14' 10"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Gemini ST Description

At 37.5lbs (17kg) the first thing you'll notice about the ST is how light and easy it is to handle. Whether carrying the kayak on your shoulder or loading it on your car, it takes the chore out of getting to the water. On the water it handles like a longer kayak; moderately rockered, good stability, long waterline and a fine bow ensure the ST tracks well and gives it a touring speed better than many longer kayaks.

Gemini ST Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced

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I have 2 Valley boats a…

Submitted by: paddler838521 on 7/29/2020
I have 2 Valley boats a Gemini ST with carbon fibre hull and a Nordkapp LV. The Gemini is much lighter and rides higher in the water when empty (paddler weight 78kg) as a result it is more dependant on the skeg to maintain control in stronger winds. The Nordkapp is faster in a straight line while the Gemini is easier to turn, both handle well under sail and are great fun in the surf. The Gemini is easy to pack with camping gear for weekend trips with good size hatch openings but I am not a fan of the tiny “glove box” in front of the cockpit. I recently had to replace the original hatch covers on the Gemini and found that Kajak Sports Round 24 front and Oval 42/30 back hatch covers fitted perfectly on the Valley rims. The Gemini is a good sea kayak for east coast Australian conditions.

Well, firstly, this is…

Submitted by: paddler399418 on 2/11/2020

Well, firstly, this is actually a review of the Gemini ST, which is a composite boat & it does not come in a plastic version, which makes sense to me.

The SP does come in a plastic version which also makes sense to me. Here's why...

The Gemini ST is light & actually quite fast on the water. I found it a bit "tippy" feeling on lively ocean water and I ended up lowering the seat by adding additional spacers, maybe a little less than an inch, and cutting back some if the under seat foam. That really worked & the kayak still felt lively, but also "planted", even in bouncy rebound off the cliffs.

Benefits of the ST are, its very light weight..a joy to load on & off the car! Also its excellent speed & tracking, without the kayak feeling "locked in" or dull. It catches waves like a demon & tracks beautifully on the wave while being easy to steer with some edge & stern rudder. Obviously, without having the bow volume of the SP, it may bury the nose if pushed too hard (like on steeper, faster waves) but I did not go there. Like the SP, its shorter length is a plus and it really is as fast as many longer, hard tracking tourers. Lowering the seat did not affect the ability to lay-back as with the seat at normal height, I couldn't do that anyway at the standard seat height :(

Its not a kayak you want to bounce off rocks in, as it isn't designed for that. Its light, fast & responsive and that is plenty!

The Gemini SP however is designed for pushing things a bit in surf & rough water and hence the addition of a plastic version. People will feel they want to get among the rocks in the SP, if they are so inclined.

At first, I was a bit non-plussed with the Gemini ST, but having lived with it for a while, I came to appreciate it's good points and did not get hung up on what it wasn't. If you enjoy sea kayaking and are looking for a lightweight but "real" sea kayak, that has character & "feel", you may be very happy with the Gemini ST. I am about 6' 1" & 12.5 - 13 stone and it worked well for me. For a very light person it may feel more bouyant...hard to say without testing it.

The only negatives for me were minor, I don't like the removable pod & removed it. I cover the space with a mesh bag & put my bottle & sponge in the pod space, which works well for me. I wish Valley had just built in a normal front hatch & provided a free dry bag, if they wanted to offer something removable :D

Also, I don't much like the variations in hatch sizes across the Valley line. It becomes a hassle getting the right fit in countries other than the UK. I would prefer standard round hatches, like NDK boats. I would also like Valley to design in a lower rear cockpit rim, to allow for easier layback, which gives me a real sense of freedom. The Aquanaut RM LV had that & I loved it.

So, in short both Gemini SP & ST are awesome kayaks. They do not have the flat planing hull of say the Delphin or Xtra, but have a pronounced keel, and as such, handle more like a standard kayak & are probably much more manageable (& enjoyable) in windy conditions. But they are also only 4.5m long, highly seaworthy, versatile & so much fun, without taking up a large space in your garage or shed. They can be paddled with finesse and encourage learning new skills.


Of plastic sea kayaks boats…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/31/2018

Of plastic sea kayaks boats for playful conditions (rock play, surfing, etc.), this is the go-to boat for smaller women.

Review comments provided by my partner, a 5'1", 110lb woman. A good friend who is under 5' and probably also under 100 lbs also uses a Gemini RM as her go-to boat,

We've had the boat 3 or 4 years so far and it has been great for her. She has worked on learning to roll and the cockpit on it is not sized so large that she falls out as she did with a Dagger Alchemy 14.0S she had before).

Boat is not as playful as many of the other shorter sea kayaks used for ocean play (like they P&H Delphin and Dagger Alchemy). It tracks very well(which is part of why it is not as playful) and seems more efficient through the water than you would expect for a 15' boat (she is much faster in it than she was in her Alchemy S).

Long term worry is the hatches. Valley hatches are known for dry rotting after 3-6 years. The Gemini uses 2 of custom sizes (not used on other boats), which likely will be very expensive to replace.