Crystal-X 2.0 (Bent Shaft)

Length (cm)
Weight (oz)

Crystal-X 2.0 (Bent Shaft) Description

The eye catching transparent blades paddle as good as they look. A strong diheadral design creates a blade that is extremely smooth and flutter free. This paddle is sure to be the center of attention wherever it goes.

Crystal-X 2.0 (Bent Shaft) Specs and Features

  • Material Description: Nylon Polymer blade (Transparent Nylon), carbon shaft

Additional Attributes

  • Advanced Dihedral design
  • New Generation of Transparent high performance polyamides - aerospace grade material
  • Will not fracture like Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass
  • Features H2O Fast Ferrule feather adjustment
  • Uses Click locking technology for on the fly feather adjustments in 15° increments

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Crystal-X 2.0 (Bent Shaft) Reviews

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I cannot say enough good…

Submitted by: paddler365480 on 6/21/2022

I cannot say enough good things about my Crystal X 2.0 bent shaft paddle at 220cm. I was lucky enough to buy out a kayak outfitter in 2021, and that sale came with over 20 high-end European paddles from makers like VE and Select. Kind of the "Werners of Europe". I received my H2O paddle about 3 days before that purchase. For the last 9 months, I have paddled everything that VE and Select has to offer. I've also paddled the H2O. Although the VE and Select paddles had adjustable length sizing (the only win over the H2O), I have ended up using the H2O as my go-to paddle. As a person with larger hands, the ovalized grips and the larger circumference shaft of the H2O has really sold it for me. Also, the ease of use of the center mating adjustment is just worlds beyond all of the other paddle manufacturers I've used. That includes Werner. I also owned a straight shaft Crystal X 1.0 for almost 5 years before upgrading. Listen....I beat the stuffing out of that paddle and it was good as new when I sold it to upgrade. I paddled with the guy who bought it from me just tonight and it is still going strong. These paddles are exceptional. The center mating mechanism is the best on any paddle I have ever used. Being able to adjust feather without flipping open a toggle is not a "thing" I have ever witnessed on any other paddle. It was also the "thing" that also made me not want to buy this paddle years ago with the 1.0. I thought that, surely, I'm going to accidentally adjust the paddle with forces from paddling. But...that actually never happened. Not even once.

This paddle is amazing and sets a new standard, particularly in the center mating mechanism.


I bought a used kayak and the…

Submitted by: paddler516191 on 10/1/2020
I bought a used kayak and the paddle came with it. The kayak is not impressing me but the paddle is! The H2O Crystal carbon fibre with bent shaft is a dream to use. Mine is 220 cm with adjustable settings. I prefer the 45 degree setting. It is so light and ergonomically comfortable to use. I wasn't looking for a new paddle but this has been an unexpected revelation and I highly recommend it.

I recently took possession of…

Submitted by: flyingjib on 7/26/2020
I recently took possession of a new Crystal X 2.0, carbon bent shaft, by H2O Performance Paddles. After one outing I am hooked. The paddle is much lighter than my old fiberglass shaft with plastic blades paddle. The carbon bent shaft of the Crystal X is easier on my wrists and the oval grip areas fit my hands perfectly. This is a two piece paddle with adjustable feather angles. The sections fit together snugly with no slop or play. The push to adjust and pull to lock took a bit of getting used to but was not a problem. The translucent nylon blades are moderately sized and shaped for a medium to high angle of paddling. The blades seem strong with a bit of flexibility but moved through the water with no flutter. Sculling was a breeze with this paddle. I dealt with Brad at H2O and received excellent service and communication. I had the paddle constructed to a custom length of 215 cm so it took a couple of weeks to build and arrive. I do like the fact that this is a Canadian company and that you can call and speak directly with them. The price is also very reasonable for a higher end paddle and the translucent blades look cool. All in all I am very pleased with this paddle and would recommend H2O to anybody looking to upgrade or buy new.

I love this paddle! After…

Submitted by: tmcblane on 10/13/2015
I love this paddle! After reading all the reviews I could find and the looks of the Crystal X I decided I had to have one. I went through ever dealer listed on their site to only find a dealer in Florida and one in Idaho, all the rest were basically business that set up trips, don't know if they use H2O paddles or what. The place in Florida didn't have one in stock but The one in Idaho did. I got the straight carbon shaft high angle in blue 220 cm. They delivered it just minutes before I was going yaking so it worked out perfect. Compared to the Seattle sports paddle this was so much lighter and a pleasant to use. The quick adjust system and locking is awesome. Can't wait to get back out with it. I attempted to order one from the factory but they were completely sold out if that tells you how popular they are.

I have used this paddle about…

Submitted by: qagaye on 9/9/2014
I have used this paddle about four times now, all on trips lasting about two to two/half hours. Overall, very nice feel and well made. Good feel in the water. If it were a tad lighter and the shaft were an oval shape it would be a 10.

I love this paddle! After…

Submitted by: mandylee3 on 9/10/2012
I love this paddle! After deciding I wanted a new paddle since I was less than impressed with the Werner that I had, and doing some research I decided on the H2O Crystal-X. I ordered it online through their website which allows you to customize your paddle for shaft type, length, blade type, and colour. Mine is a 230cm straight carbon shaft, low angle blade, in blue. It was delivered within a week, and the manufacture date on it showed it was made the day I ordered it.

Not only is it gorgeous but it paddles like a dream, and very little if any water runs down the shaft (I've had not paddle drip in the boat since using it). I may have to guard this paddle with my life so no one else in the house tries to steal it on me.