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My Keewaydin 14 is a beautiful boat (green) and is a delight to paddle. As a senior paddler I appreciate the light weight and very comfortable seating. There is an expected amount of weather cocking for this type of boat in windy conditions. However it feels very secure in choppy water. I have used it primarily on smaller lakes/ponds and slow moving rivers and enjoyed the paddling experience thoroughly. Overall the boat has a nice balance of glide, maneuverability and tracking for a canoe. The dog loves it!

I purchased the Swift Saranac 14 Kevlar Fusion due to the ideal combination of size, weight, comfort and handling. Additionally I like that the boat is manufactured in North America.

This kayak is a pleasure to paddle with excellent glide and maneuverability. The cockpit size enables me to enter and exit the boat comfortably in spite of a hip issue. Loading, unloading and portaging the boat is manageable due to the balance and weight. I have paddled the boat in both large and smaller bodies of water in upstate NY with confidence. In general I have found that the skeg is needed only in windy conditions.

My initial Saranac (14 LV) was problematic due to aging issues (mine not the boat.) Bill Swift worked diligently with me to resolve the issue. In the end the Saranac 14, standard volume was the best option.

Aside from thoroughly enjoying this boat (and the Kiwassa 14 in our household) Swift Canoe and Kayak get my '10' for outstanding customer service.

I purchased the Rapidfire in 2015 from Frisky Otter tours in Inlet, NY. I wanted an alternative to my kayak that would enable us to take our dog on outings. Both Connie at Frisky Otter and Joe at Placid Boatworks were a pleasure to work with during the research and purchase process.

The Rapidfire is light, well constructed and fun to paddle on both the small and larger bodies of water we explored in the ADKS during the first paddling season.. The glide and handling are surprisingly kayak-like while the open deck and stability accommodate the dog and lots of gear. I opted for the medium kayak seating option and use a 230 cm kayak paddle. I highly recommend the optional dog pad.

I expect to add a deck cover for the upcoming paddling season for rainy and windy conditions. Overall I look forward to another summer in the ADKS with the Placid Rapidfire.

After trying multiple paddles the past few years my Mid-Swift has become my favorite It is well constructed, beautiful, light and superior for long hours of paddling. Additionally Eddyline's customer service is outstanding.