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Remarkably efficient when pedaling. Extraordinarily stable in rough water. Light enough to cartop.


The Pescador Pilot is a 12 foot, five-inch pedal-drive fishing platform. I’ve had it out in rough weather and was impressed with its stability. The propeller drive has to be pulled up when landing or launching from a beach -- an obvious disadvantage when compared to the Hobie-type flipper drive which can be beached without any such requirement. The pedal drive has one feature though, that the Hobie types can’t touch: it can back up. Before I first set sail with this kayak, I had read about that in other reviews but didn’t think much of it. But when fishing large-mouth bass, close-in along the reeds, being able to back up so easily was a big advantage and a joy.

The built-in tracks allow for easy mounting of rod holders and a fish-finder. Two weatherproof utility compartments provide a home for a relatively large battery (In addition to the fish finder, I have LED lighting on the boat and I don’t want to run out of juice on a long night of fishing) and space for any connections and wiring you may need.

Mounting two rod-holders in the tracks – one on each side - I troll two lines just pedaling along. A strike on either line is easy to manage by just removing that rod from its mount and going to work!

A clever recess in the keel makes a convenient and protected place for a transducer if you add electronics to your rig. The aluminum-framed, nylon mesh seat is easily adjustable, even underway, and is notably comfortable. The paddle keeper works well but you must lay the shaft of your paddle in the groove made for the purpose, before fastening the bungee-type holder. I remove the pedal drive and the battery for my fish-finder and find it light enough to cartop by myself.

Perception has made this kayak even more desirable by pricing it competitively with other pedal-drive fishing kayaks.

To help stand or sit when entering or leaving the kayak, I have installed a bow line tied to the forward lifting handle and ending in a spliced loop within easy reach of the seat.

Other reviewers have noted the four rod holders behind the seat are too big and allow too much movement of the rods. Inserting a length of 1 ½ inch PVC bedded in silicone caulk does the trick and keeps your rods from rattling around.

One other addition I have made is a “safety mast” in the stern, It’s a removable PVC pole with a Day-Glo orange flag and an LED light at the top. The base I use is a mount actually made to hold a flag on your house.

For some serious kayak fishing, you need this boat.

Great value! 3 convenient rod-holders, adjustable foot pads. Paddle holder. Nothing bad to…

Great value! 3 convenient rod-holders, adjustable foot pads. Paddle holder.
Nothing bad to say about this great little boat. Oh wait! - one small thing: Butt gets sore on unpadded seat - add a cushion of some sort. If they had a 9.9 rating, That's what I'd give it. But in whole numbers, it's a solid 10.

Easy to carry, launch, and paddle. Great value! and at 8 feet, it stands up in a corner in our apartment. I miss molded-in or adjustable foot braces so I'm rating it a 9 instead of 10.