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I have 2 Valley boats a Gemini ST with carbon fibre hull and a Nordkapp LV. The Gemini is much lighter and rides higher in the water when empty (paddler weight 78kg) as a result it is more dependant on the skeg to maintain control in stronger winds. The Nordkapp is faster in a straight line while the Gemini is easier to turn, both handle well under sail and are great fun in the surf. The Gemini is easy to pack with camping gear for weekend trips with good size hatch openings but I am not a fan of the tiny “glove box” in front of the cockpit. I recently had to replace the original hatch covers on the Gemini and found that Kajak Sports Round 24 front and Oval 42/30 back hatch covers fitted perfectly on the Valley rims. The Gemini is a good sea kayak for east coast Australian conditions.