS128T…

Submitted by: adanvjr on 6/6/2016
I purchased the Ascend FS128T in February of 2014 and have owned it since then. It was purchased mainly because of the large deck space, the stability, and it was the lowest priced kayak that had a raised seat. It was a major upgrade from my first kayak, a Castaway 116. I've paddled the FS128T in bays, marshes, lakes, rivers, bayous, and creeks.

The best thing about the FS128T is the stability. I have been in bays where the wind rose up to 20 knots unexpectedly and I was in 1-2 foot waves. Although I was being rocked around while paddling back to shore, I did not get close to capsizing. On days where the wind is calm, I can stand on it for easy sight casting (although it takes a little practice to stand with confidence). Another great thing was the comfort of the raised seat. It is very comfortable to sit on it for several hours. The option to raise/lower your seat is great as it allows you to adjust based on your height. You can also swivel the seat around while sitting if you want to cool your legs in the water. The fact that it also came with an anchor trolley was a bonus. It is very easy to operate. You also have a lot of deck space both in front and back where you can tie down 2 coolers or other gear.

The worst thing about the FS128T is the handling. Because of the hull design, it handles more like a boat. It can be a chore to make +90 degree turns. It also takes a bit of work to get your forward momentum going. However, since I use this kayak for fishing, I spend more time fishing than paddling. Another negative part is the construction of the forward deck space. Some of the forward deck scupper holes are actually 1/8" HIGHER than the overall deck, making them unable to fully drain any water that splashes onto the forward deck. One last negative part are the bow and stern hatches. Unfortunately, these hatches are the 'screw cap lid' type where you must turn clockwise/counter-clockwise to open/close. If you don't have it aligned properly, it wont close correctly and you have little room for error. On top of that, there's nothing on the lid to grab on to when you're trying to remove it. I had to buy 2 small handles and install them on the lids so I can remove them. The hatches in the forward/rear deck are much better and they're held by easy turning latches.

Overall, I gave it an 7 out of 10. Sure, there were much better kayaks out there. If I were in the same situation again, I would likely buy it again if the newer versions have made some improvements.


Wow!!! Fish hate that I can…

Submitted by: Robkonowitch on 5/19/2016
Wow!!! Fish hate that I can float and catch them from this beauty. While it is on the heavy side, it is super stable and I love it.

Purchased January 2016,…

Submitted by: paddler236137 on 1/20/2016
Purchased January 2016, Hatches are sealed very well, it was a pain to flip the back hatch around. Installed a 24 lb. trolling motor and it moves the boat just fine. Paddles well and tracks fine. The seat is awesome and the kayak is very stable. I like it better than my Emotion Stealth Angler. The Stealth is a faster Kayak but doesn't fish as good. Best Part of the FS128T is the massive deck.

The Ascend FS128T is a very…

Submitted by: paddler236561 on 10/13/2015
The Ascend FS128T is a very good and stable kayak. I fish out of it many times a month. The only thing I see wrong is the hatches leak, not enough to loose any sleep over. But in all it is a very good kayak and is priced well. I would recommend it to everyone

I love this kayak. Its big…

Submitted by: JTDiehl on 9/2/2015
I love this kayak. Its big and heavy but I use it for fishing smaller lakes for bass So I'm normally parked right by the lake. Get Tue cart that the yak sets on, not the one that goes thru the scupper holes btw. You can stand easily and adjust the seat which is nice. Tracks well. The manufacturer didn't seal the hatches well at all and the hardware used isn't good but it's really easily fixable. Great comfortable kayak for the money!

Tracks well for the most…

Submitted by: Rexlawyer on 4/3/2014
Tracks well for the most part, but does tend to wind-cock. It's comfortable. It's heavy. It's slow. But, it's solid if you don't consider the leaking from hatches into the hold (it's fixable). Except for the reasonable price, it's sort of like the Hummer of Kayaks. Needs 240cc paddle at a minimum because of width. Very customizable. Best for inland fishing and bay areas.