Stax Pro™ 2 (2 boat carrier)

Stax Pro™ 2 (2 boat carrier) Description

The Stax Pro2 is the combination of intelligent design, excellent workmanship, superior strength and affordable pricing. This two boat transport system delivers a safe and secure trip to the water and back and assures a great paddling experience. Features a fold-down frame design for low clearance and foam blocks to protect the kayaks from cross bar abrasion. Comes with all required straps, mounting hardware and safety lines to safely transport two kayaks.

Stax Pro™ 2 (2 boat carrier) Specs and Features

  • Material Description: Octagonal aluminum post construction

Additional Attributes

  • Open gate head design easily and securely captures load straps
  • Universal fit mounting hardware
  • 50mm and 60mm mounting bolts (Note: Longer bolts available in Accessories / Hardware & Mounting Kits)
  • Cam style load straps and 10' safety tie-downs
  • Fold-down design for low clearance needs
  • Foam stacker blocks to protect the kayaks
  • Octagonal aluminum post construction
  • Corrosion resistant molded components
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • 5"x 5" x 20" high

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Stax Pro™ 2 (2 boat carrier) Reviews

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I just purchased the Malone…

Submitted by: Odinthorsdad on 6/21/2016
I just purchased the Malone Stax Pro2 Folding Kayak Carrier and I love it. It was super easy to install on my factory roof rack and held my 2 new kayaks with ease.

An economical, handy way to…

Submitted by: jamoaque on 7/13/2015
An economical, handy way to transport two kayaks. The system seems solid. Overall easy to use. I have hauled kayaks from Illinois north to Michigan and south to Florida with this carrier. I have carried solo kayaks of 10-foot length (40 lbs each) and 14-foot length (52 to 58 lbs each). I like that when the kayaks are off the roof and you want to pull your vehicle into the garage, or drive around, you can just fold the stands down so they don’t stick up so high instead of having to remove them.

There are two things that could be improved. One is the instructions could be a little clearer on how to use the ropes that are for the front and rear of the kayaks. The main thing though would be to give specific advice and/or an extra gadget for "calming down" the straps that wrap around the kayaks. Sometimes they get vibrating from the 50 to 70 mph winds they feel when you drive on the highway, and they can make quite a racket w/ a loud and annoying humming noise. We have had to stop numerous times to make adjustments to try to get rid of the noise. Here are a few things I have found to help. One is to use kayak covers over the cockpits. Then you can tuck the loose ends of the straps into/underneath the cover, and the center strap which goes around both kayaks goes tightly over the covers. (Last resort you can duct tape the strap ends to something, or wrap them around and around till they're a big tight ball.) Another thing I did was to place the one strap that goes around both kayaks a bit forward from the mid-point of the kayaks (instead of a bit behind the mid point), so it has the tendency to pull the noses together instead of apart. The third thing I did was underneath the kayaks where that strap goes across just above the car rooftop – it is very taught and can vibrate, so I ran a piece of duct tape from the van roof up over that strap and back down to the roof. That did not give the strap any opportunity to vibrate.


I have used the Malone Stax…

Submitted by: WaterHorse on 11/19/2014
I have used the Malone Stax Pro2 for one season and think those are great. I have those mounted to my FJ Cruiser oval roof rack cross bars and those fit fine. I recently upgraded to Thule square crossbars and the Malone upright stackers fit perfectly with those as well, thanks to the way the attachments are designed. These have been solid in gusty winds - 50 km/hr or more. The stacker comes with straps but I upgraded to wider NRS straps. However I think the straps that come with it work fine. These stackers fold down which is nice if need more clearance. When I upgraded to the Thule cross bars I could no longer get in the garage door even with those folded down but the wing nuts make it easy to remove those in minutes so no big problem. This is not a downside to the product as much as it is the fact that my vehicle has a couple of inches of lift which is just enough to scrap the top of the garage door if I don't take the stackers off.

All in all, I am very happy with the fit and finish of this product. I have had two 17 foot sea kayaks on the system with no problems. I would recommend it. The only thing I wish is that those were just a few inches taller so those were easier to reach when wrapping the straps around - minor issue.


I'd been in the market for an…

Submitted by: Komic007 on 9/1/2014
I'd been in the market for an affordable kayak car rack, but the two leading brands were prohibitively expensive. Then I found this on Amazon. It fits on any standard car roof rack, so I was able to get the whole roof rack and kayak rack for two boats at a quarter the price I would have paid for the leading names. This works really well- my boats have been very secure and I've used this every weekend all summer. It's nice the holders fold down and only one pair is necessary to purchase to carry one or two boats. Solid product that I highly recommend. I'd rather spend the big bucks on the kayak itself!