Kayak Waterproof Cases

Kayak Waterproof Packs Buyers Guide & Kayak Waterproof Pack Reviews

Kayak Waterproof Packs Buyers Guide - Find all the latest and greatest Kayak Waterproof Packs available. Compare options, prices, read reviews and where to buy!

Waterproof “cases” typically include:

  1. Small utility envelops for personal ID, car keys, cell phones and other smaller, more compact items
  2. Sealed, clear-panel packets for holding maps/charts
  3. Cushioned/hard-shell units for protecting cameras and other delicate electronics.

Most cases keep out water by using both waterproof material and seams [TIP: All seams should be welded, not sewn], and by air-tight closures such as zip-loc pressure rims and zipper-like pulls or pressure bars tightened with knob screws.

Often lighter, more inexpensive clear window cases use a thinner, clear plastic but are sometimes too brittle to crease for storing. Look for good quality transparent panels that are ‘crease resistant’ enabling you to fold it over for stowing in smaller pockets. [TIP: map cases with clear panels from and back let you double the size of viewable map area].

Cases typically have lash points on corners for securing to deck or PFD or wearing around your neck. Besides keeping out water, a good case will keep out dust and dirt.

Hard-sided cases should have ample gasket sealers around lid closure rim as well as secure, pressure locking clasps. Cushioning and integral case framework should securely cradle the contents (good nesting for a lens, for example).

Whether carried in a pocket or stowed on deck, all cases should be secured with a lanyard or tethered to self or craft. Consider cases that will float. Gear in waterproof cases should survive a submersion, not just deck spray.