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Modified Ottertail Paddle Description

The Modified Ottertail is a variant of an Ottertail with its broader shoulders at the top of the blade. This puts the widest part of the blade near the paddler’s lowest hand and offers better control and greater power. The Modified Ottertail is Ideal for those paddlers who like the Ottertail but are looking for a little more surface area to pull with. The Modified Ottertail is also well suited for solo paddling as well as tandem and makes a great tripping paddle for all day paddling.

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Modified Ottertail Paddle Reviews

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I picked up a Fishell…

Submitted by: hueyav8r on 12/27/2023

I picked up a Fishell Ottertail at Canoecopia 2023. Compared it some other vendors there and liked the workmanship of the Fishell better. Looking forward to using it this summer.


I own two Fishell paddles -…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/2/2021

I own two Fishell paddles - the modified ottertail and the Ray Special. Both cherry. Prior to owning my Fishells, I paddled with a beaver tail made by another well know Canadian company. After paddling with my Fishells for almost a year, the beaver tail just sits on the rack.

I love the beauty of the wood that Greg uses, as each paddle is a work of art. The grip is a little smaller than what I was used to, but I now really like it. I use the modified ottertail when I’m going to be paddling in shallower water and the Ray Special when I’m in deeper water. Both of my paddles are oiled, and feel great. No blisters from these. I like the narrow tip of the ottertail that goes easily into the water, and the wider part of the blade at the top for extra power. Both of these paddles are easy on my shoulders. You cannot go wrong with a Fishell paddle. Get one and I guarantee you will love it.


They did an incredible job…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/31/2020

They did an incredible job with the two paddles we ordered. Not only do they look incredible, the feel great and came with a beautiful rack as well. Fishell accommodated our custom requests, was quick to respond, and was a pleasure to deal with. Will be recommending their paddles to other friends/canoe trippers.


This paddle has been…

Submitted by: DANC333 on 7/29/2020
This paddle has been everything I had hoped for and more! The Modified Ottertail has broad shoulders near your hand and then skims down toward the tip. It slices through the water very smoothly while still being able to move some water! The craftsmanship and design are outstanding great paddle, great company! Greg is the best!