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Fantastic Vessel

I love this inflatable. I have used on rivers and lakes. Tracks real well even with a single person in the rear position. Will float in as little as 5" of water. Takes about 20 minutes to setup using the backbone and the durafloor. Easy to repack back into the case. I can fit seats, pump, boat and the floor in the case no problem. Had I known about these inflatables before I bought my hardshell I'm not sure I would have bought a hardshell. The convenience is awesome. This one weighs around 55 lbs or so with the backbone and durafloor in it. I have both tops (single and tandem) and also bought the lumbar inflatable seats.

Cool Paddle

I bought the midwing paddle, I was warned my a friend and competitive paddler to not go with the large wing as a casual paddler, the paddle grabs so much water that it is hard on the shoulder if not conditioned for it. Winged paddles take some getting use to but once you have it figured out you will love the power it puts down.

New user of the Telos but if you read the other reviews you have all you need to know. To touch on those points:

Once in the cradles you still need to lift the BOAT not the slide mechanism, this is easy to do because the other rack holds the weight, then shift to the opposite rack and raise it. I probably swap sides 4-5 times to get the boat to the top. I drive a Honda Ridgeline and my racks don't go very far apart so hold on to your boat just in case, the higher you try to raise it at one time the more likely it is to slide off the racks. It isn't a big deal with a 10' boat but when I load my 14' that is something to watch.

As said, fold your mirror in if you can. It will be in the way and if you have painted mirrors they are gonna get scratched.

Definitely place suction cups in areas that are reinforced or like a panel bend where there is strength.

These are well worth the money to save your back. I find the older I get the harder things get and quickly.

I find that the Tsunami is an excellent kayak for Lakes or rivers. I also have a Dagger Axis 10.5 and I use it mainly on rivers and bought this for primarily for lake. The boat has good primary stability and excellent secondary stability, edges well and glides through the water nicely. Easy to accelerate. It is a tight fit getting in compared to a crossover kayak, I am 6' 175 lbs and I have to get my legs in and then slide down. Once in it feels great, the adjustable pedals for me are not of much use as I can brace my feet on the bulkhead, but if I am doing any maneuvering I use the pedals and the knee braces.

The seat has multiple adjustments and the back can be raised to support better, easy adjustments on the cockpit sides and front of the seat. Very comfortable for long paddles. Lots of storage space for your gear although the quick hatch right behind the seat would have been nice if they had put a net in there to retain your stuff. I bought used so it is possible there originally was but without one your stuff has the capability to slide clear to the back of the boat. This is a 2014 model.

Lots of rigging for tying down stuff on top and behind the cockpit to rig your paddle as an extra leg to stabilize the kayak to get in. Boat weighs about 55 pounds so kind of heavy.

Finish is smooth shinny. Carry handles on each end but would be nice if they had provided a hard attachment point for tying down when transporting.

This boat sets low in the water so if doing any river trips I would definitely recommend using a spray skirt to keep water out

This is a nice vest and does everything you need it to do plus the pockets are real nice. I like the knife attachment on the front. It fits pretty well but is pretty bulky in the front. Built well and adjusts easily. I do find it rides up though while kayaking and have to constantly keep pulling it down as it will ride up the seat back.

I purchased one of these last summer. Overall I think it is a great product for the money, good flotation and the extra large pockets in the front are a real plus. My only real complaint is the mesh will rub your neck raw if wearing a t-shirt. It fits great though and has a nice range of adjustment.

Love this knife, clips on my life jacket for easy access, positive retention system that has a spring loaded button to eject the knife when the thumb tabs are pressed. The knife only is sharp on one side and the tip is blunt. For those who dive there is a slot cut in the knife handle to open or close an o2 bottle.

I love this paddle! After reading all the reviews I could find and the looks of the Crystal X I decided I had to have one. I went through ever dealer listed on their site to only find a dealer in Florida and one in Idaho, all the rest were basically business that set up trips, don't know if they use H2O paddles or what. The place in Florida didn't have one in stock but The one in Idaho did. I got the straight carbon shaft high angle in blue 220 cm. They delivered it just minutes before I was going yaking so it worked out perfect. Compared to the Seattle sports paddle this was so much lighter and a pleasant to use. The quick adjust system and locking is awesome. Can't wait to get back out with it. I attempted to order one from the factory but they were completely sold out if that tells you how popular they are.

After spending a year and a half paddling cheap kayaks, Sun Dolphin aruba and Pelican Matrix I decided it was time to move up the ladder a bit. I started out by limiting my search to 10-12' kayaks which there are a thousand of and finally decided that I really like the Pelican I had at 10' so opted to look for something closer to that. I had picked a few out and started going through reviews and this Dagger Axis stood out like a sore thumb.

My biggest complaint about the Pelican was tracking. In doing a 2.5 mile trip I would end up probably doing 3 miles with corrections. I needed and wanted something better but also wanted to be able to take it on the river and mild rapids.

This crossover Kayak is perfect! When I first took it out to demo it I put the Skeg down and it went so straight that it was hard to turn with the skeg down! Raise it up and it handles like on doing a race car! I am super pumped about the weight, the size, the handling and the looks of this cool Kayak. I don't see how you could go wrong if you are a lake and mild river runner!

I originally bought this for my wife back in April 2014. She decided after I bought it she didn't want to solo Kayak so I ended up buying a twin to take her out. I ended up using this one off and on as I had bought myself another kayak. This one is so light to handle and super stable in the water. Fishing out of it is no problem. I can't imagine anyone having any issues with this kayak as far as stability. It doesn't track perfectly straight but what can you expect for this cheap? This past weekend took it down the river and it was a blast. No issues at ALL, some minor rapids and it flowed straight through no problem. This is an excellent starter kayak to see if you are going to like the sport or just want something cheap to fish out of.