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Just to balance things out...... I love to take these camping with me…

Submitted by: Monkeyhead on 12/23/2010
Just to balance things out......
I love to take these camping with me, inside my tent. That way, when I get up in the middle of the night or early morning to take a pee, I can slip something on my feet and then slip them off again before I get back into tent. This is especially useful at a beach where I don't want to track sand back into tent and have my sweaty feet soiled with sand. They are easier and quicker to slip on and off then a shoe, which would also work, and they take up a minimum of space. I always pack them in my kayak on overnighters.

As for keeping feet dry while in kayak....I don't feet get wet from sweat. If its warm out, I paddle barefoot.


I gave these a 4 because they…

Submitted by: paddler233050 on 10/21/2009
I gave these a 4 because they would have deserved an eight if they both worked. Unfortunately, one of them worked pretty good but the other one disintegrated after a couple uses.

I wore my SealSkinz Water…

Submitted by: paddler233144 on 6/1/2009
I wore my SealSkinz Water Blocker Socks for the 1st time only to discover that one completely disintegrated and fell apart (a large piece separated from the sock) while being worn on my feet. When I removed them and turned them inside out to see why they were wet and felt rubbing on my feet, I discovered that the plastic-like membrane had peeled off. I wrote email asking for refund and my letter was never even acknowledged.

This is without doubt, the absolute worst piece of junk on market. Never ever again will I consider any of their products and when in store, will advise anyone near the rack to stay away. Pure crapola!


Worked ok for a few times,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/26/2009
Worked ok for a few times, then like everybody else had the plasticky membrane disintegrate. Have since bought Chota knee-high socks and couldn't be happier. I'd pass on the Sealskinz.

My Sealskinz "Water Blocker"…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/24/2009
My Sealskinz "Water Blocker" socks didn't even last one use before they started leaking. They were great at holding the water IN and my feet looked like dried up prunes after I pulled them off. The plastic membrane lining was shredding after just a few hours. Fortunately the weather was warm so I didn't suffer from cold feet, only wet feet.

I was able to get a credit from the store and bought some Chota Mukluks. The Mukluks I recommend highly. Stay away from the Sealskinz.


If I had a list entitled "The…

Submitted by: lackge on 1/25/2008
If I had a list entitled "The Worst River Gear I've Ever Purchased," I would place Seal Skinz socks and gloves at the top of that list. The gloves leaked the very first time I wore them. The socks took a little longer and lasted through about three wearings. It wasn't a matter of water leaking over the tops. No, it was that the thin waterproof membrane either wore through or disintegrated so that the whole sole of the sock leaked. I called the company to see if anything could be done. Their "solution" was for me to buy another pair. I wouldn't even try to talk my brother-in-law into buying anything made by Seal Skinz! If the rating system would allow me to give them a zero, I would.

I have had great success with…

Submitted by: janodes on 11/29/2007
I have had great success with my Sealskinz socks. I think the difference is that I wear them with my latex ankle gasketed paddling pants pulled on after my socks. This creates a tight seal at the top of the sock and keeps my feet warm and dry all day in frigid waters. I wear a thin wicking liner sock as recommended. I have both the short and tall socks. I like the tall ones better. My only complaint is the inner membrane has torn after about 12 trips. They still work as the separation is at the top and they still seal. It probably happened in the washer. So I'm looking a buying another pair. To me having warm dry feet all day is worth it! Bottom line, don't get water up to the top of the sock.

They get a 5 because they…

Submitted by: Jrdbassman on 5/8/2007
They get a 5 because they worked great for 5 minutes. There's a couple of problems with these, they're not waterproof for long, yet they take forever to dry. Too bad, good idea.

I hated sealskinz socks and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/13/2006
I hated sealskinz socks and gloves. They were never waterproof in my tests. I followed the directions to the letter. I returned them to REI and told them if they didn't want to give me my money back, fine, please throw them away for me. They refunded my money.

Waterproof socks sounded like…

Submitted by: Wavespinner on 11/9/2006
Waterproof socks sounded like a much better alternative for cold water paddling than neoprene, so I ordered two pair of different configurations. Another theory that caved in practice. About half the time, my feet stay relatively dry. The rest, I get a sock full of frigid water. And, they take forever to dry.