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Greenland Paddle in a Recreational Kayak?

Can you use a Greenland Paddle in a Recreational Kayak?

I received this question recently from a reader, Danille, that is such a great question as it opens up the door to a larger conversation about different paddle types, different types of kayaks and high vs low angle paddling.

In Danille's situation, they're new to paddling and recently got themselves a wider recreational kayak. They've also come across Greenland Paddles and they want to find out if they can use a Greenland Paddle on a Recreational Kayak.

What I think is great about this question is that it's not a matter of whether or not you can use this paddle in this particular boat, because the answer is yes. You can use any paddle on almost any boat. The question, rather, is will it be the most efficient paddle to use with this type of boat and is it a good idea? Let's dive in!

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