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Wonder if any of you have…

Submitted by: robertemonaghan on 7/26/2022

Wonder if any of you have any idea how to secure the seat in this kayak? My son bought one (his first) he likes the weight of it and it looks like it will track well and most importantly he only spent 100 on it. We are going to take it out today and see how it does. There is a bungy cord kinda of thing but the seat is loose figure the chord must attach to the seat somehow but the kid he bought it from had no idea


I give it 5 stars, ONLY…

Submitted by: Blaine on 6/11/2020

I give it 5 stars, ONLY because I only spent $40.00 for it new.....(I bought $40.00 worth of raffle tickets).... It’s a pretty capable boat however, a bit too small.... I had trouble getting in and out of it. After about 10 minutes of paddling, my bum got sore as there’s no padded seat.....I gave it to my daughter who seems to enjoy it very much.....


Just picked this up for 60…

Submitted by: paddler236457 on 8/26/2015
Just picked this up for 60 bucks at an estate sale. It needed a little love. I put in a drain plug, some new rigging, bought a skirt, shock cord, etc. Sealed up a few spots. I'm hoping to use this as a cooler weather yak in the spring and fall, and for running milder creeks, so I'm working on getting it as watertight as possible. I took the seat out and its not going back in. I put some foam on the bottom for padding and the rear of the cockpit seems to be just the right height to offer lumbar support. Had it in my pool and it's very maneuverable. Ready to go and I'm taking out to a small lake close to home in the morning, just to get familiar with it and see how watertight it is. I also have a cobra fish n dive SOT, so this is kinda the opposite in many ways. But so far I'm in love with it. I'll follow up on the review

I purchased in 2012 used as…

Submitted by: paddler235120 on 7/20/2013
I purchased in 2012 used as my first kayak and really enjoy it. Like most, seat was a problem - I replaced it. Used for fishing and rec; lite easy to rooftop load. Using YouTube ideas made dashboard to hold tackle box and rod and camera. A great find on craigslist 100.00

This is absolutely the best…

Submitted by: paddler234525 on 5/10/2012
This is absolutely the best buy on the market. For those who are less than 6'2" and under 220# it is the bomb. I paddled continually into the wind and waves, yes, water over the front deck, for over 2 hrs, 3plus miles. Then, 1 1/2 hrs back in the following wind and waves. It was stellar! What a boat! What a hull design! I would rather have used my spray skirt but I had only planned on a 1 hr. tour. We own the Experience and a Naturalist. Love them both.

Been kayaking for many years…

Submitted by: paddler234334 on 10/21/2011
Been kayaking for many years and have paddled many brands. Two Walden Experience sit on our trawler and we use them much more than the shore tender. The sharp bow entry makes the kayak quick for it length and quiet. We use them in salt water and find they are as fast as kayaks up to 13 feet long. Plus they are among the lightest on the market made from recycled material. Best boat in the 10 to 12 foot range. They have been exposed to the elements for ten years now and still look great.

Just bought a used Walden…

Submitted by: paddler233668 on 6/29/2010
Just bought a used Walden Experience and love it. Perfect for what I want to do - paddling in canals and rivers.

I just purchased two used…

Submitted by: wvbowman on 3/26/2010
I just purchased two used Waldens. The manuals says that they will fit a person to 6'5". I'm 6'1" and am not going into the boat. The front deck is not raised enough to let one's feet slide in. Also, the boat is 27" wide but the cockpit opening is not very wide. Poor design. The deck hardware also seems flimsy. Probably not a bad creek boat as the plastic looks thick, but only a good boat for those who play around a pond or small lake.

I have owned a Waldon…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/7/2009
I have owned a Waldon experience for several years and have put it to the test throughout the Tampa Bay area. It handles well wherever I go, and is so compact I can fit it in my minivan without concern for a top rack mount. Super light, and lots of fun. During certain seasons I have had it out daily. I got it as a beginner kayak and have decided to stick with it!

I have had a Walden…

Submitted by: angelinebeth on 1/9/2008
I have had a Walden Experience for about a year. I love this kayak. It is very comfortable and have no problem being in it for 5 to 6 hours at a time (I'm 5'10", 175 lbs). The only down fall I can find, is it does not have a dry hatch. But I am not complaining.

"Waldo" (as I have named my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/8/2006
"Waldo" (as I have named my Walden Experience) is the best kayak on the water. I own 4 ranging in price & size from my $400 Walden to my $3,000 Meridian SK and Waldo is still my favorite. I have allowed literally dozens of people to take him out over the last 10 years and everyone agrees he's the best. Not only is Waldo easy to manuver, there is amazingly little side to side pull. I have actually won races against much larger and sleeker kayaks costing thousands more. Waldo is also made of all recycled materials-another reason to feel great about adopting your very own Waldo.

I recently purchased a Walden…

Submitted by: laborman on 7/1/2004
I recently purchased a Walden Experience based on all the great reviews. I love the way it paddles, the storage capacity and amenities such as shock cords, paddle holder, cup holder and rear hatch. But I find it super uncomfortable. It is difficult to get in and out of. I am 5'10" 175 pounds. My legs and feet go numb after a short time in the boat. There is simply no room to flex them. I have tried extra padding on the seat and around my feet. My wife has a Dagger Zydeco, which lacks some of the extra features of the Walden. But it's a lot more comfortable.

I just purchased an…

Submitted by: paddler230538 on 4/28/2004
I just purchased an Experience after owning a naturalist for about 10 years. This boat is perfect for what I'm into, which is freswater fishing in rivers, lakes and small creeks and ponds. It's a little tight getting into, but once in, all my equipment is easily accessed in the fron deck rigging. It's light, which make small portages a breeze. Very important to me since I have a bad back. I'm really liking this yak so far.

I just bought this boat in…

Submitted by: paddler230282 on 7/28/2003
I just bought this boat in July, 2003. My seat back has good padding so maybe this was a recent addition. Very comfortable. I bought the kayak to carry on our powerboat but find that I now enjoy paddling to more and more places. I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase.

This boat is perfect for just…

Submitted by: paddler230117 on 5/13/2003
This boat is perfect for just about anywhere. I have used it on small streams, lakes, ponds, and rivers. I've used it on long trips (10 miles) and on ocean bays. I would recommend getting a spray skirt if you use it on big waters. It is easy to transport and store (very light). The one drawback is the seat in the older models are uncomfortable. It is one molded piece of plastic and needs padding.

My Critieria, (1)I started…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/23/2002
My Critieria, (1)I started out looking for a small kayak to fit in the back of my mini pickup. Reason being I figured if it were easy enough to transport I would use it more often. (2) I have a bad back so weight was important. And (3) Excercise. I knew I'd be paddling alone alot so I wanted to be able to paddle upstream turn around and then down so speed for that reason only, was a factor. I researched, Demo'd, and did a lot of talking, only to be further confused. Everyone has an opinion and recomends what they want. That's understanable and well, I asked. I found the more you ask the more you ask.. Most said "buy longer." I tried everything from 9'-13', & $300-$650 and was so at the piont of confusion that I had convinced myself I really needed 13' and touring/camping abilities in order to have fun. Just as I was about to make my 13' $500 purchase I thought of my original reason for buying a kayak. Went back and bought the Basic Walden Naturalist. 27" wide 10' long. This makes it faster but a little less stable than 9'long 30" wide boats. Light 37lbs. Smaller cockpit than most beginner boats 35x18" = less water in boat = better chance of hitting class 2 & 3 rivers. Trade off less comfort entry/exit. $269.99. I am thrilled! I've been up and down the Charles River in Ma and am impressed with its tracking and up river into the wind paddleing ease. I did have a $2000+or- fiberglass 16' something or other fly by me one day that made me realize, I'm here to relax have fun and paddle. I have however installed a 10" hatch in the rear.(easier than it sounds), deck rigging and foot braces. Still less money than an Experience. Why a nine? Seatback does'nt fold. Everything's a compromise. We want it all! Don't we?

Was looking for a boat that I…

Submitted by: mausdad on 9/2/2002
Was looking for a boat that I could stow aboard my sailboat and toss into my jeep (front seat removed)this little guy meets those needs. In addition it is a very good boat for what it is designed for--lakes and rivers--tracking and initial stability are more than adequate for its 10 ft legnth. Still a new boat for me longest paddle so far has been 10 miles. The seat is a little high for the skirt and definitely could uee some padding! Tther than that it is a great recreational kayak!

I am new to kayaking except…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/17/2002
I am new to kayaking except for the camping rentals. Yesterday without knowing anything I purchased 2 new Walden Experience kayaks and all the gear to go with it. From all of your reviews it sounds like I did the right thing. I do have a question that I hope someone, who has done a seat modification can help me with even before I really get going. I hurt my lower back. It does not hurt at the moment and I would like to keep it that way. Any help would be great.!!!!

I bought the Experience used…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/24/2001
I bought the Experience used for my wife (out of a for sale ad here) after I bought a Dagger Zydeco for myself. Pure chance as to brand, it was close and the price was right. It didn't hurt that it was my wife's favorite color, green. I really like the boat, the cockpit isn't quite as comfortable as the Zydeco but it's much quieter in the water without the bow splash of the Zydeco. It's stable, light and easy to paddle and tracks well, everything we wanted in a recreational kayak. All told it's about equal to the Zydeco overall but the quiet of the Experience is a real plus.

Great Kayak for the price (I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/10/2001
Great Kayak for the price (I got mine on sale for $329). A friend of mine has a loon 100 which is also a 10 ft kayak. I have to say the Loon is a bit more stable and tracks better. But the Experience is 10lbs lighter and I love the fact that you can adjust the foot pegs without getting out of the boat.

This is my first kayak. First…

Submitted by: paddler229217 on 5/7/2001
This is my first kayak. First I would like to thank the sales person that made my purchase very easy.( Jim at Ski Market Warwick RI ) The Walden experience was the perfect choice for me I use it for exercise and exploring area ponds and lakes It was love at first time out.

My new Walden Experiance is…

Submitted by: paddler228890 on 9/6/2000
My new Walden Experiance is the best of the three kayaks I have owned. I started kayaking two years ago and have been looking for a kayak I can load myself, one that is very stable, manuverable, and tracks reasonably well. I am only 5' tall and weigh 120 pounds so weight is crucial for me, the 35 pounds that the Experiance weighs is easy for me to handle and the shape of the kayak adds to the ease of loading. I should also mention that the price is very user friendly, I don't think there is a kayak of this quality that is priced even close. The only con I find with the Experiance is the seat, it is very uncomfortable, especially on long paddles and it doesn't offer the paddler the feeling of being secure when paddling in swift water.

The experience is my first…

Submitted by: paddler228815 on 8/7/2000
The experience is my first kayak. I demoed several other rec kayaks and the experience was the best. It has ok tracking and even better turning. It is very stable which is good for new kayakers. The seat is not that great but the foot braces are easily ajusted from inside the kayak. The price was fairly good too.

As my 1st kayak I love it on…

Submitted by: paddler228512 on 3/27/2000
As my 1st kayak I love it on lakes & rivers. It is perfect with added padding to the seat. It fits in the back of my truck, is light, cheap, and perfect for what I wanted as a 1st boat. I'm looking for something bigger now ,maybe a Perception Carolina or a Feathercraft K-light. I will keep the Walden, because of it being so easy to just get out & paddle, you cant go wrong with this boat. Half of buying anything is to know what it was designed for & use it within those limits.

Nice and light and easy to…

Submitted by: paddler228501 on 3/20/2000
Nice and light and easy to transport, but the seat is uncomfortable. Wish the back was higher.

An excellent kayak for…

Submitted by: paddler228024 on 3/18/1999
An excellent kayak for exploring small streams, for fishing, and exploring waters not readily accessable to larger crafts. Very stable and tracks well and easy to lift onto the top of car. (about 40 lbs.) A bit slow, mostly because of it's size and has an uncomfortable seat.