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Well built kayak. Initial Stability is weak but once on the water secondary stability is excellent. I'm 6'1" and 220. The cockpit is tight for someone my size. I wouldn't recommend for someone larger. i found a lightly used one for $500. The best value for a kayak of this quality.

I have owned this boat for over ten years. It has seen many other kayaks come and go. This boat does everything well. From small rivers to the ocean, it has never failed me. I would by another tomorrow if given the chance. I am 6'1" and weigh 215 lbs. I can get in and out of the cockpit easily. The only thing this boat needs after ten plus years is a new seat.

A good kayak overall. Have had it on small rivers and Pamlico Sound. High bow permits some weathercocking but not too distracting. Cuts through the water fairly well. Overall worth the price if you can find it on sale, Buy it.

I bought this boat earlier this summer at Cabelas. It was on sale for around $975. A good dealk for a great boat. Moves through water easily. Only thing I would say is negative is the weight. It is a big boat and almost requires two people to load and unload it.

I bought six of these boats for a club. They are a good general purpose boat and good for beginners. They are well constructed and will withstand a beating. They are not fast but good for streams and slow moving rivers.

Great board for experienced users. Those over 200 lbs may have more difficulty. I'm 6'5 and 225. It works for me but I am at the limit of who I would recommend this board for. Otherwise I recommend buying this board. Pros Quick turning and good in the surf. Cons Not for beginners. Usage Surfing on oceans and lakes in upstate NY.

Just purchased this kayak last month and have had it out three times. On the Trough section of Potomac it handled Class II and III rapids and ledges with ease. On lakes it tracked and turned well.

At 13 feet this boat is a great size and has versatility to handle a variety of conditions for a larger paddler. I'm 6'1" and 155 lbs. It is a bit heavy. Seat feels flimsy but is comfortable.

I purchased a used Orion in March. I have had it out…

I purchased a used Orion in March.
I have had it out four times and each time has been more enjoyable than the previous. It edges well, is extremely maneuverable and stable. Of all the boats I have owned (Dagger, QCC, Current Designs) this one is the best overall kayak. I like it so much that I just purchased a second one. Great boat for novice to expert level kayakers. I am 6'1" and 230 and have plenty of room.

A good boat. Just picked up a 2006 Storm new for $900 and feel that I got a good deal. Spent a week on Florida lakes and rivers testing it out. At 6"1" and 225lbs. It fits me like a glove. Easy to enter and once in the thigh braces are positioned exactly where they need to be. The boat glides well and seems to maintain a 4-5 mph pace effortlessly. I spent 3 hours kayaking down the Salt River and never felt uncomfortable or like I needed to get out and stretch. Lower profile and glide lets me prefer this boat over the kevlar Solstice GT I just sold.

I just purchased two used Waldens. The manuals says that they will fit a person to 6'5". I'm 6'1" and am not going into the boat. The front deck is not raised enough to let one's feet slide in. Also, the boat is 27" wide but the cockpit opening is not very wide. Poor design. The deck hardware also seems flimsy. Probably not a bad creek boat as the plastic looks thick, but only a good boat for those who play around a pond or small lake.