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The Talic Kayak Condo – Wall Mounted Storage for Kayaks is convenient, accommodating, and best of all, affordable! The very thick and soft 2 inch wide webbing conforms to the shape of your boat which means there won’t be any pressure points to dent or scratch your boat. You can look forward to years of maintenance free storage. All your kayaks will rest comfortably, sure to be in excellent condition and ready for yet another day’s adventure. There are three models to choose from and each one is strong enough to hold boats that are 100 pounds each. Kayak Condo 3 can hold three boats each weighing 100 pounds – now that’s strong! Recommended for kayaks under 100 pounds, and about 29 inches wide or less. Not recommended for outdoor use. Easy to install, easy to use. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing that your boats will have the best rest available, and at such a great price. If you plan to mount the Kayak Condo onto a masonry wall you will need to purchase a Masonry Wall Mounting Kit.

Prices range from $109.95 to $274.95.

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  • Prices range from $109.95 to $274.95

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bought the kayak rack 2…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/3/2019

bought the kayak rack 2 years ago, workmanship and quality of the talik rack is by far better than anything elsle i have seen , buying another set to put on another wall. keep up the good work


I had the idea that putting…

Submitted by: paddler233828 on 9/29/2010
I had the idea that putting together a rack by myself would be an easy task, but in the interest of time I bought this product instead( despite the price) Living in Norway it was not any cheaper than in the US either. The ease of installation, accuracy of parts, functionality and finally the presentation of the fleet (4 sea kayaks) made me happy with the investment. Super product. Simple and excellent.

I recently purchased and…

Submitted by: dpudim on 7/29/2010
I recently purchased and installed a 3 kayak condo and am very impressed with the quality of the product. I have a Necky Manitou 14, Wilderness System Tsunami 13, and Palmico 135T. All 3 kayaks fit great even the Palmico 135T which is a wide tandem. Great product!!

I bought 2 sets of the Kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/22/2010
I bought 2 sets of the Kayak Condo 2 in order to hang my 4 kayaks on my garage wall. I considered making my own but having a limited amount of free time, that I would rather use paddling, I chose to bite the bullet and order these. I couldn't be happier with my decision.

Within 30 minutes of the UPS truck leaving them they were mounted with all 4 boats stored safely away. It really is a simple design that works perfectly. I mounted mine 64" apart and they hold 3 Necky Looksha 14's and and OT Otter.


I bought this for my 2…

Submitted by: mattv on 2/8/2010
I bought this for my 2 kayaks, a Necky Manatou 14 and a new QCC 500 (can't wait until things thaw around here! ) Ater looking at the many options, I picked the Talic Kayak Condo - 2 kayak version.

The kayak condo is nicely made of polished hardwood braces, 2 hardwood arms per boat cradle and 2" nylon webbing per arm that is suspended from the end of the arm to braces. It took me 20 minutes to set everything up in my garage along one wall with exposed studs.

The kayaks are well supported by the nylon webbing. They take up surprising little space in the garage, Probably 26 inches from the wall in total. Every time I go out to the garage I admire the set up. There is something very esthetically pleasing about the quality of the wood, the simplicity of the set up and of course, the boats.

I would be hesitant however to use this in outside applications, at least without treatment of the wood, but for indoor use, it is outstanding!


I bought 4 of the Talic Kayak Condos. They work great…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/8/2008
I bought 4 of the Talic Kayak Condos. They work great for my 3 sea kayaks and 1 white water boat. The 2" webbing is gentle on the boats, and it is very easy to load the boats on the cradles. If you care about looks and workmanship, you will like the kayak condos. The workmanship is surprisingly good.

I recommend the kayak condos. Some people say they are not so good for rec boats. It may be true, but I guess if you lay them on their sides it will work. They work great for my 22" wide touring boats. I lay them on their sides as even the touring boats can be wide for the kayak condos. It's great to see them all in 1 place, and not be tripping over them all the time. It beats hanging them from the ceiling because loading them and unloading them is a 1 step process.

The hard part is the constant reminder to my wife, on 1 wall in the garage, that I own so many boats. She keeps asking me what boat am I planning on selling. My kayak buddies tell me it's too hard of a question to answer...


This is an update of my first…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/5/2007
This is an update of my first review. I still think these things are great, and they are as sturdy as the day I first installed them. But I have come to the conclusion that they are designed primarily for the specs of sea kayaks more than rec boats. (I have quite an assortment of boats -- touring, rec, and whitewater.) I just bought my son a Loon 120 the other day, and just discovered its high front deck is too tall to fit anywhere on the rack except the top position. No big deal, really, but I'd like to see Talic come out with a rec boat version of these--with slightly longer arms and slightly taller vertical spacing between the arms.

I have to add to the praise…

Submitted by: SactoBob on 4/19/2007
I have to add to the praise already posted for this product.

Everything about this product shouts that the manufacturer took the time to think things over and do it right. The materials, packaging, and directions are all excellent. Just a small example - the lag bolts use washers, and they are wrapped separately with those washers. This package is inserted into the main package. So you don't have to wonder which bolts these washers are used for. All the bolts are trimmed to perfect length so that nothing sticks out too far.

Just a very well thought out and executed plan. I don't see how you could go wrong with this product. It is priced higher than others - but easily worth the cost.


The Talic Kayak Condo I…

Submitted by: CD1 on 8/21/2006
The Talic Kayak Condo I purchased from Pnet ads, and I received a discount with Paddling Perks. I bought the three tiered model to store three kayaks (2 of them=6 yaks). It installs with a drill, a 7/16 wrench and a phillips screwdriver. I installed in my garage through sheetrocked walls (studfinder to locate studs), and the three tiers are currently holding three 60# each Prijon 17 foot sea kayaks. I mounted the first tier 10 inches above the floor, and am able to have a fourth kayak neatly on the floor below the rack for efficient use of the space, and I can still, without a stepstool, place the topmost kayak on the uppermost tier. That's superb. No crashes yet from the entire kit and kaboodle yanking out of the wall; it seems well fixed. The arms hold even these big boats nicely and securely. I would advocate placing the two uprights (each with three "shelves" for the yaks) about 4 feet apart. This holds all of my boats just outside the cockpit and allows me the ability to shift the boats on the rack to prevent oilcanning in any one spot; but the black nylon 2 inch straps that hold the actual yak seem soft enough. I will use the other 3-tier condo, also set at about 3-4 feet apart, for storing gear (like hangers--and as someone wrote, when not in use you can push them up and out of the way), and paddles. I would say this is a very nice item, and when you calculate the cost per yak to mount them, it is roughly what you;d pay for supplies and your time even at Home Depot. I find Talic Kayak Condos to be a good value.

I was going to build my own…

Submitted by: carldelo on 7/17/2006
I was going to build my own rack, but the Talic design looked like a better version of my idea, so I decided to buy it instead. I've been using a single unit for several months now and am happy with it. I have it supported on bare 2x3 studs on edge in front of a brick wall - it's a rental garage, so I couldn't drill into the brick. It's not obvious from the website, but the arms rotate about the fastener that holds them to the wall mount. Because of this, the bare studs allow the arms to be raised to the vertical position when there's no boat on the rack - a good feature for me as the rack is mounted at head-height to clear the roof of my car. The only thing I would change is that the ends of the arms are bare plywood, and you can scratch a delicate boat if you don't lift it over them - I added a little foam padding there.

I also purchased the Talic 3…

Submitted by: kayakingnorma on 5/25/2006
I also purchased the Talic 3 condo and am very impressed. I've installed it into concrete with no problem and have 3, 17' to 20' kayaks on display. It's won a 10 of 10 in my book.

Bought the Condo 3 for my…

Submitted by: Jrdbassman on 5/22/2006
Bought the Condo 3 for my garage. Very impressed with ease of installation. Had to drill into the concrete blocks, but with 4" masonry screws I bought separately, the Condo holds 3 boats beautifully. I have a 9.5 foot rec boat on top, a 16.5 ft sea yak in the middle, and my heaviest, a 12 SOT on the bottom. 80" separate my 2 posts. Quality control is a 10. I stained mine, and it looks great. Wish I could hang it in my family room...

Just bought a 3 kayak tower…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/20/2006
Just bought a 3 kayak tower and 2 kayak tower to get my kayaks up against the garage wall. Part of me said I should save a bit of money and just build something myself. But now that I've got them installed I'm glad I spent the money. They are very well designed, and much sturdier than they look in the pictures. And installation was a piece of cake. I was also concerned if they would hold a couple of "pumpkin seed boats" I own. The arms were wide enough, and the distance between the arms was just barely tall enough to fit them in. But as these are chubby Old Town otters, I figure if they fit these boats, they'll bit just about anything out there.

In sum they seem to work for boats of varying sizes. The three kayak unit was mounted about 4 feet apart for a whitewater boat and two short rec boats; the two kayak unit was mounted about seven feet apart, to accomodate a 12.5 foot rec boat and a sea kayak. This compromise distance seems to work pretty well for both. Obviously, you'd run into trouble if you wanted to hold a whitewater boat and a sea kayak on the same rack.