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I'd been in the market for an affordable kayak car rack, but the two leading brands were prohibitively expensive. Then I found this on Amazon. It fits on any standard car roof rack, so I was able to get the whole roof rack and kayak rack for two boats at a quarter the price I would have paid for the leading names. This works really well- my boats have been very secure and I've used this every weekend all summer. It's nice the holders fold down and only one pair is necessary to purchase to carry one or two boats. Solid product that I highly recommend. I'd rather spend the big bucks on the kayak itself!

I wanted a nice looking, comfortable life vest I could throw in the back of my boat and wear as needed. For $24, this did the trick. It floats, adjusts to different sizes, and is an all-around great life vest. Sure there are more expensive versions out there, but unless you are going to be wearing them 100% of the time, this should suffice. And even if you do plan on wearing this all the time, it's comfortable.

My husband and I had been wanting to buy a boat for years, and finally decided to do it this summer. We could not have made a better decision than choosing the Zydeco 9.0. We'd been looking into folding kayak options and even modular kayaks because we live on the third floor of an apartment complex and don't have a garage to store a big kayak. However, the individual pieces of modular kayaks are actually quite large, so putting them in our hatchback meant no legroom whatsoever. Folding kayaks seemed more expensive for less sturdy boats. Then we found the Zydeco 9.0. These boats are short enough we can store them in our study and light enough we can carry then to the 3rd floor. Despite being a shorter boat, the Zydeco tracks incredibly well and is able to withstand both rivers (including some rock hopping) and lakes. It is a very well made, rugged boat that makes for great adventure. We've taken friends and family out on the boat- both short folks and tall ones- and all come away very impresses. A superb find.

For the price ($28.99), I doubt there is a better paddle out there. These paddles are not fancy, but they certainly do the trick and I have no complaints whatsoever. The grips are great- my hands have never hurt, and I've appreciated being able to take them apart while I'm carrying my boat. It makes storage easier. I like to kayak rivers and occasionally scrape rocks or the bottom, and these have been fine. I'm glad they are not so fancy I'm worried about losing them or scratching them.

Well worth the price! My friends also have these and have said they work well. They float, but can collect some water inside (my friends said), so just don't leave them submerged too long. If you do, just let them dry out.