Name: Tony2962

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I've owned this kayak for almost a month, and been out at least half dozen times. I absolutely love it. I challenge anyone to find a better kayak in this price range (>$1k) . It's well built, one piece molded poly, (some screws may need to be tightened after transit). It's extremely stable, I'm 50+ 6' 1" 220lbs, never stood in a kayak before and did it first time out. Last time out I was fishing over one side with my legs hanging in the water. The features are where this kayak excels for the price; An extremely comfortable adjustable seat (High and low positions), toe controlled rudder system, hinged center console, Gear tracks everywhere, Transducer mounting port with cover, I could go on. Suffice to say this is a fishing kayak designed to get you out there without putting you in debt, that way you can spend more on tackle!

To all those people reporting the Guide 147 as tippy please take a good look at the hull. Took mine out today for the first time and had trouble keeping it upright! Got it home and gave it a good inspection (I know, I should have done it at the store!) Looking down the keel one half of the arch is 'bowed' more than the other, now I know why I was tipping to one side. Called the store and guy said they have been having problems with their canoes from their distribution center.

Lesson: Give your canoe a really good looking over before buying.