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A Paddler's Bailout Bag

A good emergency kit can make the difference between a dangerous, life-threatening survival experience and, we…

Tags: Kayak, Safety, gear

6 Quick Tips for Canoe Camping

One of the best parts about meeting up with a group of fellow paddlers is gaining some extra tips and tricks. …

Tags: Canoe, camping, gear, Sleeping Bags

Portaging - Expedition Canoeing

The ax-blazed spruce that juts from the riverbank indicates we have arrived at the portage. A 2-mile carry wil…

Tags: Canoe, Paddles, Safety, Portage

Tried and True Kayak Packing Tips

There was a time not too long ago when kayakers didn't have fancy neo' nylon stuff sacks, front bulkheads and …

Tags: Kayak, packing, Sleeping Bags

Duluth Packs - Birth of a Legend

The idea to produce a packsack for campers and canoeists probably emerged while watching streams of hunters, f…

Crossover Gear for Paddling

Each year the outdoor industry pulls back the curtain to showcase more and more "stuff" for us to drool over. …

Tags: Kayak

Binocular for Kayaking

Ever tried to really get a steady view through binoculars while on the water? Even on a calm surface, the boat…

Tags: Kayak

Lightweight and Fancy Free

It seems the older the camper becomes the lighter they want their pack. Problem is, with age also comes the de…

Tags: Canoe, Sleeping Bags

Canoe Packs

By Kevin Callan You'd think choosing a canoe pack, since it's only generally used for carrying a large…

Tags: Canoe, Kayak, Safety