Name: pbjones80

Most Recent Reviews

Great kayak. I use this kayak for recreation on the New River in Independence, VA. I paddle up river with no problem and float back down.. Great tracking. Very stable. Smooth ride. I have not turned this kayak over even once since purchasing. Lovely variety of colors and great pricing. Wish this had been my first kayak. Have bought another for my husband. Several friends have also purchased one after trying mine out. Love it!

Recently purchased a Perception Swifty Sport 9.5. I live in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains on the crystal clear New River and this is a perfect kayak for this area. The length is very manageable and it has great stability. It only weighs 42 lbs so moving it to the water is no problem. I absolutely love this kayak.

I am a newbie kayaker, 54 years young and a woman. Love to kayak up the river and leisurely float back down. Easy to maneuver and control, sturdy and very well made. Lots of room for carrying gear. It also comes in many different colors. I got a red, white and blue one.

Very unstable kayak. May be okay for a child because they are so lite. This was a big disappointment! Wish I had bought a better kayak in the beginning. I was almost ready to quit.

New kayaker. Love this Kayak! Very smooth, stable and easy to guide with paddle. Wish I bought this one first. Bought a 8.0 Sundolphin first and all I did was turnover, was not stable at all. Love my Swifty.