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Like the other reviewers my Hydroskin gloves started coming apart at the seams. I sent them back to NRS for repair and was disappointed at the sloppy sewing job.I replaced them with gloves from Warmers and a pair of Stohlquist Maws. Other NRS gear I've purchased has also had problems with falling apart. So much for making stuff in China.

I have had great success with my Sealskinz socks. I think the difference is that I wear them with my latex ankle gasketed paddling pants pulled on after my socks. This creates a tight seal at the top of the sock and keeps my feet warm and dry all day in frigid waters. I wear a thin wicking liner sock as recommended. I have both the short and tall socks. I like the tall ones better. My only complaint is the inner membrane has torn after about 12 trips. They still work as the separation is at the top and they still seal. It probably happened in the washer. So I'm looking a buying another pair. To me having warm dry feet all day is worth it! Bottom line, don't get water up to the top of the sock.

I purchased my Big Kahuna three years ago July and have flown with it to Baja 3 times, Lake Powell, Caya Costa Fla., the Exumas, and just got back from a Gulf Islands BC trip. The reason I am writing this review, aside from agreeing with everyone else on what a great boat this is, is to bring attention to the change in airline weight/size regulations. On my return flight from Florida the airline check in person informed me my bags were overweight saying 50lbs per bag was max on domestic flights but because I had purchased my ticket before this had gone into effect she wouldn't charge me the $100 fee. Ok, so I'll only fly out of the US from now on I said. I went to Baja and the Bahamas earlier this year with 2-70lb bags without problem. [bag one is all boat, PFD, 2 paddles, pump, sail, etc, bag two is camping gear, shorty wetsuit, fins and snorkel, etc]

I called Frontier about ten days before flying to Vancouver Island to make sure I'd still make weight restrictions on a flight leaving the US. Maybe Canada doesn't count as outside the US but max weight was 2-50lb bags with an overall dimension of 63". That left me scrambling to light my gear by 40lbs!

One of the reasons I like kayak camping is that I didn't have to be as weight consious as backpacking, that is til now. Which brings me to why I'm heaping more praise on the Big Kahuna.

I left the PFD in [to pad the rudder] took out all other non Feathercraft parts and the footpegs and made the 50lb limit. Last year I was lusting for a K1 in the bigger must be better mode, I have forgotten about that thanks to the airlines! But am very grateful for my Kahuna [Fiona] and all the beautiful places she has carried me. If you'll excuse me I need to go drill some holes in my toothbrush!