Aruba 8 SS

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This Product Has Been Discontinued

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Aruba 8 SS Description

The Aruba 8 SS is a kayak brought to you by Sun Dolphin. Read Aruba 8 SS reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Aruba 8 SS Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Additional Attributes

  • Great for rivers and lakes
  • Adjustable, padded seat back
  • Storage compartment
  • On-board storage with shock cord deck rigging
  • Spray deflector/collar
  • Recessed drink holder
  • Carrying handles fore/aft
  • Convenient molded-in paddle holder
  • Rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex® High Density Polyethylene
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Tracks and paddles with ease while offering maximum stability

Sun Dolphin
Aruba 8 SS Reviews

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This is my child's kayak…

Submitted by: Cedar_OR on 6/30/2021

This is my child's kayak that we picked up in 2019 after she injured her leg and we could not do 10-miler hikes that summer. We were new into kayaking and I didn't know if we would stay into kayaking, but this for a bit would get us outside and active while she could not hike.

We knew nothing about what to look for in a kayak, but we lucked out buying two at the end of the season sales. Mine is also a Sundolphin, but another model.

I have not kept track of other years, but so far this year (2021) she has done 96 miles in this kayak in the last 3 months. My daughter is 4ft and a bit, and weighs 58lbs currently. We do 8 mile paddles each time we go out, which is about once to twice a week.

Lightweight. She can carry her own kayak and help get it onto the truck, or pull it onto the shore.

Stable for her. I see alot of reviews that this boat is unstable. I am wondering if the stablility/unstability has to do with weight and center of gravity for the person/boat. This last weekend she went swimming in the middle of the lake right out of her kayak (on purpose) and it took 3 of us to get her back into her boat. The boat did not even come close to taking on water or tipping in trying to get her back into the craft.

Takes wakes. We go into some large lakes and this last weekend we had 2-2.5ft swells repeatedly from party boats and skiiers. I was worried at first and had her nose into the wakes (like 10 or more in a row) and even though she got caught on the side, and a couple times had wakes coming in from all directions at the same time, she bobbed like a cork. Many of the wakes had white caps on them.

My daughter has never complained about it not tracking well, and it does not look like she has issues with tracking.

Price at the time was excellent. Prices now, if you can find one is double what we paid for almost 2.5 yrs ago. This model is discontinued.

You can fish from this boat, and we will likely keep it just for that.

No storage, except one tiny waterproof one for car keys or something
No bottle holder
High profile catches the wind and pushes her around
High profile and harder to paddle, as she has to hold the paddle up higher than normal, and it does tire her out
Drain plugs must pop out easy, as 1 was missing and we never took it out. I have bought replacements.
Came with a very cheap seat, so my daughter uses a floatation cushion to sit on.
My daughter says her boat is slow. I do believe that it probably is and does not glide in the water as well as my kayak (which is also a Sundolphin, but a different model).

An adult friend borrowed the Aruba 8 SS to see if he wanted to buy a kayak, having never been in one. For him and his weight, 225lbs, the boat did not track well. After he found his balance, it also was not tippy, although in the beginning it seemed to be.

All in all, it is a good boat for my daughter's needs and for a beginner/entry level , but we are looking for another one for her that is lower profile, easier for her to paddle at a natural level, since we are now breaking out of the 8 mile paddles and heading towards 10-15 milers.


This boat is a bit tippy. I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/31/2021

This boat is a bit tippy. I used to white water kayak, but now that I'm approaching seventy years old, I'm strictly a flat water kayaker. I can no longer carry a heavy ten foot kayak, let alone get it on my roof rack, and this little boat is light weight and easily fits inside my Subaru. There are no foot pedals for bracing, so I stuffed two pool noodles and styrofoam in the hull to brace my feet against. I also stuffed styrofoam behind the seat, thinking that it will have some added flotation if it tries to sink. It's so small and light weight that I can drain it without trying to use the flimsy drain plugs. I paddle close to shore in this boat, wear a life preserver, do not take it out on windy days, and turn to face wakes from any passing motorized boats straight on. I am 5'8" 220 lbs and this boat fits me just fine. This is a fun little boat and the price is amazing.


I love this kayak because…

Submitted by: paddler839521 on 7/30/2020
I love this kayak because it's very portable. I bought two so I can kayak with my daughter or someone else. I am 5' 4" and about 130 pounds. I'm able to load both of them into my CRV with the passenger front seat down. I've kayaked in the past on oceans, lakes, and rivers. This kayak is stable if you're using it in the right environment. It is not an ocean kayak and I wouldn't use it on anything above class 2 rapids, (though I'd love to try class 3 just to see what happens:) but it's not made for that. It's a great kayak for environments other than that. My sister has limited mobility due to MD symptoms and she went in it without any stability issues. She even got out on a few sandbars and was able to get back in fine without it tipping. I will be putting foot braces in for comfort more than because they're needed. Overall great kayak when used in the environment it's designed for.

This little kayak has been my…

Submitted by: paddler816350 on 7/7/2020
This little kayak has been my escape on my off days during Covid. The S.S Clementine and I have traversed miles of river and multiple lakes since my purchase a few months ago. I'm only 5'2 and 120 lbs so I fit well; I wouldnt recommend this for someone larger. I use padding on the seat since anything more than 2 hours becomes uncomfortable. As far as stability goes, I'm super fidgety and I haven't tipped yet so I think you would have to be beginner or just not a good size kayak for you. For the price greit's great, just grab a butt cushion. :)

Yes it’s very unstable. Note…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/29/2020
Yes it’s very unstable. Note though that it is a 8 footer so if you are taller than 5’5” and (IMHO) weigh more than 150 lbs, you should NOT be using this size kayak. With that said, I would never trust this kayak to a beginner or leave a child/teen without on-water supervisions. Dangerous. Actually all sit-in sun dolphins are dangerous. Get a sit in top if you’re going with this product line!

I bought this at Sears for…

Submitted by: paddler808518 on 6/29/2020
I bought this at Sears for cheap money ($140) a few years back because I had extra visitors coming to my vacation home to kayak. What a mistake! It is fine for a younger child to putt around in, but not an adult. Although a heavier person can fit in it, it is slow and harder to steer and paddle. I’m not use to expensive kayaks, but jn this case, you get what you pay for—cheap, cheap! My other kayaks are 10 feet and cost me about $200 each on sale and you just dip your paddle in the water and glide; you have a smooth ride. This one for $60 less was not worth it. When we go kayaking whoever draws the short stick gets this one to use. It’s labor-some and bulky, and rather tippy more like a canoe/kayak. Spend a little more and get one that is stable and smooth when paddling.

Perfect for first timers and…

Submitted by: paddler791833 on 6/5/2020
Perfect for first timers and great for fishing I really like it and it's perfect size and weight

not only is it unbstable,…

Submitted by: paddler785224 on 5/28/2020
not only is it unbstable, when i tried to overturn it I CUT MY HAND from the inside edges; HAD TO HAVE 3 STITCHES!!!

This Kayak is dangerous. It…

Submitted by: paddler773231 on 5/9/2020
This Kayak is dangerous. It is not at all stable. I bought two and the wife and I used them a number of times (river and lake) and at no time did I feel comfortable with the Aruba 8 ss Kayak. I always felt it was about to capsize. I would suggest that anyone thinking of buying one find a way to try it out first. And, I bet you won't buy. I ended up giving my away. Sad but true.

It was too tippy for me. Sun…

Submitted by: paddler550315 on 9/4/2019

It was too tippy for me. Sun Dolphin products are good overall. I prefer the 10 footer.


Very light weight, only…

Submitted by: paddler531718 on 8/2/2019

Very light weight, only 27lbs. It's a perfect beginner kayak, very maneuverable, easy to control and transport. Excellent kayak for the price


I am writing this because I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/11/2019

I am writing this because I read all the reviews I could find before buying the Sun Dolphin Aruba 8 SS and none of the following issues were ever mentioned. My primary goal was to find the lightest weight kayak that would hold my weight. I am a 64 year old woman weighing almost 200 lbs, The Aruba 8 is advertised to weigh 27 lbs and hold 260 lbs. The kayak was very lightweight indeed, but I was surprised at the construction since no one had mentioned anything unusual in the reviews. It is not rotomolded - it has a horizontal seam. The plastic is so thin is is translucent and the cockpit lip dented in while I was carrying the kayak to the cash register. I wonder of what and how it is constructed. I was worried about its durability but nevertheless I took it out on the Occoquan River on a very still day. I immediately noticed that it had a rather short cockpit compared to its competitors. The cockpit length is only 36" compared to 44.5 inches for the Pelican Argo 80. I had some trouble folding myself into it but once inside the kayak felt way too big! The deck is 16" high, which made the cockpit lip come almost up to my armpits. It was difficult to paddle that way. And although I knew from the other reviews that it had no foot-pegs I thought I would be able to wedge my feet down into the bow of the kayak since it is so short. That was not possible because the deck was so high that my toes didn't reach the top of the kayak and my feet just flopped around in the bow. The seat is not well molded. The front of the seat is flat instead of rising up in front to keep you from slipping forward. I couldn't brace my feet and I couldn't stay upright in the seat so I kept slipping into an almost reclining position. I know I could buy foot braces and install them myself and/or add some molded padding to the seat but that would just add more weight to the kayak which is not my desire. It was also very tippy. I was so disappointed that I decided to try out the Pelican Argo 80 even though it is only rated for 200 lbs and I thought that was cutting it too close. I like it much better. So in conclusion I would have to say that the one thing the Aruba has going for it is that it's volume is immense for an 8' kayak. It is both very tall and wide. I am giving it 3 stars because I believe it would well handle a 260 lb person. But it was too "loose" for a 5'4" size 16 woman. I don't know how a child or a smaller person could possibly enjoy it.


This is a relatively small…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/9/2019

This is a relatively small kayak I purchased and set up for fishing in narrow rivers and streams we have in Ohio . I take it to ponds , lakes and other bodies of water as it is light weight and very easy to get around . I have noticed that several people have thought that this kayak is "unstable in the water " , not sure what they mean by that maybe their balance or lack of experience should be taken into consideration , as I have not had problems with that fishing many lakes in some very adverse conditions . I have a spray skirt , splash jacket and neoprene pants go down parts of the New River in W.V. and not had any problems with instability . I am quite fit for 64 and it is possible people mentioning instability should be in a canoe and not a yak ? I don't know . I have had a blast in this Sundolphin and would just like to see more people go out and enjoy themselves . Have fun see you on the water . It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt , then it's hilarious !!


The Sun Dolphin Aruba 8 is…

Submitted by: paddler466254 on 9/10/2018

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 8 is great for me as a beginner, 5'6 120lb woman. I can manage loading and unloading it easily because it's so light and there are strategic gripping points. There is plenty of leg room up front for me. I'm having a little trouble finding a spray skirt to fit. The cockpit opening is a little larger than most kayaks I guess. I've had fun with it on calm waters and ventured into some class II rapids. I'd like to get something better suited for whitewater next time. My favorite thing about it is that I can slide it right into my Elantra hatchback if I don't feel like strapping it on top. It actually fits in the car!


Bought this boat for the…

Submitted by: paddler449632 on 7/5/2018

Bought this boat for the kids, they used it twice and totally lost interest. Didn't want it to go to waste, so on a day on the Chesapeake Bay windy and wavy enough that I surfed two hours I got stoked and took this thing out. Fought the waves and made it out to about 15-foot deep water and the 3 foot chop on the sandbar immediately sunk me, luckily the extra foam floatation blocks were enough assistance to get me back in but it was no fun fighting my way back to shore. LESSON LEARNED - an 8 foot kayak is no boat to take out on a choppy day in deep water, by a 225lb 6'1" man no less. So now I paddle it almost daily in the mornings closer to shore when the water is still relatively calm in lighter winds, and I do not believe you could have more fun for $150. I will never start referring to my kayak as a "yak," which I believe most people giving this boat bad reviews have a high enough opinion of themselves probably do. It's great for a boat so inexpensive, but has the drawbacks you would expect from the value-pricing.

Pros: It is light and easy to get around, just keep it in shallow water on calm days or stick to shallow lakes and small rivers.

Cons: if you're larger it can be a little unstable even on calm water but you should be in a longer boat anyway.


New to kayaking but didn't…

Submitted by: paddler444003 on 6/18/2018

New to kayaking but didn't know where to start. I found this Aruba kayak, loved the price, the weight and the length. I'm a 50ish yr old woman, so the weight and ability to load and unload from car top solo is important. I use it on a very calm lake so I don't know how this would do on a river or a lake with high boat traffic. Love it, just wish seat was more comfortable and it had foot rests.


I bought two Aruba 8…

Submitted by: paddler443438 on 6/18/2018

I bought two Aruba 8 footers. I can fit both of them inside my van and I can take them on the freeway without worry. The Aruba sit on is a great barefoot kayak on super hot days. It splashes well and surfs like crazy. My 8 foot Aruba sit in was also very good choice. It is more of a creek boat than a lake boat. It is very stable and quite comfortable. Three years ago I was new to kayaking and did not want to spend a fortune on something I might only use once or twice. As it turns out, I love kayaking and get out often. It took some getting used to but now I have all my techniques down to second nature and I have a great time running two small local rivers, and surfing at the dam.


Fun Utility Knockabout

Submitted by: jkindredpdx on 10/2/2017

I got this for less than $150 from a big box store. I wanted a short kayak that wouldn't take up too much room on deck of my 35' sailboat. I use it to paddle around the marina and for short distance out on the mile wide Columbia River. I weight 180 lbs and the Aruba 8 has plenty of buoyancy in a small package. It tracks OK with constant paddling, but it doesn't glide very well which is only an issue when I want to take a drink from my water bottle. The fore and aft deck-top drain plugs are a little tough to get out and in. I keep a chopstick in the kayak to push the plugs back in after draining. I couldn't drain the kayak without removing the plugs. It is compact, durable, easy to get in and out, and lightweight. Overall I'm very happy with the Aruba 8.


Good Value but Some Issues

Submitted by: Linux_Guy on 9/14/2017

First of all, this kayak is a good value for entry level. Dunham's regularly has coupons for big discounts. My kids are loving this kayak.
What's Good:
* It's light to carry.
* It's fast.
* Inexpensive
What's Bad:
* No access hatch for rear storage.
* Drain holes in front and back are too far away from the ends to drain completely.
* Drain plugs are un-tethered rubber stoppers that can get lost. Takes effort to reinsert them.
* Not extremely stable, but it's manageable if careful. Hey, it's not a pontoon boat!
* No pad for your butt - get one.


Instability is obvious.

Submitted by: paddler394595 on 9/11/2017

I took it out this morning to the bay area and while paddling, I realized that it tip very easily. It is not about getting use to this kayak but how it is made. I had to concentrate to ensure that I don't make a sudden movement either to the right or the left as I know for sure that it will tip. I do like the kayak as it not too heavy to carry and it fits in my van nicely. I will keep it as it is inexpensive at Walmart and would invest in a stabilizer as this will prevent it from tipping. I bought this spare kayak for my crabbing and is concerned about hauling in my trap as I have to ensure that my balancing is correct. Remember it tips easily. I believed the stabilizer will help me relax and enjoy the paddling.


Great for the money

Submitted by: paddler388616 on 9/5/2017

I own 6 kayaks and have been paddling sporadically for about 20 years. Mostly on a small lake but a few calm ocean trips and river runs in class 1 and some 2 rapids. I like inexpensive boats that are easy to load in a minivan and I don't have to worry about banging up. I have 3 Daggers and and 3 Old Towns. I bought this kayak for my grand kids and for the size and weight. At 73 years old weight is becoming an issue and 27 lbs. is very attractive. I do find this one less stable than my normal lake kayaks, but it's OK for me and really easy to carry. I do find the sides higher than normal and I have to hold the paddle higher. I probably won't buy another one but I do use this one more than the others for it's ease of handling on dry land. My grand kids say it's tippy.


Inexpensive, great for kids and smaller adults

Submitted by: Christi on 8/3/2017

We have two of these kayaks, blue and red. My 8 year old (75 lbs) and 11 year old (85 lbs) sons love them and can paddle around for hours. My 16 year old (150 lbs) and I took them out one day and I felt comfortable and stable in it, as did he. The storage is small, but if you are short you can store some things in front by your legs. Seat is hard plastic, but padding could be added and I felt comfortable. Very lightweight and easy for my boys to carry down to the lakes. Great for day trips on calm lakes.


To those who say that it's unstable - I disagree very much

Submitted by: paddler366729 on 6/5/2017

To who said that its unstable I disagree very much. I myself am 220lbs and I have no problems with this kayak I'm guessing that you have never used a kayak before. Yes, it was unstable the very first 10 mins of being on it before I got use to it. You just have to get use to the feel of the kayak


dont buy this deathtrap

Submitted by: Mathew-miller on 4/17/2017

Extremely unstable. I took this kayak out on the bay on a light wind day yet it was very difficult to keep upright. I was doing fine going with the wind but as soon as I turned into the wind it quickly filled with water and sank leaving me stranded for 8 hours thankfully game wardens came and picked me up. It should be pulled from market very dangerous if I was not a strong swimmer I would be dead! 😈😬😣



Submitted by: paddler350580 on 4/11/2017

My son at 200lbs tried it, his friend at 170 lbs tried it, and I at 220 lbs tried it. All three of us found it to be very unstable. Maybe OK for a child or a small woman but I would not recommend it for anyone over 150 lbs.


Very unstable kayak. May be…

Submitted by: pbjones80 on 9/11/2016
Very unstable kayak. May be okay for a child because they are so lite. This was a big disappointment! Wish I had bought a better kayak in the beginning. I was almost ready to quit.

I got this kayak because of…

Submitted by: paddler237049 on 8/17/2016
I got this kayak because of the size and the weight of it. I had a larger and much heavier kayak years ago, but never used it because I couldn't load it onto my car or off from it by myself. This kayak is perfect for when I'm heading out on solo adventures. It's easy to carry and load onto my car by myself and I've had a great time with it out on the lake and on smaller ponds. I don't understand the reviewers who say it's unstable as I've not had that problem at all. In fact, my first time out with it was on a large lake on a windy day and the waves were coming up over the front of the kayak. I never felt unstable. I do wish it had rigging on the bow, not just in the back and foot pegs would be nice. Having said that, this boat is really inexpensive and rigging and pegs can easily be added. I would recommend this kayak to anyone looking for a cheap and fun way to get out on the water.

Overall a great, stable…

Submitted by: Clark on 7/5/2016

Overall a great, stable kayaks. Lightweight easy to transport handle good on the water. The seat is a bit uncomfortable nothing a pad won't cure highly recommend to the fiscally impaired.

Also a good foundation to build upon make it a cheep and great fishing kayak.


This kayak is a great…

Submitted by: Hollyann1851 on 6/6/2016
This kayak is a great beginner boat. It is priced right for a starter. If you are concerned with stability, this kayak cannot be rolled. I love the luggage compartment and bungi straps for easy accessibility. It is an all around great recreational boat.

I took the Aruba 8 sit in…

Submitted by: paddler236829 on 6/2/2016
I took the Aruba 8 sit in kayak out to my local lake (Big Fish Lake, Ortonville MI) on Memorial Day 2016 after purchasing it for $138 (175 with paddle) Very impressed with the overall control of the kayak. Because of its small size it is hard to get going but I had no issues tipping while there were big waves (over top of the kayak)

I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a cheep kayak to use every so often for fun. It would be nice if there were foot pegs. I might put another review up later if i find problem after further use.


This is my first kayak, and…

Submitted by: paddler236782 on 5/19/2016
This is my first kayak, and at $140 + tax at a local sporting goods store, I couldn't pass it. I took it to a local lake and paddled for 1 hour yesterday, a calm day at 60 deg F in lower Michigan. Directionality and picking up speed is adequate for a 8' long boat. I'm satisfied with it for a fitness paddling purpose in a summer time. It fits in my pickup truck, which is a key requirement for me. Overall, a good, cost effective beginning boat.

I purchased this kayak to use…

Submitted by: judysmithgrammy on 4/27/2016
I purchased this kayak to use on a calm lake not far from my home. I love it. Cockpit roomy, lite enough to handle it by myself. Mainly used for birding at the lake. Purchased another sit-in Aruba 8' and 2 sit-in 10' so that my grandchildren can enjoy the kayaks too.

This kayak is a good beginner…

Submitted by: LadyAvery00 on 4/27/2016
This kayak is a good beginner kayak for flat water (no higher than class II- rapids). However, be warned; I fell out my first time and nearly flipped the second time using it as well. This kayak is not very stable, and it is not very good maneuvering through tight turns and twists, especially when there is a current. It is not built for speed, as one small mistake can lead to capsizing. This boat is great for the gentle, relaxing rivers and creeks one would take to enjoy a sunny day or gaze upon the diverse flora, fauna and wildlife you can find in any given river route. It really is a good kayak for easy takers, and I have enjoyed many peaceful trips with it. Cost efficient and lightweight, which means it can easily be carried out of a site. I would recommend it to any beginner or yaker looking for an easy ride.

cheap, rubber stoppers for…

Submitted by: paddler236689 on 4/5/2016
cheap, rubber stoppers for drain plugs. Was told foam blocks need to be in during use but could be removed for cleaning. Not sure how. Cockpit opening very dangerous and sharp, do yourself a favor and use some sand paper to knock off the sharp edges. For 150 I can't complain about value, but the cockpit cover from the Sundolphin was a bit expensive and rip off shipping made it worse. Would have been better to spend more on a better brand and get the accessories cheaper. If all you need is a kayak and no cover etc then this should do fine... JUST SAND THE SHARP EDGES!!

This is my third kayak. I…

Submitted by: paddler236631 on 1/20/2016
This is my third kayak. I also own two 15 and 14 foot SOT touring kayaks. The one I mostly use is a Freedom 15 which is a highly regarded boat. It's highly regarded and heavy. I love it but I wasn't getting out on the water too often because it's such a deal to load up. I got this Aruba 8 because I wanted something lighter that would also fit in the back of my Volvo. This thing is so compact it FITS IN THE BACK OF MY STATION WAGON!

It tracks well for its length and can get up decent speed. I'm going to install some flush mount rod holders on either side behind the seat but it doesn't have a lot of extra space there. I'm also going to cut out the inside of the little rear storage compartment to allow me to access the entire compartment to fit in more gear.

I would absolutely recommend this for anyone 250 pounds or less. For you larger folks you could try the 10 footer.


This is my first "beginner"…

Submitted by: KarenSchneider on 9/30/2015
This is my first "beginner" kayak-- not wanting to invest a lot as I was unsure of my capabilities as a senior citizen. This kayak is a perfect size for me being 5'2 & the kayak only weighs 27 lbs! I could easily lift & carry it. It fits inside my SUV which is a big plus. I live on a big man made lake in the middle of Missouri and use my boat dock to stabilize entering and existing. It has been a great asset to exercising and enjoying getting on the lake during this beautiful fall weather. Well worth the reasonable price I paid!

I originally bought this for…

Submitted by: tmcblane on 9/16/2015
I originally bought this for my wife back in April 2014. She decided after I bought it she didn't want to solo Kayak so I ended up buying a twin to take her out. I ended up using this one off and on as I had bought myself another kayak. This one is so light to handle and super stable in the water. Fishing out of it is no problem. I can't imagine anyone having any issues with this kayak as far as stability. It doesn't track perfectly straight but what can you expect for this cheap? This past weekend took it down the river and it was a blast. No issues at ALL, some minor rapids and it flowed straight through no problem. This is an excellent starter kayak to see if you are going to like the sport or just want something cheap to fish out of.

Cute beginner boat,…

Submitted by: joozer on 9/12/2015
Cute beginner boat, especially for kids. I almost immediately sold it. More interested in gaining experience, this boat would limit that. Takes a spray skirt and thigh pads. Tracking was poor. You get what you pay for.

I purchased this kayak for my…

Submitted by: paddler236508 on 9/9/2015
I purchased this kayak for my wife in early summer 2015. She wanted it for recreational use in front of our cottage. She used it about six times before she went to Europe for three weeks this summer. While she was out of the country, I had a crazy idea to take her brand-new kayak down the Mississippi River starting at the headwaters in Itasca, Minnesota. of course an 8 foot kayak is not necessarily the most logical choice for such a long journey. but in my case it actually was great. it was small enough and light enough for me to easily portage more than a dozen times during the first 500 miles. and there were many moments when I scraped rocks on the bottom of the river. But this kayak was able to withstand all of those bumps.

I'm 5'10" and 200 pounds. this kayak was able to hold not only just me but also all of my equipment... a tent and a sleeping bag clothes and food and other necessary equipment. it was cramped a bit but still comfortable. I paddled 508 miles in 17 days in this 8-foot kayak. next year I intend to continue the journey starting exactly where I stopped this summer. and although I know that this particular kayak would be successful I'm considering using a longer kayak for the next segment of my journey.

Overall I highly recommend this small portable kayak for both at home recreation use as well as longer journeys.


Great product for the price…

Submitted by: michellew on 8/11/2015
Great product for the price to get you started off on a low budget. Only complaint is the location of the cup holder and the storage being in back. Not sure how it does on anything more than extremely small waves made by boats. It doesn't feel sturdy enough for me to try because of the size.

We purchased a used Aruba…

Submitted by: lmhernandez78 on 7/13/2015
We purchased a used Aruba last summer for our son. He showed interest and I found this little yak. It is a durable yak which is a must with boys, it is also very stable which is very important to a beginner. They usually come with a paddle too making them an excellent value for beginners. Being that this is a smaller boat, it is sized for children and small adults. I am 5'6'' and am comfortable in this little yak. It is also easy to maneuver. My son is a beginner, only being out a few times, but I have no doubt that his good experiences with his Aruba are to credit him wanting to continue.

Purchased 2 kayaks for a new…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/10/2015
Purchased 2 kayaks for a new summer hobby. Great for family kayaking on the lake. They feel a little wobbly probably because of length. Great starter kayak for beginners. Convenient to transport in van. Can fit 3 in my van as well as transport 3 people. Perfect size. Would recommend.

Great product for the price…

Submitted by: michellew on 7/1/2015
Great product for the price to get you started off on a low budget. Only complaint is the location of the cup holder and the storage being in back.

I bought this kayak last year…

Submitted by: paddler236198 on 4/24/2015
I bought this kayak last year in the early spring. I thought it would be great for the grand kids to use on vacation. I didn't get a chance to use it until July. I found out it was very unstable! I wouldn't let my 6 year granddaughter use it. I was going to try to sell it because Dunhams would not take it back, even for store credit, because the time limit had passed. A neighbor, who is a very experienced kayaker, took it on a local river for the day. He said that it was very unstable, and he spent more time in the water than on the water. I will not sell this kayak because I don't want anybody to get hurt. I think that this kayak should be pulled off the market. I have a 10 ft. Kayak made by KL Industries that I am very happy with.

Easy to carry, launch, and…

Submitted by: NY2FLMike on 11/14/2014
Easy to carry, launch, and paddle. Great value! and at 8 feet, it stands up in a corner in our apartment. I miss molded-in or adjustable foot braces so I'm rating it a 9 instead of 10.

This is my 1st kayak & I love…

Submitted by: charlotteh2o on 9/18/2014
This is my 1st kayak & I love it. We got my hubby one, also. He is 230 lbs & has no problem with it, except getting back out, lol.

Our river is the San Joaquin, south of the California delta. We are in a drought & the water gets low very fast at certain times of day. So far, I've only gone about a mile against the current to make sure I have enough time to get back before the water gets too low.
When our skill level improves, we plan to go to deeper water.


Got the Aruba 8 SS and have…

Submitted by: paddler235832 on 8/11/2014
Got the Aruba 8 SS and have been using it on a lake this summer. It is very stable and can use it to fish out of. I would recommend this kayak for anyone young or old. Great exercise and I love it!!!

Good price and stable enough…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/28/2014
Good price and stable enough once in the seat. Plenty short enough to fit in my mini SUV, saving buying 100'$ of dollar$ of roof adapters/carriers. Quite speedy apparently given the low-wetted surface area. Quite directionally stable with a real keel.

I bought four of these for my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/21/2014
I bought four of these for my family. I gave it a generous 3 stars based solely on price, weight and the fact that it floats. Otherwise, I pretty much hate it. I have never tipped but probably only because I am very careful as it feels very unstable. The seat is extremely uncomfortable... your butt WILL hurt! The sides seem high making paddling uncomfortable, there is enough leg room to straighten legs but is so narrow that your ankles are turned and you will definitely not be kicking back with your legs on top unless you want to capsize.

I can only recommend this for a young child playing around in calm waters or maybe for messing around at a summer cottage. If you are looking to spend an entire day on the water, especially in strong current, spring for the extra hundred bucks or so for a real kayak. The only reason I am not even more disappointed is that I paid 99.00 for it. I'll be upgrading next month.


I LOVE my Aruba! I've been…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/11/2013
I LOVE my Aruba! I've been able to keep it stably balanced in the wake of large boats (waves as high as my bow). I'd give it a ten if it had foot rests and a spray shield.

I wanted to try kayaking but…

Submitted by: atleast35 on 6/19/2013
I wanted to try kayaking but didn't know where to start. I found this Aruba kayak at Walmart on clearance. Loved the price, the weight and the length, it also came with a free paddle (since replaced). I'm a 50ish year old woman, so the weight is important. I've since purchased 2 other kayaks of different brands and when given the choice, I prefer this one. I use it on a very calm lake so I don't know how this would do on a river or a lake with high boat traffic.

I rated this an 8 out of 10 because I did have to put in foot pegs (very easy) and I will get a padded seat eventually. It would have been nice to have both of these already installed.


I bought one of these at…

Submitted by: paddler234958 on 4/18/2013
I bought one of these at Dunham's last year- Love it! I own 3 high-end yaks, but this was similar to what I rented when starting out. Pretty perfect for the price - most importantly EXTREMELY light. Plus, the price equals about 2 days rental fees. Save your dough,buy this and spend it on the best paddle you can afford.

Great for lakes and calm…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/14/2013
Great for lakes and calm rivers and streams. They are affordable enough for a family of 4, hold 270 lbs. easily and have lots of leg room and a cushioned seat. They could be more stable but they could also cost $300 like most other kayaks. Good value for a starter kayak.

After always having to use my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/29/2012
After always having to use my friends Old Town Otter to wander up and down the upper Wisconsin river I bought KL Industries Sun Dolphin Aruba 8 SS from Dunham Sports here in Wausau for $139, I love its feel on the water and its handling, I was so amazed by the Aruba 8 SS and the price that I bought a second for my nephew as he wants to get into kayaking, I couldn't think of a better starter kayak.