Name: sbyers

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I have owned and paddled this kayak for over a year, in a variety of conditions from flat water day touring, several overnight trips, to rough water play and surf in 6ft+ waves. It handles very responsively; I am 5'6", 125 lbs, and this boat feels like an extension of myself, edging, turning and rolling with ease. Hatches are dry, cockpit is comfortable. Only minor complaints: to some other similar fiberglass kayaks this feels heavy, and in any slight seas it doesn't track well without the skeg

Very stable, rigged well for rod storage and safety, comfortable seating, able to stand to fish, accessible dry hatch, tracks fairly well for its size. Purchased a year ago for inland lake fishing, have paddled in some wind and waves safely and surprisingly capably.

Overall pleased with this kayak, as more of an entry level sea kayak capable of growing with the paddler. Fiberglass is light and has been resilient, even withstanding some iceberg and fellow kayaker rammings by my 13 yr old, who uses this boat since I replaced with a Valley kayak. Tracks, turns, edges and rolls well. Minor complaints: hatch covers are sticky to get tight.

I love this paddle; purchased as more of a rough water paddle but ended up using for tripping in all conditions as it's comfortable, light and easily used for all day without fatigue. I'm a smaller paddler and the smaller shaft is helpful. The ferrule attachment is secure and the multiple angle and direction options are nice, but probably not used all that much unless sharing with others.

This is my go to canoe paddle, having used now for many wilderness trips in the Boundary Waters and Quetico over the past 5 years. I am a conscientious paddler but we paddle in rough conditions and terrain, run some rapids, and this paddle barely shows a scratch. Light, comfortable for all day use.

This paddle is light, functional and beautiful, capable of touring all day efficiently. Also works well for solo canoe paddling. Main complaint is that the carbon on the shaft has chipped on one edge at the ferrule joint, and compared to some other similar ferrules the joint is a little stickier.

This is our family tripping canoe, giving us confidence in big water that with other canoes we didn't feel; the higher bow rides over waves with ease, and the tumble design seems to keep more water out when paddling waves. Still a decently fast canoe in calmer water as well. Capable of large loads; estimate 700+ lbs is typical for us with 2 adults, 1 child, 2 medium- large dogs, and 2-3 large Duluth packs. And no, we don't feel clumsy or overloaded with this; there's still plenty of freeboard as well.

No filter is perfect, but this one comes close. After years of using, and failing with, different Katadyn pump filters, we switched to this. It's fast, large capacity, and light, with back flushing possible. Why it's imperfect; back flushing is actually recommended on a practically daily basis, and when air gets in the filter (which is inevitable) it takes awhile to work out and filtering is very slow until then. That said, this filter has never failed on our many backcountry trips...I'll put up with minor inconveniences for reliability.