Name: Mmerle61

Most Recent Reviews

I've only owned this for about 1 month and in that time I've used it about 10 times. I find that I want to love it and so far I do not. It has some great features, the rudder, the storage, I stay absolutely dry. My fish finder fits perfectly as does my anchor.. However, I find it to be wobbly, I cannot stand and fish which is very disappointing. I find the seat to be uncomfortable when seated for a few hours, and not being able to stand doesn't help. I'd gladly give up some storage for more stability.

It is a nice kayak overall. It cuts through the water easily and tracks well. The rod holders are in a good spot, making it easy to get to your rods. The exo carry case is not waterproof. The one major flaw is the seat. I found it very uncomfortable.