FeatherLite 9.5 Angler

9' 5"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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FeatherLite 9.5 Angler Description

An affordable and lightweight fishing kayak at only 39 lbs.

The FeatherLite Angler's wide hull provides an excellent fishing platform with extra stability for fighting and landing fish of any size. This easy-to-paddle kayak is great for quietly getting into those "hard to get to" spots with minimal effort.

It has a large, open, non-confining cockpit, two rod holders, paddle tether for quick casting, adjustable foot braces, comfortable eating system, two end carry handles, bow and stern storage webs, built-in flotation, and a molded skeg to help it track straight. No question; this will help you hook that big one!

FeatherLite 9.5 Angler Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced

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love this yak, but Im having…

Submitted by: paddler1630259 on 8/9/2021

love this yak, but Im having issues with finding a seat that is interchangeable to the factory one. Is there an upgrade from the manufacture? very comfy. Just an older model..


I contemplated getting a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/13/2017

I contemplated getting a kayak or canoe for years and finally pulled the trigger this summer when I saw my Heritage Featherlite 9.5 on Craigslist. I have explored lakes and rivers all over south jersey and done lots of bass fishing with it too. It is extremely stable and is a blast to be out in the water in. The Jon boat collects dust now because this kayak is so much fun. I love that I can throw it in the back of the truck, close the tailgate and go.


I have the Liquid Logic Mist…

Submitted by: paddler237012 on 8/9/2016
I have the Liquid Logic Mist 9.5 version and my first kayak in 30 years,but have paddled Canadian canoes on lake, river and canal and to my mind this is a miniature canadian,, only more manageable on and off the water, faster,tracks 100%,into and with the wind, those who said it didn't track can't paddle,,, lol,, great wee boat for an oul fella, very easy to put on roof rack, I just carry it on my head from the car to the water,,seat is great but might buy a better one for trips, butt is old and boney, not sure if the foot pegs will last though? Otherwise 10/10 for sure,,, would I recommend, yes, would I buy another, yes. Happy padding.

This is my first kayak. It…

Submitted by: paddler236846 on 6/6/2016
This is my first kayak. It handles very well. The weight is very manageable. The rubber handles and paddle clip are very beneficial. However, I discovered there is no cup holder. Also, there is no hatch for storing gear.

After using this boat almost…

Submitted by: paddler236589 on 11/9/2015
After using this boat almost daily for 7 years I feel it deserves another review. This boat is definitely the best 10 foot kayak in its price range / class. The cockpit size and seat position is dead on perfect, you can paddle all day with zero discomfort.

The boat is super stable, which is helpful for beginners. With this stability there are however some draw backs... Its wide flat bottom which add stability also makes it tend to "slide" when taking sharp turns in the boat.

A neat part about this design a lot of people don't notice is it has a lower freeboard than your typically kayak. This gives it a nice feel while paddling.

These boats are also practically indestructible as long as you refrain from dragging them. For about 5 days a week for 7 years I slid my boat up onto a concrete boat ramp, ran over logs, barnacles, etc. yet it is still leak free!

This boat is still going! Not long ago, I sent it to its retirement home which is a friends back yard on a lake. I only let this boat go b/c I purchased a 10 foot kayak which cost significantly more money.


I have been recommending the…

Submitted by: sheelister on 7/2/2015
I have been recommending the Featherlite for several years. Many friends have them now, and they in turn continue to recommend them. Weighing in at a sweet 33 lbs, it is easier to handle solo when loading & off-loading. The literally flat bottom gives the Featherlite great initial stability. This is steady for beginners to enter & exit. The large cockpit also enhances entry and exit, as well as easy access to "stuff". Foot pedals are easy to reach and even easier to adjust to a wide range of lengths. Deck shock cords provide ample attachments for a bag & other accessories.

Despite the flat bottom, the Featherlite tracks rather well, due to the fairly pointed bow & stern lines. Nice thick rubber carry handles are easy on the hands.

This 9-footer is light, safe, tough and downright fun!


I like the Featherweight quit…

Submitted by: KoKo on 9/14/2014
I like the Featherweight quit a bit. Only problem I have with it is the cockpit feels a little small (but I am knew to kayaking so it could be just me). Love the stability and its easy to paddle in the river.

I bought the Heritage Feather…

Submitted by: paddler235901 on 9/2/2014
I bought the Heritage Feather Lite 9.5 this past May. This kayak was made in Canada. The specs say the kayak weighs 39 lbs. The kayak actually weighs 47 lbs. I have another Heritage 9.5 kayak that was made in the US that I bought a few years ago. The original manufacture went out of business. That kayak does weigh 39 lbs.

These kayaks are very stable and great for fishing. I would have gave the new kayak 10 stars if it weighed 39 lbs.


This Featherlite is as it…

Submitted by: bigmafioso on 8/22/2014
This Featherlite is as it says a light kayak to car top, general utility kayak. I have taken it all over and am happy with it. Got a different seat and also a 1/2 skirt which can easily carry water bottle and supplies. I added fishing pole holders too. Great all round kayak. 39lbs. mines bright green, I added a removable skeg too for lakes. I added the 1/2 skirt as I do take it sometimes in fast rivers which once got water in it. Never flipped nor came close very stable.

Great kayak! We are in our…

Submitted by: captbob on 7/3/2014
Great kayak! We are in our 70's and weight is an issue but NOT with this lite 9.5' kayak by Heritage. They perform excellently on the water too as I weigh in at 200lbs. This is all the kayak you will ever need. I bought mine at Sports Authority, brand new for $300! You can't beat that deal, no way.

I bought two of these…

Submitted by: paddler235444 on 2/20/2014
I bought two of these Heritage Angler 9.5s in February 2009. I painted one camo to use for wildlife photography and the other one has been turned over on a table in my backyard for 4 yrs now. I use a Canon super telephoto lens & take it on lakes and the wetlands of Arkansas & never have any problems. These little boats are the best thing I've ever bought! I have never tipped over even in 3 foot waves, I did get some water in the boat that came over the back then.

They are tough little boats and very stable. Mine has run over thousands of stumps, rocks and logs & the bottom is pretty scratched up but no leaks yet. The seat could use a little more cushion but I just throw a little hunting cushion on it. I'm gonna look into the high back seat like the new models have...


I have been canoe/kayak…

Submitted by: PHMorrill on 8/24/2013
I have been canoe/kayak fishing since the early 90's and own/paddled quite a few boats. If you told me I could only keep one boat, it would be my little Featherlite (and that includes my motor boat). Just chased tailing reds with it this last weekend...what a wonderful craft! FWIW: I am 6ft, 210lbs. Buy a hunting inflatable cushion for the old seat and you are good to go.

Excellent kayak for the…

Submitted by: ndfly on 8/1/2013
Excellent kayak for the value! Very lightweight, easy to transport - easy on/off the roofrack of my wagon - easy to paddle and very comfortable. So far in the three years I have owned it I have used it for both exercise and fishing on lakes.

Bought my Featherlite 9.5 new…

Submitted by: paddler235114 on 7/19/2013
Bought my Featherlite 9.5 new in 2006 and love it! Have set it up for fresh water fishing with rear flush mount rod holders, and paddle holder. I love fishing from this thing so much so that I haven't used my 16.5 ft bass boat in awhile. I'd be crushed if this yak ever got swiped. Going to try paddling in Scituate Harbor this weekend. Will be first time ever paddling in salt with this yak.

I've owned one for 5 years.…

Submitted by: HiBob on 7/14/2013
I've owned one for 5 years. It is a fun little boat. Light and easy to load and unload. It even fits inside my Ford Escape with the passenger seat folded.

I just had mine out for a quick fishing float at a local lake. I float like a cork compared to my other boats. It had been several years since I had it out. Fun but small once you are used to larger boats.

I use mine mostly as a guest boat. Taking friends out on the water with me. Everybody has an easy time handling it and enjoys it. An excellent beginner boat. Easy to fish from.


This is my 1st kayak...I've…

Submitted by: paddler234997 on 5/10/2013
This is my 1st kayak...I've had it for about a year or so...Only had a chance to use it 5-6 times but, it is a great little yak! It has held up well with being left outside...No fading or cracking that I can tell...I've had it in the Chesapeake Bay and several of it's rivers and it has never flipped on me or gotten me drenched too much...

Overall, I like it but I am looking to upgrade soon... Finding accessories can be a pain sometimes, but, I've found some nice deals to upgrade mine!


Great Kayak. I personally…

Submitted by: paddler234533 on 5/26/2012
Great Kayak. I personally picked it up for river excursions lakes and even creeks; makes a good fishing Kayak, very stable

Great boat I would highly…

Submitted by: paddler234533 on 5/21/2012
Great boat I would highly recommend for any age from beginner to advanced paddlers I personally have the 9.5 FeatherLite and is great on lakes streams small oceans and even coves

This is a boat that truly…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/2/2012
This is a boat that truly deserves a 10. I've paddled five or six comparable boats, and the Featherlite is by far the best in its class. I trust it for low-end Class III water, as the bow shape allows it to shed water pretty well for a rec boat. Lightweight, easy cartopping & carrying, durable, looks nice, and most importantly, handles well. Somehow it doesn't look too "ducky" for a short boat- the lines are both appealing and functional. The seat is comfortable and is designed so you don't sit in a puddle. Beginning paddlers often get a lot of drips in the cockpit, but somehow the shape of the Featherlite minimizes this effect. Only downside I can think of is that the OEM miniskirt and skirt are only available in black, which is kinda hot for summer paddling. You can buy generic skirts in yellow though. This boat is a real honey. You will find that you prefer it over your longer boats in many situations.

I got mine in Orbit Orange at…

Submitted by: paddler234283 on 9/13/2011
I got mine in Orbit Orange at a garage sale with a paddle for a decent price. It was lightly used and in really good shape. I love it. The only reason I give it an 8 instead of a 10 is the seat. I need something with more bottom cushioning and a higher back...

I purchased my used 9.5'…

Submitted by: paddler234257 on 8/29/2011
I purchased my used 9.5' Heritage Featherlite or "Red Rita" as I call her this spring from a guy in town. I tested her out on a pond and then on a lake. No tracking issues what-so-ever. Then I tossed her in the Rio Grande River to hit some class I and II's and I was extremely happy. Then I ran this boat up north in some bigger rapids and I loved it even more. I dumped once but that is because I really dig big rapids and took some wild risks!! I am most likely putting this little craft through way more rough water experiments than most of you are ever going to try. I can fish from it, carry it's light weight long distances on my back for tricky put ins and take outs, plow through class III's while yodeling, and it fits flat in the bed of my pick up truck from corner to corner. I am 6' tall and 210 pounds and I am not sure why they even make other kayaks. Put on your skirt on paddle like a man! Yee-ha!

I bought a factory-second…

Submitted by: paddler234204 on 8/9/2011
I bought a factory-second FeatherLite 9.5'in 2005 and love it; it's in nearly new condition with only a few scratches after 6 years of occasional summer use.

Very stable and lightweight, this kayak has served my family well. When my youngest was a toddler, he could fit between my legs on a cushion and still leave me (5'5") room to paddle comfortably -- both wearing PFDs of course.

Unlike some reviewers here, I've had no tracking problems. Mostly I use it on calm rivers and salt ponds, but this time I paddled in minimal surf at Scarborough Beach at the opening of Narragansett Bay, RI. It was very stable on low ocean swells, but capsized in surf (entering the Narrow River), filled with water and was too heavy for me to drain by myself when I towed it to shore.


I've had the Featherlite 9.5…

Submitted by: paddler234096 on 6/30/2011
I've had the Featherlite 9.5 since 2006, and has been a fantastic fishing boat. I live in Southern Maine, and have taken this boat out onto the open Atlantic many times over the years. While you have to pick your spots with surf launches, this boat feels very secure on the big water. I have taken this boat thru some very confused seas at the mouth of the Piscataqua, and while from a reasonable standpoint I felt perhaps a bit foolish, this corky little boat just bobs over everything. (I'm 6'2, 200lbs.) I fish primarily for striped bass, so I'm never too far from shore. I wouldn't take this boat offshore, as a self-rescue is out of the question, but for the fishing I do, it's just about perfect.

I purchased the Feather Lite…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/15/2011
I purchased the Feather Lite back in 2007, and loved it, I bought it mainly for fishing, and it done great, and had plans on keeping it for-ever.........UNTIL SOME LOW-LIFE STOLE IT! Now I cannot find another one to buy... so looks like I'll try something else. I still have the title, they got it just after I registered it for 3 years and put the sticker on it.

I canoed in a Old Town 16'…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/7/2009
I canoed in a Old Town 16' for over 35 yrs. It was great, bounced off rocks in whitewater. That was a long time ago. I figured it was time to lighten up. I didn't want to spend too much. I found a Pelican 10' at Sports Authority $259. Seemed like a good yak until I took it for a test drive and it was tipsy and did not track well, and you sat on plastic. I started looking for something better. FOUND IT. Heritage 9.5.

Picked it up this morning and drove two miles down the road and launched off at a bridge on the Wood river. I went about 1 hr. up river. I felt the difference right away. Very stably getting in. It slid freely across the water. I got into a little current, and did not feel any resistance. The tracking was great. So easy to use. Passing turtles on logs, ducks in coves, and the leaves changing. We'll see how it handles on white water come spring.

Spend a little more than you planned, than less than you should. The list was $479. I picked it up after a tent sale and saved. This Heritage 9.5 and my Old Town canoe will both be around to give to my son someday. I really enjoyed it. Go get one!


2 Years later Up-date... Well, I still have this little kayak, and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/28/2009
2 Years later Up-date...
Well, I still have this little kayak, and have put tons of miles on it... the longest trip was 28 miles in a LONG day on the Navasota River (Texas). Does it still meet my expectations? YES. I have since become an instructor and use this boat in the classes.

I bought the Heritage Angler…

Submitted by: paddler233143 on 5/29/2009
I bought the Heritage Angler kayak to fish the local rivers around Roanoke, VA; the New River and the James River. This is my third year with the kayak. The Kayak performs well under most river conditions and will allow you access to some good fishing spots.

Learning the limitations of the kayak is a must. You do need to take extra care maneuvering through the rapids. If you keep it straight through the rapids you will usually have no problems, I have only been dumped one time and that was on the New River in a strong rapid. I enjoy fishing in some strong currents and it works for me.


Great Kayak for price and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/13/2009
Great Kayak for price and ease of use. I love the fact that I can toss it on my roof and go. I often take this kayak out just for 1 hour trips. It is very easy to maneuver. I do however find that when I am paddling really hard I seriously notice how it does not track straight. If you are simply going out for recreation and not a work out / sport, than this kayak is more than sufficient.

I personally also find more than enough storage, you have straps for a dry bag, and plenty of cabin space to stash items (just don't roll over)


I am new to kayaking. I…

Submitted by: paddler233114 on 5/11/2009
I am new to kayaking. I bought the 9.5 Featherlite to mainly fish local reservoirs. I have been learning my way through handling the kayak since March. I feel pretty comfortable in it from calm to moderate chop (ie no white caps).

However, on a local reservoir, I recently got caught in some pretty strong winds that came up unexpectedly. I had a about a half mile paddle in heavy, rolling water, and a good 20-25 mph steady wind in my back that would shift from S to SW with gusts recorded at 40+ mph. I'm still a newbie and I knew that I was in a bit of trouble.

I had heavy, rolling water outside of the main channel that was pushing me W, SW to shore, the wind pushing me S, SW and the main channel, that I had to get to to get back to the landing, pushing due south and white capping. To make matters worse, I had to go under a bridge which is a narrowing of the lake, funneling all of this water into an area like a spigot, due S. When the W, SW water hit shore, of course all of that energy would force the water back into the rolling water, making an area like a washing machine. I was forced right into the middle of it. I paddled like crazy, making adjustments to float over the bulge of water that erupted from the water reverberating from shore. There was a small island that broke up some of this violent water, but that would mean I would have to head E, putting me broadside to the rolls and and turning me in the direction the wind was forcing me. I knew that was not an option, so I angled as slight as possible SE, with my eye on the rocky shoreline of the upcoming bridge. Wind and water both conspired to shove me into the rocks the closer I got to the channel. Getting tipped over is one thing. Getting slammed into rocks is quite another. I paddled, paddled, paddled and made it to the main channel where the current had accelerated and the waves intensified. Into the channel I went, missing the rocks by a paddle stroke. My last stroke, clearing the narrowing, my paddle hit rock. Out I was shot, like a bullet, into calm water.

That was close. Closer than I ever want it again. But, I must say, at no time did I feel I was going to tip over as long as I maintained control of where I put the kayak. This little kayak performed wonderfully. I couldn't be happier with my choice. I'd recommend this little kayak to anyone new to the sport.

That same day, several boats had been reported capsized around the area. This little kayak got me back to shore safe. I can't say enough positive things about it.


Bought in Sept.'08 and love…

Submitted by: paddler232976 on 12/29/2008
Bought in Sept.'08 and love it. I have taken on incoming weather, and some big sheepshead. The only thing it lacks is the ability to get to the offshore islands. If it was calm enough... maybe. Since bought, I have installed depth finder, new seat, deck bag, paddle leashes, anchor with permanent cleat etc. It's an awesome fishing platform. Wish I could go farther out, but I'm also going back up north where there are nothing but lakes in WA state. Also just got into camping via kayak so will need the storage. If you have taken this 9.5 onto the ocean, let me know how it went. Very curious with flounder season coming up.

I bought the largest of the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/21/2008
I bought the largest of the Featherlite Fleet, the 14 as I like the idea of yak camping trips. This boat is awesome. Handles and tracks beautifully, carries loads of gear, tent, sleeping bag, cooking eqp, food and supplies etc. Also great as a fishing platform with rear rod holders and a Scotty mount rod holder on the foredeck.

The watertight compartment in the stern is a great feature and the boat is well made and of excellent quality.

My only gripe is that the hull bottom (just ahead of the cockpit) can be easily dented when transporting on roof racks. I have overcome this by fitting a 'cut to fit' piece of polystyrene foam as a temporary bulkhead when transporting or storing the boat.

The boat provides a nice warm and dry ride and is very stable and seaworthy.
All up, very impressed. Thanks Heritage.


We picked up one of these…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/15/2008
We picked up one of these just this afternoon. I needed one I could fit in the back of the Honda Civic. Fits great(only sticks out 1 ft.) I am new to Kayaking and Loved the first trip out to the lake. I want to go out fishing by myself. We have a NuCanoe for when Hubby and I both go. This will satisfy my needs perfectly. I felt safe and secure from capsizing in its roomy cockpit. Easy to get in and out. Great Price at Academy.

I bought this 9'5" in early…

Submitted by: jimtex222 on 8/1/2008
I bought this 9'5" in early June 07 at Academy Sports so my wife can have something cheap to paddle with me when I go out but I liked padding hers better than my 12'2" Heritage Featherlite. She would not give it up so I had to buy another one for me.

The short yak weighs 40# and both fits and rides easily in the back of my small truck and maneuvers excellent in the water, tracks straight,goes anywhere,is stable,is fast,is comfortable and does not try to turn with the currents thus making this boat easy to paddle even for a weak paddler. I have been in 3-4 ft waves and swells and felt safe although I did get wet.

The seat is not the most comfortable that I've had but it's not bad and easily adjustable to support my back for a couple of hours before I need to get out and stretch.

I have heard complaints about storage problems but I have had no problem shoving a very large stuff sack under the stern and still have plenty of room for a good size bag behind the seat as well as bunging on waterproof duffel bags on the deck and stern thus giving much more cargo room than most people need.

I have also heard complaints about knee placement problems but with the adjustable backrest and footpegs I managed to place my knees pretty much wherever I wanted to and still remained comfortable.

I have enjoyed this boat by day touring, floating, relaxing and for paddling fast for a good upper body workout as well as catching a lot of fish. The stable 30" width allows for a small bag on each side of the seat between the sidewalls. I use one to carry a couple of water bottles and the other holds the anchor which holds the boat stable even in 30 mph winds.

These yaks are 07 models that came with 2 flush mounted rod holders in back but I aim to install a front mounted Scotty rod holder soon. The 08 models have these installed already.

I have spent well over 100 hours in this boat and I seem to like it better every time I go out and my wife likes it as much as I do. The plastic hull is heavy duty that holds up excellent after occasionally hitting rocks and stumps thus making these boats among my best investments.

In summary, I give the Featherlite 9'5" kayak a full 10 rating and I recommend it to anybody that wants a simple easy to carry boat that goes anywhere and does everything.


This has been my rehab boat…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/24/2008
This has been my rehab boat that I've paddled a few times since my shoulder injury. I had to sell my heavy sit on top - it would have been better in the long run to keep it, but needed the money for medical bills. This was a good choice however. The first time out I didn't like it all that much because my mobility was limited, and I was in pain, and paddling anything would have not been fun. The last couple of times however, I've found it to be a stable maneuverable kayak that is great for river floats. Perfect for fishing with its great stability, and doesn't turn too much in the current when your ready to make your cast. Moves out nicely for a small yak as well.

My only complaint is no access to storage behind the seat. It might be last years model - I think this years solved this problem, but I got this yak at a great price, only $240 but no seat, had to install a SOT backband and some cushioning for the bottom part of the seat. I had a Victory Blast and I find this to be far superior - thicker plastic, even more stable, better speed, and doesn't turn in the current when fishing like the Blast - fishermen take note. If you can find a good deal on one, take it home, you won't be disappointed.


I have had my feather-lite…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/14/2008
I have had my feather-lite 9.5 since April 08 and I have mixed feelings on the little kayak. The positives are the weight, maneuverability, and shallow water ability. The negatives are the poor storage space, the lack of a sturdy back support, and leg room. At 5'9" I should not have a leg room issue. My knees tend rub on the sides of the cockpit no matter where I set my foot pegs. I find myself constantly having to adjust the boat while fishing even when anchored. So as you can see I am not 100% sold on the boat. I do plan to make some modifications to overcome the negatives listed here. But, for the price I paid at Academy Sports in Nashville, Tennessee I should not have to modify anything on the boat.

Picked this up at Academy and…

Submitted by: paddler232707 on 7/1/2008
Picked this up at Academy and took it out this weekend. Very impressed. Handled well. Lightweight. Tracks great. Great kayak for a beginner or experienced.

I bought my FeatherLite from…

Submitted by: paddler232628 on 6/9/2008
I bought my FeatherLite from Acadamy. I've wanted a Kayak for some time. Being from Louisiana I've paddled small boats my whole life but I'd never used a Kayak. I finally broke down and bought one. What a BLAST! This boat is everything I'd hoped for. I highly recommend this boat to anyone who is interested in Kayaks. A lot of boat for the money.

I've had a Featherlite 9.5…

Submitted by: paddler232573 on 5/19/2008
I've had a Featherlite 9.5 for 2 years now, very stable, light weight, easy to paddle, tracks well, and comfortable (good seat construction). Overall, a great kayak, easy to throw onto the top of my 4runner and easy to handle in the water. Just bought another for my 12 year old son. On his first paddling outage (ocean, protected bay) he was out for about 2 and a half hours with no problems. Highly recommended.

Bought my 9.5 Angler a couple…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/12/2008
Bought my 9.5 Angler a couple of years ago. Loved it from the start. Convinced my wife to paddle it after much complaining that she likes to sit in the canoe while I do all the paddling. After three trips out with her, I could not get her to switch boats with me. If I was to kayak, I would definitely need another kayak. Back to the drawing boards where I reviewed and tried several other kayaks of the same size or larger. Final result, I bought another twin Heritage.

I just cannot get over how stable, maneuverable, fast (for a small craft) and comfy. The seats on ours look really nice, but I find I get a bit sore. We added some Yak pads. We are old and bones are too. Best part is, this thing causes fish to bite. I swear it! Have caught more fish from this boat than any other. When we paddle by shore fishermen, at least half of them get a bite as we pass. Last week, I noticed HUGE schools of fish just two paddle lengths away, following us the exact speed. Speeded up and the fish still paced us. Same when we slowed. I think I need to place my lures straight off the side instead of 50 feet back. This thing attracts and triggers fish, no one will convince me different. Works on class 3 rivers too, but you might implode the skirt when submersing to your neck. Still, never sunk it yet. This boat goes more places more often than my other 6 boats put together. Both fit in the F-150 with tailgate down but no overhang.

Quickest, lightest, cheapest, fastest way to be on the water I have found yet. I offered to sell it last week for $10000 to any takers.


Have had the Featherlite 9.5…

Submitted by: paddler232047 on 5/29/2007
Have had the Featherlite 9.5 for two years and my Perception Swifty for four years. I fish weekly and every once in a while someone goes with me, too bad they don't get to use the Featherlite. It is easy to load, easy to paddle, easy to add stuff to, easy to maneuver, easy to get to the FISH. Highly recommend the boat for new and experienced fishermen. I have added more shock cords, a waterproof top bag, a "under deck tackle box", and a half cockpit skirt. The only thing I would trade for is a bigger Featherlite, because the more you fish, the more stuff you need. If you see me on the Trinity River, I will be the one with the 22 White Bass on his stringer.

What can I say? I am…

Submitted by: paddler232031 on 5/14/2007
What can I say? I am impressed with this little kayak. I recenty purchased the Featherlite 9.5, mainly because of the weight and size. It was 7 weeks after having open heart surgery, when I took it out for the first time. It is very easy to load into the truck, pack to the launch site, and a breeze to paddle. I also have an Ocean Kayak Drifter, that is collecting dust. I would much rather paddle the Featherlite.
There is plenty of room for storage, for gear, and I also mounted a depth finder powered by a deer feeder battery. I have had this out in the open water on the lake several times and in a local river and creek. This has met my expectations well and beyond.

I Love this lil' yak, I'm…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/17/2007
I Love this lil' yak, I'm selling the flat bottom and I'll be fish'n from this kayak from now on!! I fish in small rivers and I have waded those rivers for several years now "NO MORE SORE BACK AND LEGS" The kayak tracked well and paddles easy.I will be dressing her up for those river smallies and those cold morning duck hunts,Great for the $$,,No more gas and oil,,No motor repairs,,No Welding,,No more replace'n lights,,No wiring problems,,No more competing with the "BIG" boats,,,Just river smallies and peace and quiet,without all the pain.

I posted the first time on…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/28/2006
I posted the first time on this boat back in 05. I've now had far more time with it and that begs further comment. I've since added a Prowler 13 to the fleet and that has been my main fishing craft. However for a toss and go boat the Heritage is still unmatched. I use it for quick trips where I don't want a bunch of extra gear. It's a one trip to the water boat with everything you need for a day of fishing. I now also have the upgraded seat and it adds a bunch of comfort. In colder weather being a sit inside you are protected from spray and don't need to wear waders for comfort. As an example of good side inside design these little boats really shine. My rating for them is still high at a 10.

I got this on a…

Submitted by: glamontd on 9/25/2006
I got this on a clearance/overstock sale in May w/some birthday money. I have been renting and trying out other kayaks for several months before this. My experience has been mostly in canoes when I was a teen and college age. I was looking for something that I could easily get to the numberous lakes and rivers easily in Upper East Tennessee where I live. I am not into white water and prefer the tranquil lakes and flowing rivers. The Heritage does very well, it tracks well w/a hight angle stroke. Does not track well w/a low angle stroke like others in this size range. The Pungo seemed to track a litte better. I added a paddle holder which I think is needed in any kayak. I also have added floation in bow and stern since the Recreational kayaks have minimal flotation and this does not have a bulkhead in the back to help. For the price it does very well. It handles the inconsiderate boat wakes that I have had to go over, even one that came up on me very close from behind and hit me broad side, without much fuss at all. The only thing that I do not like is that there is a dent in the bottom that I have not been able to get out from where I carried this on the roof of my car the first couple of time. I have since developed a way tie it down w/out making a dent. What I would like to see is an option to add a bulk head and rear hatch and paddle park/holder. Over all vrey good especially considering the price!

Bought this kayak about 6…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/5/2006
Bought this kayak about 6 months ago. Although short in stature, this boat can do anything up to and including light ocean (2-3 foot swells). Tracks extraordinarily well, surprising speed for size. Have packed it with a 5-gallon water jug plus camping gear on calm river water...no problem. Have tackled rough bay and light ocean conditions. Best "utility infielder" in the kayak market. BEWARE...have learned (the hard way) that anything above light ocean conditions are not conducive. All in all, great boat that I can load in the back of my tiny truck bed (Toyota Tacoma Double Cab). Ideal for beginner kayakers and those not wanting to purchase a roof rack to haul it around.

Just bought a Featherlite…

Submitted by: paddler231737 on 8/9/2006
Just bought a Featherlite Angler and it is very light and manageable. I transported it to the lake on top of my SUV. I paid $50.00 for a carrying rack with saddles by Yakima. It worked very well. On the Lake the Yak was very stable, tracked well and is easy to use. It was my first time and I really enjoyed. My wife tried it out (her first time) and she was able to manuever and paddle easily. My next trip will be for fishing. I recommend this Yak for the first timer!

I bought the featherlite…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/20/2006
I bought the featherlite angler 9.5 kayak about 2 months ago for fishing mostly small freshwater ponds and lakes. In this time I have had it out about once a week or maybe just under a dozen trips. This is my first kayak and I have no real previous experience with either a boat or canoe, so I have little to compare against. I think it's great, very stable, easy to launch and land. It has bungee shock cord on the front that is great for tying a fish stringer (the metal kind with clips works very well) and anchor to (small mushroom anchor). I would recomend some waterproof boxes for holding important things like wallet, keys, phone. You can fit two of them on the sides of the seat quite easily, when you need them just reach around the back and push them towards you. It has carabeeners at the front and back that get used for hanging suspended in my garage from a simple pully system. On the water I have plenty of room (I'm 6'3", 240). I have pulled in 8 largemouth bass in the past 3 weeks running rapala crankbaits in deep to get those summer bass. It does everything I was hoping for and allows me to have some sense of freedom on the water without all of the hassles and expense of owning a boat. No boat motor to repair, no gas to buy, no trailer to rewire every year, no insurance necessary. Just a simple and easy way to get to the fish and sit very close to the water.

I just purchased a Heritage…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/13/2006
I just purchased a Heritage Featherlite Classic kayak. Today was my maiden voyage. It handled very well, it was quite windy and the water was kind of choppy but I was able to turn and maneuver without any problems, very stable. The light weight & larger cockpit opening were just the right features for me.

We recently moved to North…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/31/2006
We recently moved to North Carolina near Lake Norman and Mountain Island Lake. As a result, I decided to take up fishing. After a few weeks of unsuccessful attempts from the shore, I decided some sort of water craft was needed in order to get to where the fish are. Not wanting to spend $40,000 for a bass boat and all the accessories, I decided on a Heritage 9.5 foot Angler Featherlite. I made a great choice. Terrific fun and good exercise. Being I am over 6 feet tall and weigh 210 lbs, I was a little concerned at first that I may have needed a larger yak. No problem. I have plenty of leg room and the seat is comfortable. It is extremely stable and easy to paddle even into a fairly persistant headwind.

So, my wife and I headed out to Mountain Island Lake for our first kayak trip. She already had a 9 foot sit-on-top Ocean Kayak she used a couple of times in the back bays of Southern New Jersey last summer. Threw both kayaks into the back of my Ford Ranger and headed out. I loaded my Heritage up with a cooler, a dry bag filled with personals, tackle box, and an ultralight 5 foot rod in the built-in rodholder. We found this little cove where the water is only 6 inches deep and less in spots; a place where only kayaks and canoes could go. I can see the bass swimming around my kayak. I cast my line and WHAM a nice little bass on my first cast. Thanks to the Kayak getting me to where the fish are, I went from "fishing" to "catching".

I highly recommend the Heritage Angler Kayak to anyone looking for an inexpensive first kayak. Heck, I would recommend it to an experienced kayaker. It's a nice setup. Oh and Thanks to Dave at Old Town Outfitters in Rock Hill, SC who gave me all the information about kayaks and ultimately gave me a great deal on my kayak and all the accessories.


Thanks for all the reviews on…

Submitted by: paddler231408 on 12/13/2005
Thanks for all the reviews on your site. I honed in on the Heritage after going through the reviews of several "beginner" models. Pretty much agree with everyone across the board. Very stable. Had it out in Cape Cod Bay and was almost wishing I could get a little more chop to really test it out. Got this one on sale and it wasn't set up for fishing, but I plan on doing a little testing first and then buy a holder or holders and locate them where they will suit me best. I can see where landing a large striper or getting into a bluefish blitz could create some difficulties....but that would be true for any kayak, I suppose.

Featherlite angler, my first…

Submitted by: paddler231377 on 11/4/2005
Featherlite angler, my first kayak, bought it for the weight and length. Lots of extras, paddle holder, bungee ties fore and aft, foot braces, rod holders. I like it so well that that I use it daily but have not caught any fish to date, could be my fishing skills.

We needed a rec. boat under…

Submitted by: paddler231374 on 11/3/2005
We needed a rec. boat under 10 ft. due to travel and storage issues. This was the best compromise in terms of comfort for a 230# paddler, kids etc. We have used it on lakes, rivers and tidal Potomac since we bought it the past summer. Great value and more comfortable for large paddler than competitors.

An excellent first kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/30/2005
An excellent first kayak after years of canoe use. My wife and I bought two after reviewing and paddling a number of other boats. We decided on the regular Featherlites rather than the angler version since the rod tubes were not at the locations we preferred.

The lighter colors are much better for comfort here in Florida we chose the tan. Thus far the fishability of these boats has been fantastic with use in both salt and freshwater. They are light and can be shouldered with a full days gear for short walks to the water. We carry them in our small standard bed Ranger by just lowering the tailgate and straping them in, our gear is placed inside the boats.

I'll put in a plug for our dealer here as well. Salty Feather in Jacksonville Florida is wonderful. They got us fully equipped, answered any questions, and had me on fish the first time out. I'll be back to see them again for my next kayak.

All in all these are superb little boats for almost anyone. I'm 6'3" and my wife is only 5'3" both of us are very comfortable in the Featherlites.


Just got my Featherlite…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/11/2005
Just got my Featherlite Angler and I love it! Can load it into my truck with one hand! (38lbs) This yak really fishes well. I have fished all my life from flatbottoms and bass boats but this thing has "hooked" me on fishing from a yak! I fished the other day in high winds (whitecaps) and fished against the wind (something you could never do in a flatbottom, with a paddle!) The fish do pull you around a bit, but it just takes getting used to. The only problem with the yak is the storage behind the seat. It has alot of storage but no way to get to it! If Heritage puts in a way for this, this will be the best fishing yak out there!

I bought this Yak to fish a…

Submitted by: paddler230978 on 3/7/2005
I bought this Yak to fish a 6,000 acre lake and its tributaries. This is my first Yak so I have nothing to compare it to. I bought the Featherlite Angler 9'5". This boat does exactly what I was hoping for. I've been on the lake with 26 - 35 MPH winds. I never felt like I was in danger, this boat is incredibly stable. I have definitely been bitten by YAK FEVER, thanks Heritage.

PROS: I'd give this boat a 10…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/4/2004
PROS: I'd give this boat a 10 in the category of "Bang for the Buck" as I only paid $300 for it. It has nice features like bungies, a drain plug, easy to adjust pegs and a comfortable seat. It does many things well considering its size and limits. It tracks better than most short boats I have tried yet is reasonably turnable. I have had it down Class 3+ water but you'll have to remember that I'm an idiot. (Kids, don't try this at home!) As it is my first boat, I'm now in the market for a real WW boat and a real sea kayak. [SIGH...] On the other hand, I'll definitely keep it for casual fun and friends.

CONS: This is a wet boat! The cockpit takes in water over the bow more than other boats. A skirt to keep water out tends to implode due its large, unsupported area. Being a low cost general rec boat, it does not handle WW as well as a real WW boat and it does not handle long flatwater as well as a real sea kayak but what the heck.

This is the kayak equivalent of a Toyota Corolla (ie: Competent but unexciting). It ain't a Hummer or a Ferrari but it isn't price like one either. A GREAT intro to kayaking boat!


I have the Featherlite Angler…

Submitted by: paddler230845 on 10/13/2004
I have the Featherlite Angler 12. I love this yak. The dry compartment was a plus for me. This is my first and handled the Upper Manistee with ease. Tracked straight when it had too and still was highly maneuverable in tight places. Portage well and is lightweight. I felt very comfortable and stable as it was my first Kayak. My buddy had a 9'5" Featherlite Angler and loved it too. Buy - Buy - Buy

I bought the Heritage 9.5…

Submitted by: Jrdbassman on 9/11/2004
I bought the Heritage 9.5 Featherlite mainly for fishing. On a local lake, the boat does great. It's open cockpit and well-provided rod holders and access to the back make it a simply wonderful little yak! It is slow, but stable, yet very light. Overall it is a fine yak for the money. My kids will break into kayaking with this stable little boat.

featherlite 9' 6" my wifes…

Submitted by: wells911 on 8/20/2004
featherlite 9' 6" my wifes kayak featherlite angler 12' 1" My wife and I fish slow rivers quite alot and have found that they both are excellent. My wife kayak being shorter maneuvers better, but I have dry storage and I fell that my is more stable.

This kayak handles real fine…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/26/2004
This kayak handles real fine with me and I weight in at 220. It is a very nice all around kayak for streams, mild rivers and lakes. Just wish it had a deck opening hatch behind the seat to access that area.

We had tossed around the idea…

Submitted by: sandyk on 7/14/2004
We had tossed around the idea of a canoe or kayaks and settled on kayaks so my bf could fish and I could not have to. Looked around at several places and found ours at a tent sale at Dick's Sporting Goods I think. The size and weight (only 36#) caught our eyes at once but the real clincher was the color. I just hate the reds, neon greens and oranges and this model came in tan! Only been kayaking once before, with a group of people but took to this by myself easily. I think it tracks well enough for me, it's very comfortable and I can carry it fairly easily. I've even gone through some (very small) rapids and have never felt tippy at all. This was absolutely the best purchase I've made in years besides my jeep! I live on the coast and would like to try some ocean kayaking in some of the bays around here, so i'll let you know how the kayak handles.

Just got back from first time…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/14/2004
Just got back from first time kayaking and had to respond. This thing tracks awesome for such a small kayak and very stable, too. I paid $250 sale price and for just starting I am well pleased. Excellant for beginners. Only reason I gave it a 9 was because the seat doesn't fold down to access the rear but what can you expect on such a low price.

We are just beginning our…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/3/2004
We are just beginning our Kayak adventures and purchased 2 Heritage Featherlites from TB Kayaks for $299.00 each. Not sure if that was the best price but no one sold Heritages in our area and we considered it a good price. We took our first outing today on Turkey Creek and enjoyed it very much. The Featherlite was smooth in the water, tracked well, was comfortable and overall for our beginner status was a pleasure. The overall design of the Heritage is what caught me attention, 300 lbs load limit, hull design, built in skeg, bungee's for and aft, storage behind the seat, drain aft, foot braces, padded seat, large cockpit for ease to get in and out....did ok for an over forty crowd. The only negitive I saw was no drains on the seat and the bottom part of the cushion needs secured better so it doesn't slip around. These 2 things I can do myself with bungee and a drill. Also being poly you have to be careful around concrete as it will scratch it up pretty easy. I think its a fine Kayak.

I am new to kayaking and I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/2/2004
I am new to kayaking and I chose the Featherlite Angler for it's stability and light weight. It is perfect for me to toss on top of my SUV. I have found this boat to be very stable and it handles great on flat or slow water. I got a scare on a moderately fast river, but that was probably due to my lack of experience. The seat is comfortable and the rgging comes in handy. The rod holders are great for open water, but not for low-hanging branches or tight quarters. All in all, I would recommend this boat for anglers.

I purchased the Featherlite…

Submitted by: paddler230496 on 4/1/2004
I purchased the Featherlite Angler recently and can't stop talking about it. It tracks well even on the Potomac River (strong fast water) and is a great fishing platform. Its size and weight make it unbeatable when compared to Pungo's or other small >10' boats. The two rod holders and deck riggin make it a best-buy. I would however note that landing very large fish in this boat is risky b/c you may just tip. I would def. recomend this boat to the beginer angler who's looking for a reliable lite kayak.

I purchased my kayak as a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/14/2003
I purchased my kayak as a demo model from a local canoe livery. They allowed me to try it out on the Huron river, and although it was short, it was a sporty little boat. It doesn't hold it's speed as well as I imagine the bigger boats do, and it doesn't track as well, but for a 9' boat, I think it does pretty good! The best part is that it fits completly in my Astro van, without having to have the rear hatch open. For getting out on the water, with a low price tag ($349 new) it can't be beat. I must have last years model, and the seat back doesn't fold down, so I can't really access the rear of the boat, but the front is totally open. (though I think there must have been a foam block, but it is not there now). I give it a lower rating due to lack of accessability of the rear of the boat, though in this years model, it looks as if that had been corrected.

Bought for 199 on closeout…

Submitted by: paddler230247 on 7/11/2003
Bought for 199 on closeout from Mountainman in OLd Forge NY, Love the boat for fishing in flatwater, paddle and tracks well for a shorty

We purchased a Heritage…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/7/2003
We purchased a Heritage Featherlite from Martin Creek Kayaks in Seneca, SC in June, 2003. MC allowed us to "test drive" one before purchase and we were thrilled with it. At 9'6" and 36lbs., it fit the bill for the flat water paddling that we do on Stone Mountain Lake. The Featherlite is as stable as stable gets...has decent speed and tracks very well for a small boat. There is ample space for stowing gear or a small cooler....footbraces are comfortably placed and adjustable...and the padded, adjustable seat is by far one of the best we looked at. And of course the $349. price tag was very enticing. For an entry level poly rec kayak this one is tops. We'll be picking up another one shortly. Martin Creek Kayaks is tops too!

I purchased this cool kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/11/2003
I purchased this cool kayak for only $349 WOW what a great price compared to the others in the shop. I loved it from the start. This kayak was really stable and tracked great for such a short boat I was also impressed with the backrest that was included, it was very comfortable. I will be buying another one very soon. Good job from Heritage A+
FeatherLite 9.5 Angler