Salamander Paddle Gear

A match made in Idaho!

Like the confluence of two rivers coming together to form a bigger more powerful one, New River Gear purchased Salamander Paddle Gear in 2008 and have allied the two well established, respected product lines into one, Salamander Paddle Gear. Innovation, quality and passion are the distinguishing characteristics that permeate both companies resulting in a company that is as different as the customers we serve.

Our products are thoughtfully created and assembled here in Boise Idaho with a sense of pride and craftsmanship. Our employees are passionate individuals fueled by a love of whitewater, flat water and well.... any kind of water. We are extremely proud to produce products water enthusiasts the world over can depend upon.

Since 1985 we’ve worked diligently to earn your respect. We’ve fielded suggestions, listened to feedback and produced top drawer products. With a deep interest and vision to create products necessary for the enjoyment of adventuring, rest assured our passions of the past will play an important role in the advancement and design of our future line. We are not content to lay idle rather we prefer to chart a path with new products and enhancement to our already superb offering.

We welcome the opportunity to hear from you, please drop us a line. Thank you for visiting Salamander we very much appreciate your support.

Shane Preston, Owner
Salamander Paddle Gear