Sirona 16-1

16' 1"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Sirona 16-1 Options

  • 59 lb
    Polyethylene Plastic
  • 53 lb
    Fiberglass Composite

    Sirona 16-1 Description

    At 16'1", the Sirona is short enough to be considered an Ocean play-boat but long enough to hold it’s speed, even when moderately laden. True, it is not intended for multi-week expeditions but it is certainly very suitable for most people, even those with overnight ambitions.

    Sirona 16-1 Specs and Features

    • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
    • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
    • Seating Configuration: Solo
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

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    Sirona 16-1 Reviews

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    Owned a 16.1 Sirona for…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/9/2019

    Owned a 16.1 Sirona for about 2 month. Even if i was in love with my P&H Delphin 155, I resale it almost as soon as I've try the sirona. I'm 5'9'' 200 pound and I've owned many kayaks since I've started kayaking 11 years ago. I found the sirona initial stability very solid even after reading the opposite and it has great edging capacity. The Valley Sirona NEED the skeg almost all the time like most of the kayaks that are turning on a dime and it does well!! Way better that my Delphin!! I've realised that this kayak is a pure Wonder as soon as I try to roll it. It's an auto-roll a real one and even better that my auto-roll Delphin. It's not as fast as other 16 foot kayaks but I can keep the pace in a group (not a long water line due to his banana shape). It's a great surfer way better that my delphin one again (and a little better in my opinion that the Romany I once try). So I would give him a 4 3/4 stars!! I will keep the sirona for a long time. You have to try it !


    I bought an ex demo Sirona…

    Submitted by: Fozzy on 11/14/2017

    I bought an ex demo Sirona direct from Valley in April this year (2017) and have paddled it extensively for 6 months now. Initially I found the primary stability a little low but this may have been because i came from a P&H Cetus which is almost flat under the cockpit and the seat is very low. Whilst the Sirona is also pretty flat the seat is set quite a bit higher. After a few weeks I lowered the seat to just 5mm from the hull, thus lowering the centre of gravity. This transformed the boat and I would now rate the primary stability as excellent/very high. The secondary stability when on edge is also excellent. For a 16ft boat this is extremely maneuverable, and I personally find it turns quicker than a Delphin. This boat revels in rough water and the surf zone. It shrugs off big seas and catches waves very easily. It's far and away the best rough water boat I've paddle and has become my go to boat over the Cetus and Xcite. Much more fun then either. There is of course a downside to all this and that's speed and tracking. Being so playful it does compromise a bit on both of these. It is skeg dependent to assist with tracking and whilst perfectly quick enough for most group day paddles it can be hard work keeping up with the composite ones. It is faster than a Delphin though. I've used it for multiday trips where I know I will be playing on the way. It has plenty of room for a weeks worth of kit and loaded it does track just a little better. The outfitting I find very comfortable, but this is obviously a personal thing. Valley have nailed it with this kayak, which they class as an ocean playboat. I think this description is spot on. I'm lucky enough to have a number of kayaks, but if you can only have one boat as a "jack of all trades" the Valley Sirona is well worth a demo.


    I just recently purchased the…

    Submitted by: plpennin on 5/22/2016
    I just recently purchased the new model Valley Sirona 16.1 RM. As an experienced 200# kayaker, I find this boat to be very nimble especially for a 16' kayak. It is extremely easy to turn and I really like the solid secondary stability when playing in the surf. It does a nice job of riding up the waves as opposed to purling. I've not had the pleasure yet to paddle it in high winds to see how it handles it, but with the skeg, I expect it to track appropriately.

    The seat is very comfortable for all day paddling. This is a 4 hatch boat and after playing in the surf and lots of rolling, all hatches, including the deck hatch were bone dry. These hatches are much easier to seal as opposed to our other Valley boats. The deck hatch is a 100% improvement over the Valley pod from previous models.

    The fit and finish of this boat is on par with other Valley boats. This is my third Valley boat as I have a composite Aquanaut and a poly Avocet in our family's fleet.

    I purchased this boat on spec as I was looking for a 16' RM kayak to play/teach with. So far it fits my needs. Hope this helps. I look forward to more reviews of this product