Cheap Pedal Kayaks

Cheap Pedal Kayaks - What You Need to Know

Cheap Pedal Kayaks

Your Guide to Finding an Inexpensive Pedal Kayak

Especially when we are talking about pedal kayaks, price is relative. Considering that there are now $6,000+ options, we have to be sure we have an appropriate baseline. Generally, pedal kayaks are more pricey than a comparable paddle kayak but that doesn't mean you can't find a great option to match your needs. In the last several years, pedal kayaks have undoubtedly become the gold standard for kayak fishing because of the ability to go hands-free which can help elevate efficiencies in most anyone's fishing game. So if you're looking to take the next step in kayak fishing and you want to spend as little as possible, check out these tips to help find the best cheap pedal kayak for you:

Start Basic

Every fisherman loves their gear and your friendly boat manufacturers know this. They load their products with extra features and gear which adds to the base price. So if you're looking at getting your first pedal kayak for cheap, take a look at very basic options, you can always kit it out with some DIY projects later or there are many companies that solely sell kayak fishing accessories for your boat. So if your trying to save some money, skip some of the bells and whistles. If you add some features and gear to your pedal kayak later you can custom outfit exactly to your needs.


Something to be conscious of when looking at cheap pedal kayaks is the weight of the boat. When compared to non-pedal kayaks, pedal kayaks can be very heavy. So before committing to a pedal kayak make sure you have an easy way to transport it- whether it's on top of your car, on a trailer or just on a beach. Many pedal kayaks surpass 100lbs so it is something to keep in mind when you are looking for a cheap pedal kayak.

Kayak Type

It is important to know what kind of water you are going to be pedalling and what type of fish you are going to be fishing for when looking for a cheap pedal kayak. If you are staying on inland lakes and rivers, a shorter, narrower pedal kayak would be a great option to explore. Whereas if you plan on hitting the ocean, a larger, wider pedal kayak would be a more appropriate option. Above all else your safety should be your number one priority so make sure your kayak matches the conditions you could possibly encounter on the water.

Explore Cheap Pedal Kayaks:

As stated, price is relative when it comes to pedal kayaks. Below is the current list of pedal kayaks for less than $2,000.

Always Read Pedal Kayak Reviews

Always remember to read pedal kayak reviews before you make your decision. With over 20 years of reviews, there is no better expert than your community of paddling enthusiasts!

Other Pedal Kayaking Necessities

Just because your kayak doesn't cost much, it doesn't take away from quality. The same is true for the other necessities for paddling:

And don't forget about Kayak Safety Equipment. You should never leave your house without your first aid kit and other necessary safety equipment!

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