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This is the one that started it all. This was Ray Kettlewell's first innovative design which changed how we thought about paddles. The Ray Special is a well-balanced all-purpose paddle designed for lake paddling and ideal for canoe tripping as a whole. The Ray Special is more than just a beautiful paddle. It combines a well-proportioned blade with an appealing ratio between the blade and shaft lengths. Specials pair a shaft and blade of equal length. This results in a paddle with a longer than normal blade that is mechanically superior to other paddles. The long narrow blade which is 5" at its maximum width is designed to reach deep into the water providing greater leverage and force. This design results in the paddler taking fewer strokes to equal the distance covered by a shorter blade paddle. The paddle pulls the canoe through the water rather than pulling water past the canoe. The Ray Special is a great paddle for canoe tripping, lake paddling as well as paddling solo. The long blade provides a solo canoeist with greater reach and responsiveness. Although not for whitewater the Ray Special is great for all other paddling needs.

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  • Wood Options: Cherry, Maple, or Ash

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Ray Special Reviews

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Superb! Beautifully…

Submitted by: paddler1576886 on 6/23/2021


Beautifully designed and fabricated.

Incredible service. Super simple to order, communicated to clarify instructions, safely packaged for shipping and rapid delivery.

Couldn’t ask for anything better.


I received my Fishell Walnut…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/21/2021

I received my Fishell Walnut oil finished paddle. The skill and craftsmanship that Greg possesses is obvious in the design, balance, and feel of this paddle. A perfect work of art.

Thank you Greg,

Curtis in Billings, MT


Hi all. My experience with…

Submitted by: paddler897172 on 11/13/2020
Hi all. My experience with Fishell paddles goes back multiple years as a counselor at a summer camp called Camp Hurontario on the Georgian Bay. For years Fishell has supplied our staff with customized paddles and I have greatly come to enjoy the relationship between our staff and the Fishell team. I have bought 2 ray specials over the years and both have exceeded my expectations of beauty, longevity, and performance. As well, I can not speak highly enough of the character of the Fishell team. Recently, my partner purchased an extremely old and roughed up Ray Kettlewell paddle for me as a gift and contacted Greg about potentially fixing it up. Greg did an exceptional restoration of the paddle and was happy to chat with me about the history of the paddle and maintenance tips. The service at Fishell in my experience has always gone above and beyond. Overall Fishell is a top tier option for your any paddlers custom paddle needs, and is run by an exceptional group of people.

I am purchased a cherry…

Submitted by: paddler893092 on 10/28/2020

I am purchased a cherry Special, with leather wrap, varnished blade, and oiled shaft. I am very happy with the paddle and my interactions with Greg.

The Special's blade is long enough to move a lot of water and narrow enough for underwater-recovery. I chose the length based upon the recommendations provided on the Fishell website, and it fits perfectly for both conventional and "Canadian" strokes.

Given the performance, fine craftsmanship, and strength of the paddle I purchased, I highly recommend Fishell paddles. When one considers the variety of woods and other options available, the included paddle sock, and the free shipping, Fishell really stands out among similar manufacturers.