15' 11"
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  • Avocet LV

    46 lb
    Fiberglass Composite
  • 42 lb

    This Product Has Been Discontinued

    Avocet LV Description

    Ideally suited to really small paddlers, especially women, the Avocet LV is one of the few genuinely small kayaks that makes a playful and fun day boat for paddlers below 120lbs. Like the regular Avocet it was developed from the popular Pintail but improved to provide better tracking and more forgiveness yet retaining it's original lively handling. Long awaited and very well regarded since it's launch the LV is in a class of it’s own for experienced smaller paddlers.

    Avocet LV Specs and Features

    • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
    • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
    • Seating Configuration: Solo
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

    Valley Sea Kayaks
    Avocet LV Reviews

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    The Valley Avocet LV is a…

    Submitted by: Toomanyboats on 9/29/2020

    The Valley Avocet LV is a dynamic, fluid piece of functional art. The hulls design was build around the very slow but maneuverable Pintail with better tracking. The boats rocker is pronounced. When it sits on the ground both the bow and stern rise in the air. The LV sits there in the water with little deck above the water. This low profile is perfect for big waves, water splashing and crashing over your deck with little effect on the boat.

    The rocker is perfect for tide racing, paddling in on white water, or riding very large breaking waves. I’ve taken this boat out slicing through 8-10ft swells and surf only to end up airborne from the cockpit and behind.

    The boat rolls incredibly well done n all conditions.

    Where most all my prior 30 boats toppled over or got swamped from dumping and breaking waves, my Avocet has always kept my maneuvering in control and find those special spots in its design to be stable and push the envelope. This boat can be enjoyed by anyone, yet offer a blank canvas for one to rapidly advance their skill set.

    Most are well outfitted for comfort. A upgrade to a back band is preferred to some paddlers.

    I have nothing but great things to say about this boat.

    Leaning into waves and bracing this boat is great. Do not let the 20.5” beam scare you. It’s absolutely a win-win.

    The boat is responsive and at first may seem tippy, but the swallow V is easily adaptable and will give you great ease knowing you can handle it better for more unstable conditions.

    I am 5’10”, at 180lbs, the boat fits like a glove. I enjoy that it’s form fitting which is very important in high surf. The advertising, “fits small paddlers than are female up to 120lbs” is incorrect. I think for a intermittent or advance paddler who is fit would adore this boat.

    Mine is PE and takes an absorbent amount of abuse with absolutely no remorse.


    I have owned and paddled this…

    Submitted by: sbyers on 7/3/2015
    I have owned and paddled this kayak for over a year, in a variety of conditions from flat water day touring, several overnight trips, to rough water play and surf in 6ft+ waves. It handles very responsively; I am 5'6", 125 lbs, and this boat feels like an extension of myself, edging, turning and rolling with ease. Hatches are dry, cockpit is comfortable. Only minor complaints: to some other similar fiberglass kayaks this feels heavy, and in any slight seas it doesn't track well without the skeg

    outstanding choice for…

    Submitted by: paddler235916 on 9/3/2014
    outstanding choice for smaller paddler... "a dancer", maneuverable, steady, slender. Moves easily through textured water.

    This is a wonderful boat that…

    Submitted by: paddler235635 on 7/2/2014
    This is a wonderful boat that I would recommend to any sea kayaker. When I first paddled the Avocet LV I had only been paddling for a little less than a year. A friend of mine allowed me to paddle his Avocet over the course of some time and taught me many useful techniques in it such as bracing high/ low, sculling, surfing and I did my first roll in it. I've been camping in the Avocet as well and it has plenty of space for an extensive camping trip and hatches that I will guarantee will keep your gear dry even if you decide to do some rolls and go play in the surf. I've been caught in some nasty weather in the Avocet and with the skeg and naturally a well tracking boat it can handle many conditions. Now I've been paddling the Avocet for two years and am a guide. If you want to learn to advance your skill and technique with ease and perfection then seek the Avocet LV, it will make any trip on the water a memorable one.

    My 7th kayak and I actually…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/15/2012
    My 7th kayak and I actually believe this will be my last. My criteria for selection:
    1. Has to fit my frame (5'4, 125lbs). This could use a tad of foam to be perfect but otherwise it's darn near perfect.
    2. Has to be light for solo transporting. This leaves out all the other kayaks that are 50lbs plus including other Valleys, NDKs, P&Hs and the sexy Tideraces. Mine is carbon kevlar so it's around 40lbs (insert sheepish grin here)
    3. Has to be quality made (It's by Valley - need I say more?)
    4. Must be fast enough to keep up with others (I use a greenland paddle and easily keep - sometimes having to slow down - although I do paddle with a quick cadence).
    5. Must be nimble. This is the first kayak I've been able to roll effortlessly and comes up every single time. Carves and edges without a second thought.
    6. Skeg only. Hate rudders.
    Those are must haves. Nice to haves are easy to operate hatches, room enough for weekend trips, cool color (i've been stuck with some unflattering teals and pinks and baby blues). Mine is red deck, white hull, black trim. When I'm not paddling, I find myself looking at it like a lovesick teenager looking at her first crush.

    Fortunately the Avocet LV has all my nice to haves and then some. This is a rare kayak and if you ever see one come up for sale, grab it because you'll not see it again for a very long time. I drove across two states to pick mine up...

    Sorry to all you "average" sized paddlers. This one is for the little peeps :)


    I have several kayaks and my…

    Submitted by: EagleEye on 12/28/2010
    I have several kayaks and my Valley Avocet LV (Kevlar)is by far my favorite. It tracks and edges well, it rolls easily (when you want it to), and it handles rough water and wind well. I can also keep up with the big boys in their longer kayaks. This kayak is nice and light weight and is an excellent kayak for a small to medium sized paddler. Did I mention it edges well? It edges WELL; and easily, too.

    I am a woman 5'2" tall and…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/10/2009
    I am a woman 5'2" tall and weigh about 127 lbs. In the past used the Poly Avocet to teach strokes and rescues in because of the resilience of plastic. At a recent boat show I tried the Avocet LV and fell in love with it, because of the fit. I went home with one. I have had people 6’ 170 lbs that can fit into its cockpit they love its playfulness and I have had to ask for my boat back.

    I have used many boats over the years. From the Lincoln Isle au Haut at 17' with a 22.5" beam. The Isle au Haut is a fast and has high initial stability. It is a good expedition boat. The NDK Romany at 16' and a 20.5" beam is another good boat, but more for the mid-size paddler than a smaller one. The regular Avocet is comparable in performance to the Romany, but with less rocker, which makes the Avocet better in a beaming wind.

    The Avocet LV is the performing sea boat for the smaller serious paddler. At 15'11" in length and a 20.5" beam it keeps up easily with 17' boats. It handles 4' surf and a following sea wonderfully. It edges with ease and stability. It is a cinch to roll. The new and improved back bands, which Valley has available are very comfortable and allows a layback roll. The hatches are a job to put on, but knowing that your hatches are completely water tight makes it worth the effort.

    At 46lbs. in weight I can easily load and unload it from on top of a car or trailer. The quality of workmanship and the design make this the ideal boat for the smaller person that wants one boat that will last as long as they want to keep paddling and that will never tire of.
    I give this boat a 10 out of 10