Mid Swift Touring Paddle - Jewel Tone Translucent

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Mid Swift Touring Paddle - Jewel Tone Translucent Description

The Mid Swift is Eddyline's most popular blade size and an excellent choice for most touring kayakers. The Mid Swift delivers plenty of pull and control in rough water conditions, yet it is quite well behaved when the wind blasts against it. We find this to be the ideal paddle for extended paddling in varied and changeable conditions and the only paddle many kayakers will ever need.

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Mid Swift Touring Paddle - Jewel Tone Translucent Reviews

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I need a new paddle since my…

Submitted by: mbkircus on 10/30/2015
I need a new paddle since my Mid Swift Touring Paddle is getting old, after fifteen years of hard use. I love this paddle and it works great for use with my solo canoe and my sea kayak. I also love the uniqueness of the cloth impregnation and I supplied my own cloth for the paddles. It lets me paddle up to 18 miles without getting tired and I'm usually at the front of the pack, even now, at age 73.

After trying multiple paddles…

Submitted by: nikkim on 5/27/2015
After trying multiple paddles the past few years my Mid-Swift has become my favorite It is well constructed, beautiful, light and superior for long hours of paddling. Additionally Eddyline's customer service is outstanding.

Bought this paddle for a 2…

Submitted by: THORPIN on 5/20/2015
Bought this paddle for a 2 month, 1400km solo paddle through the French rivers and canals. Brilliant, strong and light paddle. Has been bashed around but still looks almost new. Only slight issue is a slightly loose joint. 'Cured' with some insulation / electrical tape but will try the 'dip in varnish trick' as suggested on their website.
Great paddle, the Gecko print rocks!

Love the paddle. I tested in…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/6/2014
Love the paddle. I tested in on the water and said YES, this is the one for me. Found it on sale and it is my "go to" paddle. It is lightweight. I love the design options. A paddle is the one thing you can do to help yourself kayaking. Why hold extra weight? I've had this several years. Always get great compliments on it. It breaks apart fairly easily Unlike other paddles). I did have to repair a plastic part. Glued it back on. The paddle also fits into a paddle park I have for safety that I bought from Finland.

I love my Swift. It is light,…

Submitted by: loisannejohnson on 7/2/2014
I love my Swift. It is light, strong and beautiful. I choose the colorful fish print about 10 years ago and used it with several kayaks and a surf-ski. My other paddle is a lovely Bending Branches, but I always come back to my Swift.

I've not used a lot of…

Submitted by: shooter-x on 8/4/2013
I've not used a lot of paddles so I'll state what I know. The paddle has a good ferrule with no loose play, light fiberglass blades have held up well and the red color of the blades I hope make me more visible on the water to power boaters. Nothing bad about it!!!

I own two of these paddles.…

Submitted by: djo on 3/22/2013
I own two of these paddles. The first was a mid-Swift graphite paddle that was my only touring paddle for many years. I put a lot of hours on the paddle. It is light and appropriately rigid, with a light swing weight but still enough guts that it can be used for braces, rolls, and bridging to shore while I try to fit too much body into too small a combing. I have never detected any flutter.

The ferrules were never an issue and one could not ask for better performance from a straight shaft paddle. It finally migrated to my backup paddle when too many years of wrist-abuse made a bent shaft better for long days.

I liked the graphite paddle well enough that when it was time to upgrade my river paddle I want with a fiberglass mid-Swift. I like the extra strength and resilience of the glass composite blade when banging rocks and trees is involved. And the transparent blue color is very nice and glints in the sun. These are both excellent paddles and you cannot do wrong with either material.


Mid-Swift Graphite 2-piece w/ new Feather-lock new ferrule system, 240cm. One cool thing…

Submitted by: Ayornamut on 8/16/2007
Mid-Swift Graphite 2-piece w/ new Feather-lock new ferrule system, 240cm.
One cool thing about Eddyline/Swift is that you don't hear a lot of hype about their products. But if you did, you could believe it all when it comes to this paddle!

This paddle is light (very light!), strong, has exceptional balance and swing weight, the ferrule lock system is solid, easy to use and easy to keep clean. The ability to set feather at 0, 45, 60, or 75 degrees is a great feature from a user friendly perspective, however most experienced paddlers will usually set it at their one preferred angle. I was glad to be able to duplicate the 45 degree angle of my Lightning.

Eddyline reportedly redesigned the Swift's blade shape in 2004. They really got it right. The carbon fiber blade is quite stiff, showing no flutter and a very solid "hold" feel in the water, even if you're not paying attention and hit it off angle. Exit is clean and low drag/no vibration, with very little drip. The shaft is very stiff, slightly ovalled, has just enough surface texture to provide a good tactile grip feel, even if you got your hands all greasy from putting sunscreen on your girlfriend's back. This paddle is very light, but its design and stiffness left me with no fatigue or wrist/elbow shock after my initial 3 hr paddle with it.

And you gotta love the cool holographic thread design!! I think it actually attracted a school of curious rays out on the Chesapeake. It certainly provides an extra measure of visibility over plain black graphite models.

I have been using a Lightning Expedition weight paddle for many years now. Anyone who knows Lightning paddles appreciates them for their quality and regrets they are no longer in production. This new Swift Graphite will give it a much deserved rest.


Purchased a Mid-Swift in…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/30/2007
Purchased a Mid-Swift in yellow this past spring - the best paddle ever! Handles wind beautifully, and my shoulder fatigue is non-existent. Plan to get one for my husband. Would highly recommend!!!

Adopted a Translucent Mid…

Submitted by: johnc_3001 on 7/17/2007
Adopted a Translucent Mid Swift when i purchased a used kayak locally. Love the paddle. Lightweight and strong. Definitely has helped my carpal tunnel.

The more I try out other…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/18/2005
The more I try out other paddles, the more I realize what a gem my Mid Swift is. There are others that are very nice, mind you, but I haven't found one yet I like better. It's super-light yet (so far) amazingly durable. Picking up a moderately-priced aluminum or glass paddle feels like picking up crowbar compared to my Swift. I suppose the best thing I can say about it is that I never think about my paddle when I'm using it. It doesn't flutter, doesn't get heavy in my hands, and is just completely transparent in use. I tried a bent-shaft model that I liked quite a lot, but enough to abandon my Swift. Expensive but worth every penny.

Rated a 9 simply because,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/7/2002
Rated a 9 simply because, hell there might be a better paddle...I just haven't found it yet. I tried a Mid Swift at a demo-day and was ruined from that point. I was a bit short on cash and wound up getting a Bending Branches Day Breeze in fiberglass in a package deal. The Bending Branches isn't a bad paddle, but it just felt soft in the water and definitely didn't have enough catch to it to be fast enough for my boat. I could outsprint the paddle's grip and it was pretty irritating to force the paddle along.

I just got a Mid Swift in 240cm, what a difference. One of those things, when a boat or gear feels right...just buy them. I finished about a 10-12 miler today in stiff wind and chop and this paddle with it's knife edge catch and very firm 'grip' on the water performed beautifully. I can finally sprint up to hull speed with a paddle up to the task.


My first paddle was a Mid…

Submitted by: paddler229896 on 8/26/2002
My first paddle was a Mid Swift. When I purchased my second boat and needed another paddle I went straight for the Mid Swift. A true pleasure to paddle. Strong enough to push off with but light enough for an all day paddle. Try a $100 paddle weighing a ton or two and you won't mind the cost of this 1.25 pound pleasure! My wife even bought one!!!!! ;-)

Swift touring kayak paddle. Carbon fiber.A nice paddle, but one I've gotten…

Submitted by: paddler229278 on 6/17/2002
Swift touring kayak paddle. Carbon fiber.
A nice paddle, but one I've gotten disappointed in. I purchased it for my wife, and have also used it myself. I find it to be light, and quite stiff, as carbon fiber should be. The blade design seems to leave me wanting a blade that grabs more water. It's biggest shortcoming seems to be that with slicing strokes, such as a slicing start to a sideslip or bow rudder, the blade just wants to wander all over the place. It just doesn't want to go where I want it to go. A 5 for nice construction, and low weight, but not too good on the in water manners.

I bought a midswift paddle at…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/30/2001
I bought a midswift paddle at the beginning of this season and it improved my kayaking experience at least 100%. Unfortunately my wife kept asking to borrow it, so I had to buy her one also. I modified my paddle by adding "cork-ribbon" to create padded handles. Cork-ribbon is normally used by touring bicyclists on their handlebars, but I found that it works great on kayak paddles also. It is extremely light and does not absorb water. It makes paddling a lot more enjoyable without having to wear gloves.

Purchased two Mid Swift…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/22/2001
Purchased two Mid Swift paddles this Spring and FINALLY got to try them out this weekend! They were wonderful to paddle! My wife felt they were less tiring and she even stopped mentioning the price!!! Nice solid feel for such a light paddle. Didn't notice any flutter in the paddle.

The Swift is very light and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/15/2000
The Swift is very light and well balanced. My wife is the primary user. I bought it for the light weight and somewhat smaller blade area. After 3 years the joint is tight and the blue blades show a few scratches. The darker color does show more than white. The transparent blades may look fragile but are not, they do receive comment from others and are unique. Overall a very nice paddle but I like my Lightning a bit better.

Swift makes a line of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/6/2000
Swift makes a line of beautiful breakapart double-ended, adjustable, kayak paddles that have become my absolute favorites. If I ever lend it out for a quick demo/comparison, it is extremely hard to get back! The beautiful, jewel-like transparency of the paddle blades come in red, yellow and blue and even lots of different patterns. The blade design is a slightly spoon-curved "leaf shape" that is amazingly efficient. Got the first paddle in yellow and then loved it so much, splurged and bought a second paddle in graphite/carbon...it is wonderful for long distance touring and I have no problems when hitting major headwinds. Do not experience any flutter with this and the connection is nice and snug.
Mid Swift Touring Paddle - Jewel Tone Translucent