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Natural History

Camping & Survival

Protecting the Resource

We live on a shrinking planet. More people want to be on the water, which ultimately ends up with more people …

Tags: Fishing, Kayak

A Paddle through History

Philip Edward Island is just south of Killarney Park in Ontario Canada and is another proposed extension of th…

Tags: Historical Tour

The Other Quetico

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park is being called "the new Quetico" by many of its visitors. If you think about…

Jacarandas and Magnolias

Traveling at the speed of life can make you dizzy. It can also make you forget to look around, and see what yo…

Tags: Fishing, Family

The Great Lakes: A Little Slice of the Sea

Deep in the heart of North America, surrounded by forest and field, there is an ocean. A vast inland sea co…

Tags: Kayak

A Need for 'Life Skills'

Can we talk? I need to vent. Back when I was guiding kayak day trips on Kodiak Island we'd stop for a lunch sn…

Tags: Fishing, Safety

Jerky: The Ultimate Travel Food

I learned quite a few lessons from my dad, but one that still holds true both in my day-to-day existence and i…

Tags: Family

Viewing Birds & Other Wildlife

Wildlife viewing, particularly birding, is an extremely popular activity among paddlers. The shallow draft acc…

Tags: Kayak

On Viewing Puffins

A tourist approached a charter pilot friend of mine one summer day on Kodiak Island. He was inquiring about th…

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