17' 3"
Weight (lb)

Quetico 17 Options

  • LeTigre Kevlar

    43 lb
    Kevlar/aramid Composite
  • Woven Color Kevlar

    43 lb
    Kevlar/aramid Composite
  • 43 lb
    Kevlar/aramid Composite
  • 42 lb
    Carbon Composite

    Quetico 17 Description

    The Quetico 17 has become recognized as the ultimate wilderness tripping canoe. If you paddle the wild places in Canada and the U.S., you will find dozens of them. That’s no accident! These canoes are ultra-light, incredibly tough and very stable. They handle like a dream under any load conditions. When you get caught paddling hard into the face of a headwind, you’ll be very glad you’re paddling a Quetico 17. It rides high on the waves and takes in very little water over the gunwales, a trait you’ll be sure to appreciate if you’ve ever paddled one of our competitors’ “lowrider” designs.

    Quetico 17 Specs and Features

    • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
    • Seating Configuration: Tandem, 3+
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

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    Quetico 17 Reviews

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    I purchased a Quetico 17 red…

    Submitted by: paddler836382 on 7/27/2020
    I purchased a Quetico 17 red canoe with the attractive Le Tigre pattern in June for the Humber River and its marshes in Toronto. I could not be more pleased with its exceptional appearance, ease of handling and speed. The professionalism of all at the Souris River Canoes manufacturing company was much appreciated. Thank you to everyone involved in my exceptional canoe’s manufacturing and delivery. Russell Sergiades

    We just got back from…

    Submitted by: paddler540025 on 8/6/2019

    We just got back from Killarney Provincial Park near Sudbury and rented a Souris 17. My wife and I just discovered canoeing and this canoe made us fall in love with this lifestyle. Easy to portage, paddle, durable and comfortable. We are going to buy one. I can still hear the loons calling!!! Great experience.


    After many decades of tandem…

    Submitted by: DonVermont on 7/31/2018

    After many decades of tandem paddling in lakes and ocean bays/"rivers" in our Mad River Lamoille (18'6) we looked for a lighter boat that would provide the same speed and stability. We chose the Souris River and couldn't be more pleased. It tracks extremely well and handles ocean swells with ease. It also has excellent speed, especially considering that its bow is so much more comfortable (slightly wider) than boats like a Minnesota II. The 35 pounds is especially helpful in portaging and loading the car!


    Best I've ever paddled. I've…

    Submitted by: waltless on 11/30/2017

    Best I've ever paddled. I've owned a Klepper, an Alumacraft, a Coleman and still own a Sawyer Summersong, Hydra Minnow, Old Town tandem kayak and the Quetico 18.5. My Quetico has seen the Boundary Waters, Sylvania Wilderness, Turtle-Flambeau Flowage, Gile Flowage and the Manitowish River. Performance, capacity and portage-ability are all tremendous. Hope to paddle it on the Bowron Lake circuit, Miami River, Mad River and Kokosing should I live long enough.


    I paddled quetico 17’s and…

    Submitted by: paddler406904 on 11/15/2017

    I paddled quetico 17’s and 18.5’s, along with aluminum and other branded kevlars for 3 Years (24 x 7-10 day canoe trips) working as a canoe guide with a company in Ontario and immediately bought one after I was done.

    One time a group ahead of me down the turtle river wrapped their canoe around a rock in a rapid and had to abandon it. It was my task to rescue the bags they had to abandon to fit their crew into one less canoe to make it to an evac site off the river at the next lake. When I found the site, a kayaker had popped it out of the rapid and stomped it back into shape and left a note for us. We literally paddled it back out, at least 4 or 5 days worth of trip. I believe it was repiared by souris river and added back to the fleet. There was no leaking, just some cracking along the top, and it paddled just fine. Some good-natured ribbing followed towards the group that abandoned ship. I believe the rest of us had aluminum canoes that trip and the speed and ease of paddling the souris river may have resulted in some early morning races to pick first canoe.

    What I personally noticed in terms of slight disadvantages over 3 years of paddling is that they can be challenging to portage in the wind, because they do not sit heavily on your shoulders like a heavier canoe. As a 120 lb woman, it can take some substantial arm stength to keep the wind from taking it. Granted, the longer, forested and wind-protected part of your portage is going to be much easier. This can sometimes happen on very very uncommonly windy lakes, more of the canoe sits out of the water, so there is more canoe to catch the wind, coupled with the lack of keel. So you might get the opportunity to practice your steering. But, you are also moving much faster and dragging less canoe weight. When we had groups of very large people, we would use these canoes because they have a substantially higher weight capacity compared to an aluminum canoe.

    This is a canoe to inspire envy from your peers and elicit unsolicited compliments and comments on the superior engineering of souris river canoes from those in the know.


    This is a versatile fast and…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/15/2017

    This is a versatile fast and stable boat! Got my red LeTigre layup in May and it’s beautiful. I weigh 250+ lbs and have had it loaded for a week, in the rain across saganaga waves and it was solid and steady. Probably not the fastest thing out there but if you are looking for a family friendly boat that can handle dogs, kids, fishing and Quetico/bwca trip this is your boat!


    This boat is incredible and…

    Submitted by: paddler236597 on 11/18/2015
    This boat is incredible and I'm happy to say it's everything I wanted. After having researched for hours and read every review on this site about the Souris River Quetico 17 I decided to buy one. The price from the manufacturer is good but I opted to look around and got a gently used boat from an outfitter.

    It's a very good looking boat. mine is NOT the le tigre colour but the weave of the kevlar is still interesting and the red really glows when it's in the light. the aluminum black trim is nice looking, the seats look good and the yoke is very handsome. Big, carved wood.

    As the website says, it weighs in the low 40 pound range. I can't believe how portable it is. It's my first kevlar boat and even at 17 feet I still have no problem moving it around on my own. I've got a bad knee and can still roll it up onto my shoulders and back down with ease.

    It feels very sturdy when it's on the water. The manufacturer's website does mention that the kevlar is supposedly extra strong due to their process.

    While taking it on it's first paddle this weekend we did run over a pretty large boulder that the bow paddler didn't see until the last second. the bottom flexed over it and we were fine. On that trip we were able to test all sorts of scenarios:
    we got caught in some heavy wind and the boat cruises through 20" waves with ease. still moving at a good speed. we also ended up in some dead calm water with only a couple of inches of water and it moves through that with no problems. it's got a ton of storage, tons of leg room. the seats are nice and low which adds to the stability.

    I'm a heavy guy and have never met a canoe I felt comfortable in. this is the only boat I've been able to sit on the seat and not tip. while I do prefer to kneel or sit on a lifejacket on the bottom if it's very windy I spent half the day sitting on the seat fishing and paddling with lots of power. on that note, when you get a nice paddle going this boat tracks very well at a very good speed.

    The reviews are true. it's not the fastest boat out there but it's a joy to paddle, tracks well, still moves quite quick, is ultra light and utterly stable. I cannot imagine a better canoe for tripping. I can't wait to get my wife and dog in it with me in the spring!


    Our canoe is the Kevlar red…

    Submitted by: scheidt on 9/9/2015
    Our canoe is the Kevlar red LeTigre weighing in at about 44 lbs. My wife and I are in our 50's and this is easily managed by by either one of us. However a breeze with both of us getting on or off the van. Handling and stability is a dream. Never felt more secure in heavy boat chop as we found ourselves on a recent Saturday. The shallow arch and tumblehome at the ends which transitions to a flat bottom and straight sides is a great design. It rides up and over the waves keeping my wife dry and happy. I would absolutely purchase this canoe again but fortunately this will last us our lifetime.

    Have paddled Langford, Swift,…

    Submitted by: paddler236436 on 8/18/2015
    Have paddled Langford, Swift, & Souris. Comparing Souris Quetico 17 Kevlar translucent to Swift 222 Cruiser (a special formerly Sawyer 18.5ft model you won't find in their catalogue, but similar to a long Winisk), they both track well loaded, but the Swift tracked better with a light load, and is faster. They both make great tripping canoes.

    I learned to paddle in…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/23/2015
    I learned to paddle in aluminum canoes and they were not all created equal. We fished, duck hunted, and did stupid things in spring floods. It was not for the love of paddling. It was years of sea kayaking on Lake Superior that made me really appreciate the sport of paddling.

    I purchased a Quetico 17 in 2014 and all the Reviews paid off. My Son and I recently had the canoe on Crescent Lake in the Olympic Nat. Park. We paddled down wind for an hour and the canoe tracked beautifully in the following whitecaps. The wind and waves really started to build, so we crossed the lake for flatter water/less headwind for the paddle back to camp. Started to cross the lake knowing we'd never been in water that rough in a canoe. Again, the tracking and stability were amazing. We really put the canoe to the test when my son spun in the bow seat to take a photo, putting our combined weight on the wrong side of the canoe, on the wrong side of a wave. We went up and over another wave in beam seas before getting control of the canoe. We were amazed, impressed, and thankful that we didn't capsize. Paddling back to our camp included a shorter crossing, quartering into the waves. Looking at the shoreline pass from out on the lake made you realize we were making good time without trying too.

    This is a testimonial for the design of this wonderful canoe, not us as paddlers! While marveling at it's stability and speed, you realize it would do even better with a load on board. Souris River Canoes seem to make a canoe for every option when a canoe makes the most sense, without going over the top on the # of models and making your choices confusing. If you can find a better canoe for a purpose other than racing, buy it without question!


    I purchased a Quetico 17…

    Submitted by: paddler236184 on 4/15/2015
    I purchased a Quetico 17 about 5 years ago. Worth every penny! I live in Alaska and I have found the canoe to be ideal. I actually believe the canoe may well have saved my life last fall. I and a buddy were on a moose hunt in interior AK. We were paddling across a very large lake on a nice day when suddenly violent winds kicked up. In any other canoe we would have capsized! But the Quetico 17 stayed with it. We ended up having to tack maneuver to get back to our camp and the waves on the lake increased to 3-4 feet. Very impressive!

    If you are on the fence as to getting one of these canoes, don't hesitate; they are no doubt the best and the safest canoe money can buy!


    I bought a Quetico 17 from an…

    Submitted by: paddler236168 on 3/28/2015
    I bought a Quetico 17 from an outfitter, I'll never paddle anything but a Quetico... best canoe I had. Stable and very reliable for fishing or cruising big water on windy days. This boat makes you feel safe, I would recommend this boat to anyone.

    I've paddled a wide range of…

    Submitted by: paddler236116 on 1/27/2015
    I've paddled a wide range of canoes and this was my second kevlar purchase. The material is excellent and strong. When I take my CJ solo out I cringe every time I hit a rock. The Quetico really doesn't produce that horrific sound. The material seem to flex over the rocks and distribute pressure more evenly!

    Another structural treat that this beast has I don't think anyone has noticed or mentioned. Souris River says it's a straight sided canoe. But there is actually tumblehome sides where you sit, as the sides come to the center thwart, they straighten out. This is genius because you get the comfortable reach you would in a tumblehome as well as the splash protection from a straight sided canoe.

    The flat bottom does cut the speed down, but the stability and maneuverability is a great compromise. It tracks decent, and if you are a fishermen I'd say this is a must. Keep in mind there is not perfect canoe, every design has its cons. This canoe seem to have a little bit of everything in it! They do say mutts make the best dogs...


    After a year of research I…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/14/2014
    After a year of research I settled on a Q17. I have paddled the canoe for the last five years and must say that I am very happy I took the time to research the market before I bought. I am now 62 years old and the 44 lbs is very doable for my wife and I. Because I have had Parkinson's Disease since 2003, I needed a canoe that was stable yet could still travel at a good clip. I take care of my equipment including my canoe and find the epoxy used in it's manufacture very durable and flexible, yet the ribs maintain a very stiff bottom under all paddling conditions.

    My first true canoe was a Winona Sundowner, which was faster but much less stable. I do miss the speed at times, but when considering the sea-worthiness of the Q17 it's worth my peace of mind for not being quite as fast. I am very content with my purchase.


    For a a year and a half now,…

    Submitted by: rubyblue on 7/25/2013
    For a a year and a half now, I have had the pleasure of canoeing in a Souris River Quetico 17 Le Tigre Clear Kevlar. Here in Montana, I have been over big lakes & rivers with big winds in this beauty and it has performed perfectly. There's plenty of room to load for an extended trip and at 44 lbs., this allows me to keep my payload down, plus easily carry it where need be. That's a plus for this ole' gal!

    The Quetico 17 is stable and tracks well, allowing me to use my time & energy to fish and explore. I am always getting compliments about the looks of this fine piece of craftsmanship. But the best part is that it performs as well as it looks!


    Awesome canoe! We used our…

    Submitted by: TheNatureGroup on 7/21/2013
    Awesome canoe! We used our 15' Dagger Legend for two years in the BWCA, before investing in this canoe. The difference is night and day. Yes we live near several rivers and use the Dagger on those. Our big water canoe is the Quetico 17. Easy to handle, responds well, carries a large and heavy load. We stay out 10 or more days, and the canoe holds all we need, including all our photography gear.

    This is by far the best all…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/31/2011
    This is by far the best all purpose canoe for BWCA and Quetico produced. Stability: 10. Design: 10. Speed: 10. Weight: 10. Capacity: 10. I have guided in Quetico for almost 7 years now and this the best canoe to fish out of. Unlike the Wenonah 18ft. MNII, there is AMPLE foot space for the paddler in the front of the canoe, a huge benefit when fishing (needing to unhook a 30" pike, etc). It also allows for a tackle box to be easily accessible from when placed under the seat. Another huge advantage is the resin used on the exterior, with a light sanding and reapplication of marine grade resin...it looks literally brand new. I've added kevlar skid plates on mine and another for added protection against rocks.

    I bought 2 used Souris River Quetico 17s over the year second hand from outfitters and those retiring from canoeing (You can usually get used ones for around 1000...WELL WORTH IT!). Old or new, this is a solid buy, and with TLC, you can make these canoes last decades. If you want a canoe that will reliable for years to come...go Souris.


    A canoe is not unlike a lover…

    Submitted by: paddler234131 on 7/12/2011
    A canoe is not unlike a lover in that affection springs from trust and dependence. I've taken my Quetico 17 to Woodlands Caribou, Quetico (many times), and Isle Royale--and I've used it and depended on it in rain, hail, big winds, and other adverse conditions. I've also fished from it a ton and caught BIG FISH.

    Just before my last trip to Isle Royale I installed a shoot-through-hull transducer that I attached to a portable, battery-powered Hummingbird fish finder. I caught so many lake trout that I lost count! (I also became so transfixed by bottom contours that I forgot to look for moose!) Any serious fisherman should consider doing this. I had a blast.


    Souris River Q17, Green El Tigre Kevlar, 44 Lbs. I researched this purchase…

    Submitted by: paddler232806 on 8/7/2008
    Souris River Q17, Green El Tigre Kevlar, 44 Lbs.
    I researched this purchase for a couple of years before actually buying. I use it on lakes, rivers and streams in the northwest, no white water. My priorities were stability, weight (I must be able to handle it alone and easily) and ease of paddling/maneuverability. It has lived up to all of my expectations. Very easy to portage/handle, I put it on top of the minivan and my young son, wife and I take off for a day of sightseeing and picknicking. It appears to be faster than any of the canoes we have run with and always attracts compliments on its appearance. Three years later, it looks new. There is nothing I don't like about it, and I expect to have this boat for a long, long time. I bought it from Joe at Red Rock, who was practical, honest and straightforward - and suggested that I NOT buy some things from him that I was looking for as he did not believe I needed them - and he was right. A good person to do business with. I would recommend the Q17 to anyone looking for a very high quality all around canoe.

    The paradox of being a canoe…

    Submitted by: paddler232585 on 5/22/2008
    The paradox of being a canoe lover is that we buy canoes to escape the world of things, and then we obsess interminably about our canoes. (Is this bad? Is it bad that I’m at work right now, writing this review?)
    My Quetico 17 (green Kevlar, le tigre pattern) is the third addition to my fleet, which includes a Wenonah Sundowner 17 (royalex) and a Souris River Tranquility solo (kevlar). My decision to buy a new canoe was catalyzed by the basic fact that my 34-yr old back can no longer endure portages beneath my 65 lb Sundowner.

    In the process of demoing canoes, I came very close to purchasing a Wenonah Minnesota II. While empty, the Minnesota II has an absolutely beautiful glide. (I suspect that the canoe actually planes when paddled hard.) Tracking is superb, and much like a train on a track, you point the canoe in the right direction and seem to head directly there.

    Ultimately, I decided upon the Quetico 17, and for the following reasons. First, I am a traditional paddler, and I like to feel my canoe respond to my corrective strokes. The Quetico turns on a dime, whereas the MN II is somewhat resistant to the j-stroke. Traditional paddlers will probably prefer the Quetico, whereas NATT-style jocks will probably like the MN II. (As a purely sociological matter, I'll bet that people in MN II's tend to wear fleece, whereas people in Queticos wear checkered wool.)

    Second, the Quetico 17 is a more stable platform than the MN II. (I had no problem standing up in the Quetico in a slight breeze, but I didn’t dare do so in the MN II.) Stability is important to me because I’m an unstoppable fisherman. I simply cannot afford to capsize in 35-degree water while bringing a lake trout or a gator pike into my boat.

    Third (and related to the last), the Quetico has more freeboard than the MN II, which sits very low in the water even with a minimal load. Waves in the Canadian Boundary waters can become quite large, and I’m inclined to think that the MN II would easily take on water. (I’ve read that the Quetico 17’s load capacity exceeds the MN II by over 200 lbs, and I don’t doubt it.)

    Fourth, I’m inclined to believe that epoxy really is stronger than polyvinyl resin. (Wenonahs are made out of the latter.) I do not EVER want to puncture my canoe when I am in the tundra a week from the nearest town. (I almost punctured my royalex canoe during a 28-degree overnighter, so I know that the danger exists.)

    Fifth, I love the aesthetics of green Kevlar—especially when sunlight is pouring through it. Last week, a 10 or 11 year old girl came up to me as I was launching my Tranquility (made of the same green Kevlar as my Quetico) and told me that “it is really, really pretty.” I agree.

    I love my Quetico. Maybe one day I will buy a Minnesota II for its marginal additional speed. But before I do that, it might make sense to have Verlan Kruger build me a custom kevlar job with a sail...


    I purchased the Limited…

    Submitted by: outdoors4me on 9/19/2006
    I purchased the Limited Edition El Tigre kevlar version with black trim this summer and have used it on local lakes and one BWCA trip.

    In researching this purchase, I had read that the Souris River build quality was supposed to be very good but I would describe mine as merely average. It had several minor cosmetic defects such as runs in the varnish on the seats, internal skidplates not quite centered, and black coating peeled off of many of the rivets. Nothing that would effect performance, but a little disappointing considering the price.

    For comparison, I owned a MNII for a few years before the Q17. The Q17 seems to be a good all around canoe for tripping. It handles well both empty and with a load and steers easily even in a wind. It is very stable and comfortable to fish out of. In the MNII, my back often tired as I felt the need to make adjustments based my paddling partners movements. The Q17 portages very easily - seems to almost want to balance itself when shouldering it. The only area it really seems to fall short is in speed. It is not slow, but has nowhere near the glide of the MNII.

    Overall, I'm happy with the purchase. Canoe design requires compromising in some areas to get gains in others and I think that the Q17 offers a good balance of stability, manuverability, capacity, and speed that will please most paddlers.


    I special ordered the epoxy…

    Submitted by: paddler230958 on 2/21/2005
    I special ordered the epoxy resin version 2 springs ago. It weighs a little less than 40 pounds. There were defects in the lay up, which surprised me. They did not effect operations, but I hate ‘em! The boat is very lively empty, so I do not recommend it for beginning paddlers. It will buck out the unwary at landings on a windy day. The hull does show scratches, but is tough. Loaded though, this boat is great on a trip, even solo paddled bow first. It can be tough to turn into the wind. It portages very easily. It carries gear for two easily.

    My purchase of my Souris…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/21/2003
    My purchase of my Souris River Quetico 17 wasn't without research. I'd read many good reviews from folks who knew their canoes before even going to look at one. I wasn't let down. This canoe is a great balance between stability, load hauling, speed and being sea worthy. All of this is done with a light hull that gives you confidence and doesn't oil can.

    I use this boat for work and play. I do portage and trail clearing in the BWCAW and these trips can involve hauling some pretty good loads around. I chose to use the 'Antler' style yoke from gearforportaging.com as it makes the canoe easier to shoulder when there are tools strapped into it. I don't baby this canoe and it holds up none the less. I did have a Wilderness 18 first and liked it for its speed but the Quetico better suits its purpose and the one foot shorter canoe IS a little easier to portage.

    I have had a little difficulty holding this canoe on course and it loses a point because of that. Otherwise I consider an 8 a high rating if a 10 is perfect.


    I bought a Q17 Kevlar from…

    Submitted by: paddler230271 on 7/21/2003
    I bought a Q17 Kevlar from Redrock in January and picked it up in May. Since then, my son and I have had it out several times. It is light (@45 lbs), so I can toss it up on the car with no problem. I took the front thwart out to solo, using the front seat "backards" and a plastic water can up "front" for balast. It is stable, fairly fast, and handles the waves like a champ.

    After a 3 day trip I find…

    Submitted by: paddler230156 on 6/2/2003
    After a 3 day trip I find this canoe very stable, and an easy paddler. To put it in perspective, we owned a Wenonah 18' Sundowner, and the Quentico is more stable, and you can't tell the difference in paddling effort. We use it for recreational and fishing. Very good for two people. Would buy another one if we didn't have this one. Only reason for not rating it a 10, is I wish it would paddle easier, but then again, none of them are strictly easy. O yes, one more thing. I use a 1 hp motor on it and it works great.

    I own a lot of canoes[6], I…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/6/2002
    I own a lot of canoes[6], I like canoeing and have specific canoes for specific needs. The Souris River Quetico 17 is my two person tripper. I purchased it after a very cold and long swim last year with an unexperienced partner in the boundry waters. I was in a royalex spirit, my two person river canoe, the Q 17 is more stable, holds more gear, is lighter, and I really like the way it looks. After tipping I was nervous with rookies until I got the Q 17, now I can relax again; and it's much faster than I would have expected. I also own a Q 16 and realy like it, if you're not doing rivers, souris canoes can not be beat.

    Souris River Quetico17: I had…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/28/2002
    Souris River Quetico17: I had the chance to test drive one of these on Feb. 23 on Jasper Lake East of Ely,Minn. It is very stable vary fast and a pleasure to portage, if you have an interest in a new or different canoe than what you may already have you owe it to yourself to try one of these before you make the final decission.

    I just got back from the…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/13/2001
    I just got back from the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. I took my new Quetico 17. It is the first time I paddled it and was more than pleasently surprised!! I think it is more valuable to compare canoes than just to say any canoe was "light, fast, stable and perfect." All those terms are relative and would help others if a comparison is made to other canoes. I purchased the canoe with wooden web seats (added a few pounds but worth it) and all aluminum trim in the ultralight kevlar version. The other canoe in the party was a Wenonah Sundowner and I'll use it to compare the Q17 with. Right off one could tell the obvious design differences. The Q17 has a flat bottom and bulging sides with the Sundowner sporting a sleeker, more shallow arch bottom. It is obvious the design of the Sundowner is to eat up the miles. But there are compromises with that design...a lack of initial stability that is comforting but the secondary stability is great. I was surprised as we took off at the first put-in. We were able to easily keep up with the Sundowner although we may have worked a little harder. I had my GPS on and checked our speed without my partner knowing it. We were easily able to keep an average speed of over 4 MPH into a substantial breeze. It was fully loaded with two the two of us over 200 lbs each and a 10 days worth of food and gear. The sundowner was loaded the same way. The second day dawned with a substantial wind blowing from left to right and had already kicked up some rather large swells and waves. My partner and I wanted to continue but the Sundowner paddlers were skeptical because of the "tippy" initial feel of their canoe. This was a matter of getting used to but they hadn't paddled much in those conditions and didn't trust the tender feel of the Sundowner. Both canoes handled well in the conditions and we found a campsite to ride out the wind. The Q17 portaged a little heavier than the Sundowner but only by a few pounds. I like the epoxy resin layup with the flex hull design much better than the Wenonahs. Both canoe hulls will scratch when paddled over an underwater rock and I suggest both canoes be portaged using the wet foot method. To sum up the review: Q17 has more initial stability, almost as fast, almost weighs the same, much more stable platform to fish out of, better layup and finally the other guys in the sundowner asked me several times if I would sell my Q17 to them......what better recommendation. I bought mine sight unseen from the Red Rock store east of Ely, MN. Ask for Joe, he is great to work with and if there is any problem he will make it right. That attitude is reflected by the designer and mfg. at Souris River canoes in Atikokan, Ontario. Ask for Keith!! The workmanship of the 2001 models is fantastic and they have added an internal kevlar skid plate UNDER the epoxy resin...great touch!!

    When this canoe arrived we…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/25/2001
    When this canoe arrived we were a little disappointed with its looks. It's a Duralite and the color is called "clear". However, its performance soon cast out any doubts the color may have caused!! This is one terrific canoe. The stability is unbeatable. It handles like a dream, its lightweight, comfortable, smooth, and fast. Now we call it our "Beech Leaf Canoe" in honor of its color and smooth gliding performance. We love this canoe!

    A real mover, especially with…

    Submitted by: paddler228780 on 7/30/2000
    A real mover, especially with bent shaft paddles. incredible stability for a smooth, fast canoe. we fly fished for 9 days in it at full power casts, simultaneously, and never gave stability a tho't, except to praise the designers of this craft.it has a flat bottom in the center, with some rocker on both ends--shallow arch on the ends. this makes it fun to paddle! we got a kevlar-epoxy model--get the black alum. trim--it looks good. this canoe handled wind and strong current. we used it on a 500 acre lake in So. Dakota. every time we stepped into this water-worthy canoe we felt thankful we had researched canoes for months before buying. however, just after we bought it, souris came out with a three-seater version of this model--nice if solo fishing is your game.oh--shipping was a problem. freight people must like to bang canoes around. we had to refuse the first beautiful Q-17 due to freight damage. and ours came with a slightly bent thwart. oh, well. it was worth it.

    First trip in this Duralite…

    Submitted by: paddler228578 on 5/2/2000
    First trip in this Duralite canoe was a 17-mile, multi-lake paddle event with several kayakers and canoes. Basically calm to rolling water, at times small white caps with wind primarily at our backs. The Quetico 17 handled extremely well. Very good stability overall, easy to manuever and I felt very fast through the water. Most of the time, my wife and I were ahead of the kayaks which I am told are faster than canoes, but we had no evidence of that as we were easily ahead of the majority of kayaks all day with out working hard. Extremely light weight, about 51-lbs., very easy to load onto the car top and expecially to portage. Essentially, my wife and I love the canoe. Very comfortable nylon web seats, my wife loved the room she had in the bow...plenty of leg room up front. I highly recommend this canoe to anyone wanting a secure, easy to paddle, tandem big enough for weeklong trips or weekend get aways.