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Kayak Hatches Overview

Hatches provide access to compartments formed by bulkheads and are either incorporated into the mold and formed along with the entire boat or are installed onto a prescribed location after the decks are formed.

On kayaks with peaked decks a hatch is often cut from the center line (the resulting hatch cover looks like the roof on a house). Hatches installed on flat areas can be either circled or oval. Dimensions vary from small 6” diameter hand access (sometimes used to reach gear far forward in the bow/stern - even in boats without bulkheads), to oval or rectangular openings 12”-15” or longer. Consider the shape/size of typical gear you’ll be loading through this opening.

Hatch covers (Rubber or some form of UV-resistant material ) are either pressure fitted over a rim (like a Tupperware lid) or secured with a looped bungee cord or locking ring. Some use a neoprene/rubber o-ring style gasket, and some incorporate a neoprene cap with a hard hatch cover. Some rubber hatch covers or components can deteriorate over time due to UV exposure. To keep from losing your cover, always use a short tether to secure it to a nearby deck line or D-ring. [TIP: It’s a good idea to have a hatch cover that floats, too!].

Kits are also available so you can install your own hatches. Maintenance of your hatch covers (replacing worn bungees, fasteners, etc.), and cleaning grit from between surfaces will help extend the life of your hatch covers.

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