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Sit-Inside Boats For The Sit-On-Top Crowd

Canoes and sit-inside kayaks have been used for fishing by many of our ancestors. But it seems that once someo…

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Paddling Instruction v. Paddling Expedition

It's your first trip down a wild Canadian river. You expect big rapids, large lakes and long portages. You j…

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Why Fish From a Kayak?

Ask ten different people and you'll likely get ten different answers. But all will agree that for them, paddle…

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Canoe Hull Shape Defined

After the raw dimensions of length, width and depth, canoe performance is determined by hull shape. Front, sid…

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Glossary of Canoe Terminology

Learn the full glossary of canoe terminology in this excerpt from The Complete Book of Canoeing by I. Herbert …

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The Canadian

By Claudia Kerckhoff Van WijkDirector, Madawaska Kanu Centre The "Canadian" on this page is not referrin…

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Buying a Whitewater Canoe

What should you look for in a whitewater canoe, besides yourself with a big smile on your face? Does picking …

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Choosing a Whitewater Kayak

The days of long, skinny kayaks shaped like logs with a hole carved into the top of them are gone, and along w…

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Different Types of Whitewater Kayaks

So what type of boat should you get? Now that you understand the characteristics, you will need to ask yoursel…

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