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A true Classic. I looked at the Pungo in '04, and…

A true Classic. I looked at the Pungo in '04, and went with a cheaper boat, that fell apart. After 6 years of ww and sea kayaking, I went back and bought a Pungo. Rigged it for fishing and this boat is fantastic. Fished out of a Tarpon for a couple of years which was nice during the Summer, but the Pungo is a year-round boat, year in and year out. Great tracking, seating and amenities, possibly the BEST boat ever made. imho

Great river runner, very forgiving, loads of fun. Excellent beginner boat thru advanced. I'm 5'5" 165lbs, it's a great fit.

They get a 5 because they worked great for 5 minutes. There's a couple of problems with these, they're not waterproof for long, yet they take forever to dry. Too bad, good idea.

I bought the 165 pro in Spring of 2006. I'm 5'5" 160 lbs. Gelcoat is beautiful, as well as colors. WS has done a great job with quality control.

This boat rolls easily, tracks and maneuvers wonderfully, and speed is good. Sculling while lying back is a breeze. No leaks in the hatches, all deck-lines well thought out. Very comfortable seat, and thigh braces are adjustable, although mine fit perfect out of the box. The adjustable foot pegs are nice. Although as stated by an earlier poster, sometimes when you wet exit and try to re-enter and roll, the pegs will tend to slide out of position. There should be an easy fix for this.

Overall a very well made boat. I'd pick it again.

Bought the Condo 3 for my garage. Very impressed with ease of installation. Had to drill into the concrete blocks, but with 4" masonry screws I bought separately, the Condo holds 3 boats beautifully. I have a 9.5 foot rec boat on top, a 16.5 ft sea yak in the middle, and my heaviest, a 12 SOT on the bottom. 80" separate my 2 posts. Quality control is a 10. I stained mine, and it looks great. Wish I could hang it in my family room...

I bought the Heritage 9.5 Featherlite mainly for fishing. On a local lake, the boat does great. It's open cockpit and well-provided rod holders and access to the back make it a simply wonderful little yak! It is slow, but stable, yet very light. Overall it is a fine yak for the money. My kids will break into kayaking with this stable little boat.

After a lot of research, wanting a stable sea kayak, one that I could continue to enjoy for many years, I purchased the CD Sirooco. I compared the Wilderness Systems Cape Horn 150, and the Necky Chatham 16. The WS had several bad reviews, so it was easy to eliminate, the Chatham by Necky was very nice. Just too small for me. I'm only 5'5", 165, and felt cramped. Having just fallen in love with kayaking and having bought a small fishing yak, I took several classes that opened my eyes to to the wonderful world of sea-kayaking. I took the Sirocco for a test run for about an hour, and knew immediately this boat was awesome! It helped talking with my sales-gal, who turned out to be an instructor, not a sales person. Went out into the tidal Potomac River near DC, with lots of wakes and wind, and this boat just gobbled it all up! It's seemed to excel in these conditions. Out on some local lakes, I found the boat to be fairly quick, and waiting for me to challenge it.

I love the classic Greenland lines, day hatch, and lots of storage. The skeg is the only way I was going to go, rudders seem to me like training wheels that you never take off. Although someday, if I live long enough, I might need that third leg to stand on. I installed a flush mount fishing rod holder just aft/portside and a paddle clip,(one with a bungy type port-side clipping device), so better to fish/photograph with. I am very pleased with this boat, and already have my eyes on the Gulfstream!