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Kayak Beach Slide

In July 2015, I went backpacking probably for the last time in my life. My plan was to join my friend Tom for …

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Carrying a Sea Kayak Alone

The best way to carry a single sea kayak is with two or more people. However, sooner or later you will end up …

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Smart Storage Keeps Boats Healthy

For some of us, storing our canoe or kayak is as simple as dropping it off alongside the garage or outbuilding…

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DIY: Canoeski storage tool

The "Canoeski" device: a simple method of moving an upside-down canoe. Problem The need was for a method o…

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Where's Jeff?

One of the great things I love about the sport of kayaking (and fishing from kayaks) is getting someone else i…

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DIY: Handy Tie-down Loops

Remember the ‘good old days’ when there were at least two or three places along the front and back of your car…

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Flying Your Canoe

The thin blue line that winds irregularly across your topo map suggests a wild Canadian river -- no picnic tab…

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Lift, Carry and Load your own Kayak!

Lifting, loading and carrying a kayak seems to be one of the biggest concerns women have when they're getting …

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Boat Carts

Whether you've ever had to portage a kayak any distance or merely move it up the beach from water's edge while…

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