Kayak Dry Bags

Kayak Dry Bags Buyers Guide & Kayak Dry Bag Reviews

Kayak Dry Bags Buyers Guide - Find all the latest and greatest Kayak Dry Bags available. Compare options, prices, read reviews and where to buy!

Guide to Dry Bags

Dry bags are designed to keep their contents dry - and are available with many options: material, size, closure and added utility.

Material - most are made from PVC (vinyl) or nylon. Coated polyester and other waterproof materials are also used. Nylon, coated with waterproof Cordura, creates an abrasion-resistant covering - and the more dense the fiber count, the tougher the bag.

Closures - A top or neck that rolls down, folds and strap-snaps shut is the most common waterproof seal. Some bags are equipped with a waterproof zipper.

Size - Besides small cases (a separate topic), bags come in a variety of sizes, from handy stuff sack dimensions to backpacks to larger still duffle bags. Several smaller bags packed into larger bags increase their waterproofing security while the larger bags make it more efficient to carrying more gear in one load.

[Tip: If a loaded dry bag (backpack/duffle) is too big to fit through the hatch cover, place empty bag inside the compartment, then add smaller items, seal the bag and close hatch. Repeat the process to unload gear from the kayak and back into the retrieved dry bag.]

Added Utility: Consider D-rings for attaching gear, functional day pack designs, as well as straps/handles for larger, duffle bag styles. External side pouches are nice, too - just make sure their closures are waterproof as well.

[Tip: Put anything damp into an otherwise dry bag and it can cause that moisture to spread throughout the entire bag.]