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Mine was carbon/kevlar nice…

Submitted by: prospector_rich on 7/29/2019

Mine was carbon/kevlar nice light 39 lbs took it out one day when it was a little rough on our local lake and I was having fun as I paddled into the waves 1-3 footers coming off the starboard bow but when I turned around to go back with the waves off my port quarter I could not get that thing to go downwind the bow just wanted to go into the wind I was pretty well wore out by the time I got back I just kinda let the wind push me sideways for awhile while I caught my breath.It needs a skeg or rudder for those conditions and since I don't like either(I prefer a hull that can be managed without those devices) I sold it.


I've had my boat for more…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/6/2012
I've had my boat for more than 15 years. The first year found me on the water average of 7 days a Week. Shes still in excellent condition. It took a while (months) To get really comfortable with the boat, but now, the boat and I seem to be as one entity on the water. Just have to let her do it her way, and she takes care of me. This yellow boat and I will be together for the rest of my life.
I use carnuba wax on her. Makes a slick finish and crud wipes right off.
Oh, and for weather cocking, if I slow down and take it easy, we get along better. I don't have a rudder and never had a use for one. Let this boat teach you how to paddle and you'll have a friend for life.

As a former paddle shop owner…

Submitted by: paddler234384 on 12/19/2011
As a former paddle shop owner I was first introduced to the Eski by my Prion rep and immediately grabbed one for myself. I have been paddling this model for the past 15 years in all conditions and even though I have owned and paddled numerous brands and models over the years it is still my favorite! I still lead multi day camping tours in the Florida Everglades paddling the Wilderness Waterway usually taking 7 days to paddle the 100 mile trail.

My Eski, named "Flash" due to his speed, has been subjected to almost all conditions you can encounter from 20-30 knot winds to 2-3 foot standing waves in some of the bays. It always does what I ask and when loaded with gear it is incredibly stable and well suited for these expeditions.

The hard chine hull is intimidating for beginning paddlers however, once you understand the handling characteristics of this hull design you begin to appreciate it as it rewards you with amazing performance. The boat is highly reactive to leans for turning and has amazing secondary stability. It is definitely a boat to grow into for the novice paddler. I use mine without the rudder and have never regretted taking it off.

If you can find one of these rare boats buy it and never look back.


I have owned one for three…

Submitted by: paddler232330 on 9/20/2007
I have owned one for three years. Paddling mainly in the ocean. The Yukon is as fast as longer kayaks, less stable (which is fun in the waves) and lighter. The main problem I encounter is the leaking hatches. A very good return on the money invested.

I picked up an Eski just a…

Submitted by: paddler230823 on 9/30/2004
I picked up an Eski just a month or so ago. Have been in some action for me with it and it does just fine as long as I relax and let the kayak do it's job. I am in my first year kayaking and my first kayak is a rec style, wide, short and flat bottom (very heavy).

At first the Eski felt very unstable, I know a lot has to do with my skill level. I have had her out about a dozen times now and feeling much better about it. Initial stability, while still tippy, is good, secondary stability is something I am growing into. It tends to weathercock easily without the rudder down. With the rudder down responds quickly with toe inputs. Although the rudder is nice it tends to add a lot of drag. I have used the rudder in some rough stuff and felt it added to the stability overall. I feel that it is a kayak I can grow into and will be a long time before I grow out of it.

Planning my first camping trip the first week in Nov. Trying to get out several times a week to get the feel for it. Wondering how it will do when loaded up, if it will cause it to sit better in the water and feel more stable. I picked mine up second hand and at a good price, am happy with my choice. She is very light to load on the racks. Because I am still learning how to carve a turn I think that this kayak is not an easy turning craft, I will let you know in six months or so after I have really had some time in it. I really like the rudder system for the way the foot pegs work, a post with rudder style toe peddles, so even if the cables break I still have a brace point for me feet

I wished it had better deck rigging for the aft deck. It is a fast one, paddles and glides easily. I am relearning my paddle stroke, going to a low verses a high stroke, makes all the difference in the world. I did about 7 miles tonight and as long as I kept my rhythm this kayak was effortless to move along. All in all I am pleased with the Eski and feel I made the right choice for me, time will tell but I am happy and don't think it will let me down.


I bought a used Eski in great…

Submitted by: hirpm on 8/30/2004
I bought a used Eski in great shape. I tried it out a few days ago. The previous reviews pretty much tell the story. This is going to be a long term ownership boat. It's very fast and resposive. I doubt there is a better 16'-6" hull on the market. I'll get back with more details after the "honeymoon" is over. For now, if you are unsure, and the deal is good, get it.

I've had a fiberglass Eski…

Submitted by: paddler229713 on 5/31/2002
I've had a fiberglass Eski for about 8 months now and have been paddling it every weekend. Very fast and excellent glide. Not for the novice in heavy seas while unloaded. In high frequency waves requires your attention with respect to initial stability, but secondary is fine. Tends to punch through wind waves over two feet. Surfs rollers better than any other I've paddled. Light, stiff, responsive and may be a little delicate (have kept it off the rocks so far so still don't know about durrability). Overall a great boat, in both flat water and in the ocean, wouldn't trade it for any other i've tried so far!

severe weathercocking was…

Submitted by: paddler229335 on 7/10/2001
severe weathercocking was diminished by moving seat way back.overall boat handling was improved as well.fittings on boat pop-riveted. this and light glass lay-up (lack of inside seam) contribute to low price for a glass boat.the boat edges,e-rolls and carves turns easily.its also fast and light.

The Eski is the fastest kayak…

Submitted by: munich1952 on 7/6/2000
The Eski is the fastest kayak I have ever paddled. It is my fourth kayak and I have paddled boats owned by others as well as at shows. The lines of the boat are quite pleasing and she handles very well. Prijon states in the ad for the Eski "the glide is almost mystical" they are not joking,she seems to glide on and on ,well after you have taken your paddle out of the water. You owe it to yourself to try the Eski if you are in the market for a glass boat.

I have been paddling the Eski…

Submitted by: danzinn on 7/6/2000
I have been paddling the Eski for about 5 months now, taking it on rivers, canals, ponds and two 20 mile trecks out into Florida Bay. It's Initial stability is good and its, secondary stability is truly exceptional. The kayak is even more stable when loaded for a long trip. My Eski was used previously on a 125 mile trip on the Wilderness Waterway. I purchased the boat based on the recomendation of my outfitter, who used the boat about 6 months and on the Wilderness Waterway paddle. It is very light (37 lbs) and easy to carry. Its very fast on the water as well. The rudder system is exceptional and useful for long exposed paddles on windy days.
Drawbacks: A day hatch would be nice. Deck rigging options would also improve its utility especially on the rear. Prijon offers a good waterproof deck bag for the front. It does weathercock (minor) in a fairly stiff wind and tends to be a little wet in wave conditions over 2'.
Summary: A great boat overall that will handle a number of different paddling conditions. I am planning on a second Eski for my wife.

First, these comments are…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/13/2000
First, these comments are from a novice who's jist beginning to look at and consider the purchase of a boat. That said, the Yukon-Eski was clearly the most beautiful boat among mostly Perception, WIlderness Systems and Heritage boats, at the "symposium" where I paddled it. So much for my being nice though. Once in the water, the boat had very determined inclination to head into the wind, which wasn't so bad when paddling into the wind, but forget it with the wind at your back. The boat needs a rudder if you don't want to feel as though you're being put through some kind of patience/endurance test. So... I'm still looking.

Just bought 2 days ago, very…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/16/1999
Just bought 2 days ago, very fast, comfortable, love the flush hatches, mine is glass and the co. states 45#, the catalog says kevlar 38# so I don't know the previous review states 37# for his glass. Love it wouldn't trade it for anything else.

Prijon's sport touring kayak.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/20/1999
Prijon's sport touring kayak. Initial stability adiquate, secondary is exceptional. Very light (37 lbs) for a glass boat. Also availible in kevlar/graphite but I have never paddled one. Has the ability to go faster than I can paddle her. Can store adaquate amount of gear for multi day trips. Anyone who uses any rudder system other than Prijon's needs their head examined. Simplicity itself and still usable while bracing.

Drawbacks: Interior seams not taped. Needs more factory options for the deck rigging. Weathercocks (minor) in a fairly stiff wind.

Bottom line: Economical intermediate kayak that's fast and a blast. I'll never need a nother one as long as I keep her off the rocks.