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Awesome for the person who wants to get close up photos of their adventures. The 1000mm (35mm equiv.) zoom is amazing. The Nikon optics are excellent. Images are crisp when the optical zoom is fully zoomed. This year I used this camera and left my professional bodies and lenses at home. Canon and Sony have competing cameras that zoom to 1200mm optical. Nikon has updated to a P520. Don't fear these "bridge cameras". I cannot afford a 1000mm zoom lens nor would I want to carry such a beast on the trails or in the canoe. This is not a professional camera. I had issues with speed of focus. But the entire camera was less than $300, and was far better than I anticipated. That is why it is rated a ten in this review!

Excellent durable canoe. We have taken this canoe to BWCA twice. We live near several good canoeing rivers here in Ohio where this boat is at its very best.

Awesome canoe! We used our 15' Dagger Legend for two years in the BWCA, before investing in this canoe. The difference is night and day. Yes we live near several rivers and use the Dagger on those. Our big water canoe is the Quetico 17. Easy to handle, responds well, carries a large and heavy load. We stay out 10 or more days, and the canoe holds all we need, including all our photography gear.

We have found that buying filters costs as much as clearance prices on entire units. For extended outings (more than ten days) we need a second filter. If it is rainy, making the water murky, a filter replacement every few days is required.

I am a total fan of these inexpensive digital video cameras, with HD resolution! We attach these to our canoes when paddling. The remote is awesome to start recording, as long as the camera has not shut itself off. We stay out weeks at a time and take numerous batteries. We video much of our paddling, some of our portaging, and much of our campsite evaluations and setting up camp. We also get lots of good video of my wife catching all the fish... (I'm the camera man)!
Excellent value, awesome video!

Excellent product. We have used ours extensively for over 5 years. We have submerged it and let it dry for several days before putting batteries back in. Worked no problem. I like the size and durability of this unit!

This has been an absolute great investment. I have used ours for over 5 years now. It is strong, and can do most tasks we require it to do. We can apply great pressure with the pliers which is not done with confidence with other competing tools. Don't leave home without this tool!

We have had our Wenzel for many years. It is not our base camp tent, but when on the trails or out canoeing, it is excellent. Small but functions reliably. Several years ago we were out for 8 days and it rained for 5 of those days. The Wenzel was tiny, but it kept us and our gear dry. We did upgrade to a three man tent, but still use the Wenzel for short weekend hikes.