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I've had this boat for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/12/2022

I've had this boat for decades, literally. It's tough, maneuvable, and will hold a ton of stuff. This boat took me on a 205- mile, 15 day trip in 2004. I still use it regulary, paddling upstream 2 or 3 miles and drifting back after lunch.


I bought this off of CL for…

Submitted by: Medlifer on 7/8/2015
I bought this off of CL for around $200. For the price, it was a great way to get a decent island hopper. Mine still had the neoprine hatch cover, which seemed to help some, but the hatch was by no means water-tight. However, the hatch will carry a lot of equipment.

I can't comment on the seat, as it had a cheaper replacement seat, but judging from what I've seen on the other older WS boats, they aren't that great. Hard plastic with a nylon cover.

It's a pretty fast boat. The hull is quite wide and stable. My biggest issue was the weather cocking. On flat water, as soon as you stop paddling, it just cocks around. This is slightly annoying, but makes you keep paddling (which is a good thing).

All in all, it's a nice boat for something pushing 15-20 years old. A Cheep way to get a touring boat.


This was my first kayak, I…

Submitted by: paddler233569 on 5/6/2010
This was my first kayak, I purchased it in Marquette Michigan. I paddled this boat up and down the inland rivers and spent a tremendous amount of time on lake superior. I would surf 6-8 foot waves when the break was good and take her for 3 day excursions. We went to the Apostle Islands and paddled all the way out to Devil Island one summer.

I miss my yellow little boat and hope whomever I sold it to is taking as good of care as she took of me. I would recommend this boat to anyone looking to get into the sport and wants to ride rivers and lakes.


WoW, In 1996 I bought my SEACRET. Its now 2008. I have…

Submitted by: paddler232421 on 1/9/2008
WoW, In 1996 I bought my SEACRET. Its now 2008.
I have paddled from Key West to Flamingo Fla. All 17 river basins in NC. I learned to maneuver the surf zone in Bogue inlet NC with her. Majority of the Outter banks in NC.
I have a Down Wind Rigg for sailing. Plus added an oversized rudder to help stabilize. The bow holds a large Airbag as water displacement bag. I stow my tent and sleeping pad and bag in dry bags in bow, then slide small airbag in and inflate to provide better displacement of H2o. In the Stern I place bottled H20 and food ,clothing and cook gear, rescue equipment. On the deck I added Eye rings to provide self-rescue line on deckedgeings. On bow I made spare paddle mount. Added a compass in the molded area provided. Currently added side handles and bow ,stern handles from the New Carry Handles available on market 2008.

I reinforced the bulkhead due to being on the ocean in it. I have had up to 507 lbs of me and my gear in it and had no problems. I have been in 8 ft breakers in Bogue inlet and the flatest waters too. Dragged it across sandbars on more than one occasion. I own 17 boats and have paddled 21 years. Not much this kayak can't do.


I am new to kayaking and this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/26/2001
I am new to kayaking and this is my first boat, but upon reading the other reviews, it is easy to see that the consensus is correct. I am an experienced paddler (in a canoe) and from my limited experience I think I can say that this boat is very maneuverable. It does seem to wander with the wind and current, but even without a rudder it is easy to correct. It also seems to have great stability. I can get out of the cockpit and sit on the rear deck to stretch my legs while I'm on the water without dumping over. My main beef so far is that it needs a paddle holder outside the cockpit (and that's not much of a beef, is it). I have already paddled the Ulcolmulgee near Macon and even with the river's swift current I was able to maneuver at will. I think the boat compromises speed for stability as others have said. All in all though, it is a joy compared to my 17 foot behemoth canoe!

Glad to see the fan club of a…

Submitted by: paddler229366 on 9/28/2001
Glad to see the fan club of a discontinued boat. For the money the boat is great. My first boat was a Seacret. I went to Virginia Tech and spent enormous amounts of time on the Virginia portion of the New River (mostly class I-II with two III's cleared safely). It has also seen extensive time on open water in and around the lower Chesapeake Bay as it is my primary fishing vessel (my new boat isn't stable enough to fish from).

Paddling Characteristics: -Tracks well considering it's rocker and short length. - Extremely maneuverable for a fourteen footer. -Slow: the best sustained speed I ever achieved was 4mph sustained for 2hours. For comparison, in my new boat I have made 6mph for three hours sustained. -weather cocks badly. I wouldn't recommend a rudder though. This boat is so maneuverable that it's fun to sprint through tight places like wooded swamps and marsh guts -Durability: I've beaten the crap out of it (at least 2 days per week) on the Shenandoah River during the low flows of the summers of '98 and '99. I've surfed it in surf to 4ft (hint: don't ride shorebreak in a 14ft boat). It's still pretty sound. -stability: primary>good secondary>unbelievable


I bought this kayak without…

Submitted by: paddler229390 on 9/27/2001
I bought this kayak without used without trying it. And for the $400 I spent it was a great deal. I bought my wife a Perception Carolina with rudder so that we could paddle together. On calm water or in streams, with low wind I can out paddle her and it tracks fine. If the wind gets up there, I have to paddle twice as hard to keep up with her. But we paid twice as much for hers. I think however that if I had a rudder it would work fine. I have taken it in class II rapids and had a great time. As this kayak is discontinued I would recommend it as a value kayak in the used department. Happy paddling.

I give this kayak an eight…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/3/2001
I give this kayak an eight overall. It is a good boat if versatility is what your looking for. I have enjoyed mine in quiet back waters and some not so quiet waters and the first word that comes to mind is stable. I would agree with others in regards to the need for a rudder in open wind swept waters. Mine has one and has made this kayak a true pleasure. To be sure it is not the fastest 'yak out there (not even close), but is well made (plastic), stable and great for quick get aways or overnight. I have found that the biggest drawback is the hefty weight - at 56 lbs. it can be a chore for some people to handle when loading or unloading it from vehicles. I can probably go on repeating the statements of the others who have left reviews but they have done a fine job. I would recommend this boat to anyone who is looking for inexpensive versatility.

I owned this boat for three…

Submitted by: paddler228863 on 8/25/2000
I owned this boat for three years and paddled most of the great lakes. Great in rough water however does not track well and weathercocks. If you want a very stable but willing to paddle twice as fast to keep up, then this boat's for you. I would recommend a rudder. I sold the boat recently and now am looking for a better tracking one or one with a retractable skeg.

I have the older version of…

Submitted by: paddler228716 on 7/6/2000
I have the older version of this kayak (The Trinity Bay Venture). I would have to agree with the first rating of the other individual. I have found myself on class I and II and it does handle very well. Secondary Stability is very high and the single chine allows it to turn quick, but it IS difficult to handle in open water. A rudder would help. I haven't rolled it yet, but I could see where that shouldn't be a problem. I am 6'3 and it fits my big feet and large frame just fine. The hatch stays dry and does have enough room for a 1 or 2 day trip (go minimalist). Nice kayak.

This kayak was designed to be…

Submitted by: paddler227956 on 11/4/1998
This kayak was designed to be capable of handling easy class II whitewater and coastal cruising. I think it does a good job of providing a stable platform to learn on. I have used it on the rapids of the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta, and on the Ocean in Jacksonville. Since it is made of plastic, you don't have to be concerned with hitting rocks, or with damage from pounding surf. It is a blast to paddle in the waves and eskimo rolls well, as long as you keep your head down. The construction is solid and, even though it is a third the price of many popular fiberglass designs, Wilderness Systems has paid attention to craftsmanship. I'm inclined to choose a Wilderness Systems glass boat, probably the Shenai, for my next step. In closing, though the Seacret is relatively heavy and a little slow, it is a fun boat to paddle and well worth the price. I did add some hip pads to get a tighter fit. Your butt stays dry in the seat, and there is plenty of leg room. I would recommend this boat to someone wanting a stable platform, flexibility in use, and very reasonable price. One note, since the boat is "rockered" for manueverability in rapids, it takes a little finesse to keep it tracking. Good Job Wilderness Systems!