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The Casual Kayaker: Putting the Brake on Spin

Making a kayak go where you want it to is pretty easy when you're paddling. But what happens when you stop? Yo…

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Moving Around on SUP

I've found paddleboarding to be a great complement to kayaking. It takes less time, it's a full-body workout, …

Tags: SUP, basics

Papa's Got A Brand New Boat

First, a moment of silence for the hardest working man in show business. The Godfather of soul - James Brown. …

Tags: Kayak, Fishing

Canaks or Kayoes?

For many years, canoes were the most accepted form of self-propelled water craft from which to fish. Then, a w…

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Not so Traditional Fishing Yaks

It's hard to ponder the evolution of the kayak without revisiting where it all began. Enter the Inuit Indians,…

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Sit-Inside Boats For The Sit-On-Top Crowd

Canoes and sit-inside kayaks have been used for fishing by many of our ancestors. But it seems that once someo…

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Choosing The Right Fishing Kayak

Since you're reading this article you're obviously interested in the sport of kayak fishing. Chances are …

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Paddling Instruction v. Paddling Expedition

It's your first trip down a wild Canadian river. You expect big rapids, large lakes and long portages. You j…

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Why Fish From a Kayak?

Ask ten different people and you'll likely get ten different answers. But all will agree that for them, paddle…

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