Kayaking Near Richmond

Kayaking Near Richmond VA

Guide to Kayaking Near Richmond

Read on for guides to planning your own kayaking trip to Richmond, VA, seeking out an outfitted trip in the area, connecting with other Richmond paddlers, and many other resources! Find launch site info or trip info on popular paddling destinations like:

  • James River
  • York River
  • Lake Chesdin
  • Chickahominy River
  • Pamunkey River

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Kayaking Locations Near Richmond

If you are planning your own kayaking trip near Richmond and are asking yourself questions like, "Where can I put my kayak in? Where can I take it out? Where do people typically go kayaking in Richmond?", then you may want to check out the paddling.com Go Paddling Map. Below are a few launch sites to check out right in Richmond, VA. Or check out the map to see others nearby!

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All of our Richmond paddling locations are from paddlers like you. Search thousands of put-in and take-out locations on our locations map!

Plan a Kayaking Trip to Richmond

Over the years, many of our paddlers have paddled near Richmond and were so generous to share their paddling experiences with us in a community trip report. Read a few examples of Richmond community trip reports or view all Richmond community trips below:

Have you paddled in Richmond? Post Your Trip and share with the community!

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Connect With Kayakers in Richmond

Looking to connect with other paddlers in Richmond? Below are a number of resources to help get you started:

Other Resources

Virginia has many great rivers and lakes along with water trails and access to Chesapeake Bay. All that is waiting for you to enjoy and paddle in!

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