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The Modified Special is to the Special in the same way the Modified Ottertail is to the Ottertail. In the Modified Special the shoulders of the blade are wider near the paddler's lower hand. This results in greater control and slightly more power when paddling. The Modified Special is ideal for paddlers who like the look and feel of the Special but find the narrow blade a little under powering, and want a little more surface area to work with. Because water is less dense at the surface, more dense farther down, this blade distributes the pressure more evenly across the blade's surface. The wider shoulders don't sacrifice aesthetic appeal with its beautiful lines and graceful symmetry. Ideal for canoe tripping, lake paddling as well as soloing, the Modify Special is a beautiful well proportions paddle which is lovely to paddle with.

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Modified Special Reviews

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I'm so pleased I went with…

Submitted by: paddler875855 on 9/16/2020
I'm so pleased I went with Fishell! I ordered a pair of Modified Special's from Fishell as a wedding present for a paddling-couple. Working with Greg to have a custom logo engraved on the paddle was a pleasant and the replies to inquiries about logo and paddle selection were very quickly answered. The quality of the paddle is very high and it feels both light weight and sturdy. I opted for a cherry paddles and the finish and engraving looks perfect. I'll update as soon as the couple gets a chance to test em out!